Genesis of Dystopia


Front Cover Final 1.27.15Have you ever thought about where a dystopian society comes from?

Of course, I’m a writer, so these thoughts occur to me.

How do you get to 1984 from 1950s England when the book was written?

Writing the post-apocalyptic Transformation Project allows me to think about how society devolves. Life As We Knew It (Book 1) explores some of the seeds of destruction. I don’t dwell on them. I sprinkle them lightly throughout the book. Readers might not even notice and that’s sort of the point.

We don’t tend to dwell on the everyday things in our society that are leading us badly wrong. What happens to all those people living in big cities when there is a disruption in services? What happens when your local grocery store doesn’t get its stock order for the week? Can they restock from the local warehouse? Do you have any food to tide…

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