Murderer films a booze-fuelled party taking place in his prison cell

tell me this is not true


[mbv vid=”4158425803001″] [/mbv]

Shocking footage has emerged of a convicted murderer throwing a booze-fuelled party in his prison.

The minute-long mobile phone footage shows tattooed killer Dashem Tesfamichael grinning and dancing to rap music while swigging an alcoholic beverage.

The shocking footage, filmed on an illicit mobile phone, shows the 30-year-old murderer with pals inside HMP Coldingley, in Bisley, Surrey.

At one point the camera showed a window ledge in the Category C prison full of sweets, snacks and drinks.

Tesfamichael, of Camden, north London, was jailed in 2008 for a minimum of 13 years for stabbing a young father to death with a broken champagne bottle.

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A prison insider said: ‘It’s ridiculous. A kid is growing up without a father and Dashem is partying like…

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