Woman orders ‘cutest’ pizza delivery boy when no one turns up to her birthday party

Need I say it…what a awesome delivery guy.


Pizza My Heart Take another one (Picture: Getty)

A pizza joint in Menlo Park, California took an interesting order last week.

The pizza company, called, rather suitably it turned out, Pizza My Heart, took a delivery order for a medium Maui Wowie (ham and pineapple) and a medium Figgy Piggy (bacon, black figs, fresh sage and feta).

But, even more unusual than a pizza with figs and feta on it, were the extra special instructions at the bottom of the order. They read: ‘Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I’m pret.’

Clearly, the person who took the order over the phone had run out of characters and whoever had placed it wanted their cutest delivery boy to tell them they were pretty (it wasn’t Pret A Manger looking for some cheap thrills).

The ‘cute’ delivery boy posted the order receipt to Imgur the next day.

Cold fan imgur (Picture: coldfan/Imgur)

Known only as coldfan…

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