The Shocking Source of MB Obama’s Religion

Reclaim Our Republic

obama clintons
By Russ Hepler

President Obama has not been shy about criticizing Christians who hold a slightly different view of the faith than he does. He has used the IRS and other government agencies to harass conservative Christian groups that oppose his social agenda. But now, a shocking new report sheds light on the source of President Obama’s faith. And, it is not one he will want to admit or discuss at length. reports:

In a startling new interview, a 3-star general and former head of Communist Romania’s secret police who defected to the United States in 1978, claims that the Theology of Liberation was the creation of the KGB, who exported it to Latin America as a way of introducing Marxism into the continent.

Ion Mihai Pacepa has been called “the Cold War’s most important defector,” and after his defection, the Romanian government under Nicolae Ceausescu placed two death…

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