Day: May 6, 2015

Crazy days

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A friend shared an article with us concerning
school districts spending millions on ‘white
privelege’ training. After reading said article, I
believe this policy of the Pacific Educational
Group sets education back decades for students in
our K-12 schools.

The article states: “For instance, the
organization teaches that black kids are less
likely to respond to rundamental ideas like
working hard to achieve success, or being on time
for school or work, because those ideas are
supposedly foreign to African-American culture.”

What? Being PC, a priveleged caucasian, I cannot
even begin to decifer what that means. If I said
something like that I would be called racist, and
rightfully so.

This group is actually practicing segregation. As
mentioned in the article they don’t actually say
that. Their politically correct version instructs
teachers to identify “focus students” and add “it
is preferable for all the students to be of the

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