Day: May 16, 2015

New Conservative Crowdfunding Website Promises It Won’t Cave To PC-Nazis

The Daley Gator

A new crowdfunding player has emerged in response to growing concern about mainstream crowdfunding platforms finding loopholes in their terms of use to discriminate against Christians and conservatives. The new website, located at , takes direct aim at the mainstream websites in one of its blog posts.

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This is not only ridiculous, it’s disingenuous, weak and anti-American in principle.

Today RallyBuilder quietly launched the Beta version of its platform and is working with a handful of project creators that it will unveil early next week. RallyBuilder says they will also be hosting a major crowdfunding campaign next week on behalf of a Christian small business that was banned from GoFundMe several weeks ago.

According to RallyBuilder the new platform will have every feature available on any of the mainstream crowdfunding websites. The service will enable project creators to rally peers and others around their products, business ideas, causes…

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The Oil for Your Lamp

So, Obama said he is not buying into the idea that we will always have the poor with us.  I am going to set aside the fact that this ‘Christian’ just tried to over rule Christ’s own words and ask you to look just at the utter stupidity of Obama’s assertion.  Remember, it is not the word that defines, but the form and function: the nature of something is what defines it.  So, what is it that defines ‘poor?’  It is not so much the amount of money you have, but whether or not the amount of money you have will provide for your basic living needs.  Now, let’s apply that to Obama’s claim that we can rid the world of poverty.

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