Day: May 18, 2015

The Real Victims Of Religious Persecution. So Where Is Our Victim Industry?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

It is the most vicious and predominant religious persecution in the world, yet rarely challenged as such in the media:

20130425_radical_islam_shhh_LARGEYazidi girls kidnapped by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists were given the chance to convert to Islam but told if they refused they would automatically become Muslims anyway the moment an ISIS fighter raped them, U.S. lawmakers heard on Wednesday.

During a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on ISIS’ war on religious minorities, a representative of a California-based, non-profit organization recounted the testimony of some of the Yazidi girls she met and counseled during recent trips to Iraq.

“In one night [in Sinjar town in northern Iraq] ISIS came and took all these girls,” said Jacqueline Isaac, vice-president of the group Roads of Success.

“And they told them first – they gave them an option. They said, ‘Will you become a Muslim? Will…

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