Explaining Socialism – in Less Than Five Minutes

The Praetorian Writers' Group

In explaining socialism, by extension you explain the entire body of economic thinking coming from the worldwide left.

What, you might ask, brought about this idea that one needs to explain socialism? Well, I drive my son Alex to work each weekday — ’bout a 20-minute trip. I use those 20 minutes also to have a brief moment of easy togetherness with him. Sometimes it turns into a Q & A session, or an opportunity to teach.

Alex is a typical 14-year old, filled with curiosity about the world around him, and fearless in asking me about it. So, with about 5 minutes to go in our trip to his school, he asked me, “So, How’s Greece?” It was germane to the general gist of the conversation at that time.

At that point I had about five minutes to explain “Greece” to Alex. Well, I gave him some background. Ancient country with lots of…

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