Denmark has ‘occupied Muslim lands’? Denmark is high on ISIS hit list

The Muslim Issue

They threatened beer-Jihad in Malaysia on Danish brewery Carlsberg’s location. Why target Carlsberg, a perfectly fine lager? Why not shameful brands like Bud light instead?

The argument is always that Muslims are entitled to terrorize people because their countries are blamed for killing Muslims and military intervention and “occupation” in the Middle East. When did Denmark, India, Myanmar, Sweden, Spain, and so on engage in “occupation” in the Middle East?

Strangely enough Muslims don’t mind collecting welfare from their presumed oppressors.

As you can see everything is duplicity and lies with these taqqiyya masters. The REAL reason is to prove their dedication to their prophet and their religion which instructs them to target anyone who does not comply.

DENMARKMuslim oppressors in Denmark?

Denmark 'high on Isis's list': Danish jihadist

This undated image posted by the Raqqa Media Center shows Isis fighters during a parade in Raqqa, Syria. Photo: Raqqa Media Center/AP/Polfoto

Denmark ‘high on Isis’s list’: Danish…

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