Germany: ‘Successful, outgoing, friendly’ kick-boxing world champion joins Isis

The Muslim Issue

Hm funny, considering that poverty is used as a constant excuse to justify terrorism that was born from 1,400 year of Islamic savagery – they sure seem neither poor, desperate, deprived, subject to injustice or ill-treatment in life. But they still chose to travel somewhere to terrorize and be mass murderers.


Kick-boxing world champion joins IsisValdet Gashi with his belts and an Isis flag. Photo: Facebook

Published: 11 Jun 2015 11:16 GMT+02:00

Former world champion kick-boxer Valdet Gashi has joined Isis in Syria. In a short interview with the Südkurier he explained his motivations.

The 28-year-old Gashi from Bavaria told the Südkurier that he had traveled to Syria to “help and to look for answers.”

He explained that he was patrolling the Euphrates River in an area between Membis and Jarablus near the Turkish border.

“At moment I am guarding the Euphrates,” he wrote. “We are looking for smugglers who bring illegal…

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