The Parasitic Host: Conversion of Historic Non-Muslim Places of Worship into Mosques

The Muslim Issue

Because Islam is the creation from looting and invasions, it differs from the other major religions in it that it had no actual leadership, no ‘prophet’ conveying its message, but it was a ‘borrowed’ religion. Hindus, Buddhists and Christians through ages have always opined and written that Islam – unlike the other main religions – is a false religion built on a war strategy by a criminal warlord. The Qur’an is copy and paste from whatever booty Mohammed managed to acquire from his raids and pillages.

It was not unusual in medieval times to exploit people’s religious superstitions for war strategy. Timur (Tamerlane 9 April 1336 – 18 February 1405), the Turco-Mongolian military genius and a tactician, was known for his clever use of religion as a strategy for war and invasion. Tamerlane wanted to conquer and rule the Muslim world but could not claim the supreme title of the Islamic…

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