Muslim fakeugees: boon or bane to Germany’s job market?

I am dubious that the price per immigrant for Germany is only $14.5k per annum. I also doubt many of these immigrants have STEM training or the self discipline to work in a German business in Germany.

The Muslim Issue

It’s pretty unimpressive when they profess to have a “rising concern for caring costs for migrants” when all of this should have been well-known to them long before they sent Army vessels to pick up these savages in Libya, and before they added restrains to the police and the army to pop these Islamist invaders one-by-one as they illegally forced their presence onto Europe.

Government statistics from country after country has already revealed for several years now that Muslims, even at a minority percentage of the total population, make up the most parasitic addition to society in collecting their handouts while contributing absolutely nothing to society. The cost for managing everything from Muslim crimes to monitoring their extremism to paying for their baby-factories and endless infidelities by legalized polygamy – is exponential and a black hole on society. In addition, whenever the Eurocrats try to remove the right for each…

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