I Can’t Believe the Amount of Outrage There has Been Over Commercials

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

It seems like everyone is offended by all the Super Bowl commercials this year. First of all… get over yourselves. Secondly, how did you make it through the game with so much butt hurt?

Here’s the latest one coming under fire, and I actually have something to say about it.

Since the folks who read this blog aren’t members of the perpetually offended, you probably didn’t see what was so damn offensive about this ad. So I’ll tell you. 9/11.

Apparently, everyone is upset because Colonial Williamsburg used 9/11 to sell something. Oh the horror.

UNIONLet’s see. Colonial Williamsburg is in place to teach about a significant portion of our history. It does the job well, even if there is a bunch of high end modern shops at the end of the road. If you’ve never been to Williamsburg, it is full of historic buildings and people in costume playing…

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