Thursday Thoughts (17 Mar 16)



A few random thoughts for today…


—  Curly “Boss Haug” Haugland wanted to remind freedom loving Americans everywhere why it is so easy to hate the Republican establishment with his inane statement that political parties decide who the nominee is, NOT the voter.  Now technically he is correct, with the very obvious caveat that if the people who vote don’t like you nominee, that individual won’t win.  For those of you who are interested…

here is a youtube video of his statement

here is a petition to enlighten Boss Haug…

Boot Boss Haug


—  Donald Trump has released his first big attack on Hillary, and well, it’s pretty good, I’m kinda looking forward to Trump vs Hillary, liking laughing all the way to gallows.

—  Phoenix VA finally decided to fire 3 more of the top officials for the “so called” VA waiting list scandal.  At least they are still alive. unlike the veterans who waited in vain for a phone call to get medical care they EARNED, putting themselves in harm’s way.  Two quick thoughts on this…1)  If a few dozen Senators and Representatives died or even had to wait to get treatment this would have been fixed so quickly people in LA would have heard the sonic boom from the apparatchiks moving so fast.  2) BTW this is Socialized medicine, no competition means no motivation, and of course no punishments for failure.


— President Obama has called Mitch McConnell’s inane and unconstitutional bluff by nominating Merrick Garland, a so called moderate for the Supreme Court.  Garland is clearly anti-gun so I am not really sure where the tag of moderate comes from, but McConnell’s statement was like a repeat of President Obama’s famous red line in Syria, a bluff that was so idiotic that it had to be called.  Bravo, McConnell you out dumbassed Obama.  Isn’t 32 years in the Senate enough for Mitch to find a real job, with his talents I’m sure someone has a use for a ancient lawyer who almost lasted 5 weeks in the US Army Reserves.


— The Argentinian Coast Guard sank a Chinese fishing boat, who just so happened to be (shocked face) illegally fishing in Argentinian waters.  Who would have thought that after sailing 10,000-ish kilometers to steal fish, you’d get sunk, at least the Argentinians saved them from having to swim back to China.


— and something on a lighter note, especially if you are a Fallout 4 fan…

Have a great day, Take care of yourselves, and remember Politics isn’t forever, but pensions for politicians are

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