Debunking the Clinton Lie Machine

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

“That conversation [Bill and I] started in the law library 45 years ago is still going strong.”
The notion that Bill and Hillary Clinton share anything remotely resembling a healthy, loving relationship is absurd. Bill Clinton’s career has been swamped by sexual scandal, from a high-profile affair while in office with intern Monica Lewinsky, to numerous rumored dalliances, to allegations of rape and sexual assault. The only thing that’s been going strong for 45 years is Bill Clinton’s sex drive.

“America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership” and “our economy is so much stronger than when [Obama] took office.”
It’s difficult to discern by what reasoning Clinton reached her conclusion. Under President Obama, more Americans have left the workforce than ever before, race relations are the worst they’ve been in decades, and America’s global clout has diminished. The military now appears to prioritize addressing transgender rights over adequately training…

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