Day: August 5, 2016

1 x Car Sales Manager, 1 x Wrong Number and 1 x Elderly Lady Needing Help…

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The manager of a car garage has been thanked for helping an elderly woman who fell at home – and then dialled the wrong number by accident.

Sara Tweedy’s Grandma was trying to get through to her daughter’s number, but in her panic and confusion got two digits the wrong way round and called the garage by mistake.

She’d fallen at home and was confused.


Sara Tweedy posted this on her Facebook page, to thank the man who helped her Nana

Credit: Sara Tweedy

Dang Vuong is the manager at the garage and was handed the call by his receptionist.

Though the call wasn’t meant for him, Dang didn’t think twice about hurrying to help her.

He said:

“She called our landline and got through to our receptionist, who asked me what to do.

“I said, I’ll go and make sure she’s ok — at first I thought she was…

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New Details in Idaho 5-Year-Old Muslim Migrant Rape Case: Here’s Exactly What Happened That Terrible Day

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Pamela Geller has been on the case of the five-year-old girl raped and urinated on in a laundry room of an apartment complex where the child lived by Muslim immigrants’ savages also children.

There are those who would like this case to go away. The same people trying to cover up this heinous act against a little girl blame act as if this is a right-wing conspiracy.

The family who cannot afford to move, until this day lives next door to the rapist. A sickening story and one that I suspect is being repeated across the United States and going unreported by law enforcement and the mainstream media.

Here, for the first time, is the child’s story, as told to me by the victim’s mother. Their story has not been told. In the wake of the monstrous Muslim migrant sex attack on a little five-year-old girl in Twin Falls…

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