Dabiq Magazine: If Muslims Ran America, ‘Lucrative African Slave Trade Would Have Continued’

The Muslim Issue

All across America blacks are converting to Islam, like sheep rushing to a slaughter house. And they aggressively defend it too.

Here we can read the true fundamental thinking in Islam. This is exactly what people around the world has struggled and fought against for 1,400 years. The ‘good’ thing with Islamic State, a creation by Saudi Arabia and its clerics, is that they are honest. What they say is truly Islamic law and a law that is constantly operating in the Middle East. Had Muslims been the first to enter America, Native Americans would be enslaved, force-converted or killed – as they confirm in the Dabiq. In the war against Japan, if Muslims had been leading the war and not America, the Japanese would have been treated the same. The Vietnamese no different, as we can read.

There you go. No better way to illustrate what Islam is truly…

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