Thailand targeted with a series of bomb attacks in tourist areas over two days

The Muslim Issue

Thai authorities claim the bombings have nothing to do with terrorism. How do they possibly know that without even having a suspect?? It takes time to investigate an attack yet the authorities have made an instant declaration without investigations completed and without a single suspect. They must have x-ray vision. Besides, what is the origin of the instructions that ordered them to make these premature public statements? Are there new trade contracts between Thailand and the Muslim world which makes this a ‘sensitive’ subject?

Muslims along with their leftist allies always use the U.S. presence in the Middle East, funded and encouraged by Arab oil countries to protect them against other Muslim enemies, as some form of artificial cause for Islamic terrorism while Muslim terrorism has existed continuously for 1,400 years. But what is their argument to explain the jihad taking place in Thailand on a daily basis? Thailand has…

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