Day: August 13, 2016

Armed man with knife and flammable liquid attacks passengers on Swiss train — Metro

A man has attacked passengers with a knife on a train in Switzerland (Picture: Twitter)A man armed with a knife has attacked passengers on a train in Switzerland injuring at least seven. Stabbed teenager ‘screamed ex-boyfriend’s name before she died’ According to reports, a 27-year-old man used ‘fire and a knife’ to attack those on board the train,…

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Fact Check Trump & Clinton


I was goingto fact-check both Trump and Clinton in seperate posts, but Fact has already done it for me, so here you go. I’m writing a novel. I hope you understand.

They both lie about each other and themselves and the articles do a good job of detailing those lies. Which do you trust more?

Actually, although I am not voting for him, I trusted Trump’s facts a bit more than I trusted Hillary. She’s just lied to me so often and been caught that I pretty much can’t trust anything coming out of her mouth. I trust Trump slightly more because I haven’t caught him in as many lies.

This isn’t say much because I am NOT voting for him, so trusting him slightly more is irrelevant. But if I were looking to vote for the lesser of two liars, it would probably be Trump by…

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Wind Industry’s Bird & Bat Slaughter: Canadians Expose the ‘Unhelpful’ Numbers


eagle 1

The wind industry and its parasites have – from the outset – pitched these things as a “planet saving, clean, green and environmentally friendly technology”; which doesn’t quite gel with the wholesale slaughter of birds and bats. Let’s call it an “inconvenient truth” (see our post here).

Were anyone caught shooting eagles or other protected species they would face prosecution.

Kill a relatively common Wedge-Tailed Eagle in Australia and you’ll face 6 months imprisonment or a $10,000 fine. As the stories in these links show – when lads with a .22 do it – there is media “shock” and “outrage” at a crime deemed worthy of serious punishment.

But the operators of wind farms face no such criminal sanction or penalty – and, instead, get to slice and dice birds and bats of all shapes and sizes with impunity (see our posts here and here).

The one…

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