The First Presidential Debate, The Result

Last evening, the First of 3 scheduled US Presidential debates occurred, for those of you who thought something awesome was going to happen…WTF, were you thinking?  Presidential debates are boring and scripted affairs, nothing awesome was going to happen.  I really wanted a cage match style fight, but sadly no such thing happened, it was rather civil.

Anyway, both sides are in full spin mode, but initial polls indicate that Trump walked away with the win, although I thought Hillary Clinton was well prepared (after 4 days of preparation, I would hope she was prepared, let’s hope our enemies give her a week’s notice before doing some crazy sh!t, so she can prepare).  Lester Holt won’t get a ration of shit from the left for coddling Trump since he was clearly coddling Clinton.  At the end of the debate, both sides shook hands and left the stage absolutely convinced they had won.

Notable things not mentioned, Benghazi, e-mails, Bill’s misogyny, Libya, Europe’s refugee issues, the debt, and of course the Clinton foundation.  But to quote, Hillary, “…What difference does it make…


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