Looking Back 50 Years to Today


Right now, it’s really popular for hysterical people to scream that this country is headed to fascism and it MUST BE STOPPED! Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and, by God, this election must be set aside because it’s unfair that the Electoral College doesn’t just hand her the election.

Would they be saying the same thing if Trump had also won the popular vote? Yes! This is mostly because they don’t understand what fascism is, but also because they haven’t been paying attention.

Image result for image of young ayn randThe United States has been growing in fascist policies for a long time. We slipped over the edge as a nation in the Bush administration and Obama’s administration just deepened that movement. Whoever became president in 2016 would have continued the trend – except possibly if Rand Paul or Gary Johnson had become president and they just would have ended up dead.

If you live in…

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