How the Soviet Menace was over-hyped, and what we can learn from this

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Summary: Histories of the CIA document its poor performance as an intelligence agency (e.g., Tim Weiner’s 2007 book Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA).  While incompetence certainly plays a role in degrading its performance, obedience to its political superiors probably plays a far more informant role.  Such as the relentless hyping of the Soviet Union’s capabilities and hostile intentions during the cold war. This post looks at some new evidence (adding to the overwhelming pile), and provides a contrast — showing how easily the truth could be seen.  If only the CIA had looked.

Ministry of Truth


  1. Soviet records reveal decades of US intel failures.
  2. “Exaggeration Of The Threat: Then & Now”.
  3. Heinlein sees Russia long crash – in 1960.
  4. About the demographic collapse of Russia.
  5. Reforming the US intelligence apparatus.
  6. For More information.

(1)  New study: more evidence about exaggerating the Soviet threat

New Study:  Previously Classified…

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