A Few Thoughts 4 Jan 2021

 At the beginning of human civilization & to be fair all communal animals, the value of raw numbers was superior to the value of technology.  This situation remained generally static until the advent of the industrial revolution.  While superior technology most definitely aided in the rise, continuation, & the fall of individual civilizations, the overall paradigm remained.  Power was in number of soldiers, farmers, mothers, fathers, & children.  Education was generally not needed except for the elite & the bureaucracy.  

   This all changed when the industrial revolution hit.  Power required a large pool of semi-skilled workers to run the machines that could easily out produce dozens of non-factory workers.  This change caused many of the social paradigms we have today, leading to the rise of democracy, worker's rights, equal rights, the banning of slavery, the demise of feudalism, & the rise of social consciousness.

  Technology has now reached the next &, quite possibly the final stage.  One where humans are either not needed at all or needed in only very small numbers.  Also one where these remaining humans are not needed to have any specialized knowledge.  These humans could go about their lives in complete ignorance of any type of practical knowledge of running the infrastructure of civilization, the specific skill sets previously highly sought after, & even basic skills like feeding, cleaning, or entertaining oneself without artificial aid, would not be necessary.  [possible dystopia] Where will this end, one needs only to continue the postulation, that we will literally obsolete ourselves, with AI or more likely homo status artis, being smarter, faster, stronger and ultimately "better" than us old homo sapiens.

Happy New Year!!!

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