Sunday Contemplation (22 Sep 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation


Now I am not an economist or one of them smart people who advise the idiots in the tower (aka the politicos) but I think I understand a few things about economics, like the price of a good or service is directly related to availability and desirability, you know Supply and Demand.

Now I am of the mind-set that the less the government has to do with the economy the better, I think that their job is to act as a gentle overseer ensuring the freest trade system possible.  Now I realize that sometimes the government acting at the behest of the people, want to influence things, like the sale of tobacco and  alcohol, by adding what is known as ‘sin tax’.  Thereby raising the price, and lowering the demand this has seemed to work with tobacco and alcohol, at least to some degree.

So with that rather simple thought in mind, why is the approach that the government the diametric opposite of that, more regulation means less availability which means increased cost.  Wouldn’t logic dictate that we make medical as available as say Starbucks?  An aid station on every other corner, and one at your local Wal-Mart?  Heck maybe a nurse at your local Starbucks.  I could see it now, “I’d like a double mocha espresso, and I’ve been feeling a little run down, I think I need to see the nurse, oh and I’d also like one of those blueberry scones.”

Now, of course, I jest, but seriously we have pharmacists at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and numerous other outlets, what if we staffed them with a doctor and a couple of nurses?  Obviously serious ailments and injuries would be referred to a hospital, but if you could get your basic treatment at the same place you pick up your meds…How could that be a bad thing?  More supply, means less expensive services.

The other thing, that seems to have completely slipped through the cracks of the great minds who wrote up the Affordable Health Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is with 50 odd million new customers, and no new doctors, nurses, techs, and things like CT scanners, X-ray machines etc, will mean…..Higher Prices (unless you put a price cap then you will have longer waits for services)  not a nice thing to happen if you are in need of some medical care.


I understand the Senator Ted “The Cruz Missile” Cruz is attempting to stop the funding of ObamaCare, now few think that he will be successful (we can dream tho, right?), perhaps a compromise would be a rewritten ObamaCare law, but I’m not holding my breath, and I suggest that you don’t either.

Sunday Contmeplation (8 Sep 13)

For today’s Sunday Contemplation…Please watch this video, and remember your actions have consequences. 


this young man’s actions have deprived a family of a loved one, while his confession is laudable it does NOT change the fact of his previous crime. 


Please say a prayer for this young man (Matthew Cordle),

the gentleman (Vincent Canzani) he killed,

and their respective families. 

and please contemplate your actions, remember they have consequences, perhaps you won’t see them as visibly as the young man in the video, but they still have consequences. 



Don’t Drink (or use drugs) and Drive, EVER.


More information @:  [Because I Said I Would]

Humpday History (28 Aug 13)

Today in History,


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, this was and is the most important speech about Freedom in modern history.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching or listening to it, please do.


Start a Petition

If you have ever wanted start a petition?  Want to make a change?  Wanted to change a particular thing that the government does in a stupid way? 


Here is your chance…




Start a petition,

Gather Support,

Change the World…


ok well it is not that easy, but the point is there, if you want to make the idiots in the tower listen to us, the people in the street, this is the start, if they don’t listen here, we can expand our horizons.

I will post a link to some of the ones I find interesting.  If you see one that catches your interest, be sure to post it up, here or on your sight, or even better, Both.


Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment

Courtesy of:  Fellowship of the Minds.  (Great website, BTW, check it out)

Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment.

Yesterday, we awarded this month’s Wolfprint Award, we stand by that, but we add, Marcus Taylor is without a doubt, a hero.  Here at Dak’s Bays we are nothing if not adaptable, so with that thought, we have decided to make the Wolfprint Award an “as needed” award versus a monthly award, as incidents of heroism should be praised and rewarded (if one considers a Blogger’s Award a reward, nevertheless it is given with genuine admiration) whenever they occur, without any constraints.

The Wolf Print Award

The Wolf Print Award

Congratulations Mr. Marcus Taylor, you are an inspiration to us all, you bring great credit on yourself, the US Army, and the entire country with your brave, selfless actions, Keep up the Great Work.

Tuesday Thoughts (9 July 13)

OK check it out, Saturday, 6 July 2013 we had a family picnic, so now I am recovered.  OK if you have never had a family picnic….they suck…no seriously they are much worse in your mind’s eye than in reality, but….still…it was O.K.  Texas is hot in July, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing…I got a sunburn, I the dude who never burns (ok I burned twice in my life, previously, once in Hawaii at Bellows beach, and once in Iraq) got sunburned.  So….it sucked.  Needless to say, lots of good food, and better vodka…Rain vodka (very smooth) and Lukosowa Vodka (my favorite).


Anyways on to things of more importance,  fully expect George Zimmerman to be convicted of second degree murder or manslaughter….guilty or not….whiny bitches win that one.  If you don’t like it, get out and protest.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a total non-story (some think that it is an inter-agency battle between the NSA and the CIA) that seems plausible to me.  I trust Aurora’s instincts on certain things…soooo.  A waste of our time to bother with, considering…

The total lack of forward progress on the Benghazi incident/scandal, the IRS/KGB harassment scandal (truth be told, I myself have never had a shred of issue with the IRS, but…I never blogged before, now I don’t pay taxes, since Uncle Sam foots the bill for the Dak lifestyle, it being what it is, FYI…POOR, American Style).


In any case, I may not agree with everything that Aurora puts on her blog, but…she is one smart cookie, and one could do worse than following her blog…so here is my endorsement.  You should read AurorawatcherAk.  Seriously though, how can you not follow a gal, whose hubby fended of a bear with a chain saw and stood off a moose, if dude is that tough, can you imagine how tough she is????  Zombie apocalypse occurs she would eat you before the Spam.  Hell, she would probably eat you before a big mac…just saying.  Anyways….check out her blog because she is sharper than my blade.


For all of you reddit-ers out there, seriously do your homework…http://imgur.com/BIdfS  do your homework.  I’m a pagan…if I know this, you should too.  Never believe what you don’t verify.l


Anyone who knows anything about Coccidioidomycosis (aka Valley Fever) hit me up at dakwolf@rocketmail.com.  I’m looking for info on it.


I actually had a really good Saturday sarcasm, in my mind, but….I didn’t write it down…since then I’ve got a lap top, so with my lappy, you are doomed to my writings even if they hit me while I’m in bed.  Anyways, I’m off, see you laterz, Be Safe!!!