Friday Freakout



Is it just me….or do you also notice…..

that some people don’t understand the the First Amendment (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..) did you notice it doesn’t say…AHHH don’t mix religion and government?  Yea, oddly it totally did NOT.  Crazy right?  For those of you, who don’t understand those words, they mean…..Congress won’t designate an official religion, and they won’t ban a religion (at least theoretically).  That is it, nothing more, nothing less.


Our prayers and thoughts go out to Ukraine, sadly people have died, to ensure that the government of Ukraine listens to their people.  Something about that weird ass term, democracy, go figure, maybe it will catch on.  Who knows.  No government can stand against the will of the people.  Get informed.


Have you heard what is going on in Scotland?  Sir William Wallace, himself, has risen from the grave, and killed every single member of the Scottish Parliament with his Claymore.  It was insane, blood and guts everywhere.  Oh wait, no that totally did not happen, but the Scottish parliament (may each and every member die the same way Sir William did) voted (105 to 0) for “the Children and Young People Bill” (oddly wikipedia doesn’t have any information on it passing), assigns a “named person” to oversee each and every child in Scotland.  [Longshanks is loving this.]  Allegedly, for the child’s own good.  [Of course, if you believe that, I have some premium ocean front property for sale in Arizona.  Best available, going quick.  Seriously, don’t miss this chance to make me obscenely wealthy].

Anyway, if you think this is a nice and caring way to take care of children, I have to say,

You, Sir or Madam, are a DUMBASS!  If you are a realists, and realize that this is most definitely on the slippery slope of statism, I welcome you to the planet earth, most of you have been here long before me.

Let us take a quick walk on the path of possibilities…

let us assume, that the next David Beckham (please use Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, or Peyton Manning if it pleases you) is born in Scotland.  Do you really think that the “named person” would not in some way shape and or form, want a piece of that action, money-wise?  PUH-LEZE.  That child would be out of your custody so quickly, you’d think he/she was the neighbors kid.  All for the good of the child (read:  Government).  You object?  Yea, your rights as a parent are inferior to this “named person”.  Check out the link:  [@:]


That is it for this wonderful Friday…Be Responsible for your actions, and be Safe.



Friday Freakout (17 Jan 14)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


What has become of our country?


—   where a president openly lies about the death of 4 American citizens to get re-elected, the media doesn’t say a word, but (allegedly) let a governor of a state close a couple of lanes on a bridge and it is headline news.


—  where a movie in which 19 of the 20 soldiers die, is a pro-war movie (Lone Survivor), but a movie that follows the fictional killing spree of a couple is not pro-serial killer (Natural Born Killers)


—  where a crucifix in urine is art, but tearing a page out of a Koran is a crime.


—  where a big time movie producer who makes gun porn movies (i.e. Grindhouse, Pulp Fiction, & Django Unchained), attacks a gun rights group.


—   where the very people who made their money in our capitalist system, want to change the system because it is ‘unfair’.


—  where soda is cheaper than water.


—  where we spend more money on education then anytime in history, and yet our children are like a box of rocks.


—   where hating your country is in vogue, but patriotism is discouraged.


—   where we pay hundreds of dollars to watch athletes play sports when more then half the adult population is overweight.


—  where actors and politicians are paid hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars but we pay our teachers, soldiers, firemen, police, and first responders peanuts.




Friday Freakout (25 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said earlier this week “I don’t work for the people calling for me to resign…”

It seems poor Ms. Sebelius who has not had a real job in literally in decades (by real job I mean not working for the government) has forgotten who it is she works for, she works for….


I know the idiots in the tower think they are above us mere mortals,

who struggle to make a living,

worry about our families and our country,

and try to live our life as kindly, courteously, and honestly as possible.

It is far past time to make a point to the idiots in the tower,

that the should NOT loot the treasury,

hook up their buddies,

and generally make a mess of things.


Now I am not some political pundit or history expert who is going to quote things said by one person or another, tbh I don’t give a flying falcon’s feathered butt about what some dead dude said about something, I care about what is here and now, and what is right and wrong.

Sebelius works for the president,

and the President works for US.

Sebelius screwed up, EPICALLY

she needs to retire,

she is 65,

and no doubt far richer than the average American,

I would love to see her brought up on charges of corruption and incompetence,

a mountain of money went into building the ACA website,

and for it to fail so badly is rather pathetic.

This is the exact reason why so many people are not wanting the government to take over health care, the amazing level of incompetence.  Anyone who wants government-run health care, needs some serious (mental) health care.


Friday Freakout (11 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


I will be honest, this is less a freakout then a stone cold assessment of the ‘benefits’ of the big ass government that recently had 15% of it (give or take) closed down. Admittedly it has been many, many years since I worked at a certain famous fast food burger joint, but if I recall correctly there was at times, 12 people on shift, and other times 4, by my math, that would be a ‘shutdown’ of 66.7%, and yet we were still able to get burgers and fries to the paying customers, and do it quite quickly.  Even at those times when we would get a bus full of hungry football players.

I have been reading reports, no doubt you have as well, of the federal government closing open air memorials, evicting people from federal land on Lake Mead, closing privately owned hotels, and privately funded parks, due to the government shut down.  All things that actually cost more money to do, then to NOT do.


That is not the act of a government of the people,

by the people, and

for the people,

quite the contrary that is a government of the elites,

by the elites,

for the elites,

and by elite, I mean douche-bag, statist, incompetent idiots in the tower.


Now call me an anarchist, but….it sure does seem that the federal government has gone above and beyond to ‘show’ how bad a government shutdown is, by shutting down the few services that the government does do.


Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

Defense:                3,000,000

Veteran’s Affairs:      235,000

Homeland Security:  208,000

Treasury:                 115,897

Justice:                     112,557

Agriculture:               109,832

Energy:                     109,094

now this list does not include the half a dozen or so, other federal agencies that have less than 100k employees or any of the independent government agencies (like the CIA, EPA, FCC, GSA, NASA, the federal archives, SEC, SSA, or the post office.)


Now that is a whole lot of people doing….stuff?  I think they need a big time audit, not just the [OUR] money that falls into the black hole that is the federal government, but what exactly all those people do.  I get how they feel, who would not want a cushy government job, until you realize that you are paying literally thousands of people to sit on their ass and do little to nothing.


Another real quick thing, here, WHY is Congress, The President, hell any of the higher ups in government, getting a paycheck?  I think if you are a federal employee making over $42,979.61, [which is what the SSA seems to feel is the average annual salary of the average American], gets their salary reduced to that level, unless it is more than twice that, then they abdicate the entire salary, until the government shutdown is over, and no expense accounts, and no back pay.


OK so it was more a friday freakout then I originally intended, but seriously….WTF is up with our dysfunctional government.

BTW check out the Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard.

If you are able,

join the fight,

make your voice heard,


remember only dead fish go with the flow.

Friday Freakout, Sort of (20 Sep 13)

I don’t know if you have heard of the incident at former NFL’er Brian Holloway’s New York holiday home, but you should check out Mr. Holloway’s website, Help Me Save 300.  At it he shows pictures of the damage caused, some of the things stolen, as well as Mr. Holloway’s plans, oh and pictures the kids took of themselves partying and tearing up his home.

While I think what the kids did at the party was horrendous, what really is beyond the pale the response of some of the people to Mr. Holloway’s request that the 300 odd students come and help clean up the house, and repair the damage (btw 1 student and his father showed up).

Some of the e-mails that Mr. Holloway received are shocking to say the least.  Now I hear that some of the parents are considering suing Mr. Holloway for posting pictures of the kids (that they posted to social media sites).  My first thought is ‘Good Luck with that’ but it is New York, sooo….


To those parents and children, who broke in, partied, and trashed Brian Holloway’s home,


I hope you are proud of yourself (or your child),

Perhaps you lack empathy, I don’t know, to be honest, I don’t care.

I get that in our modern society, that lawyers will always tell you to scream that you are innocent, but (and perhaps I am alone in this thought) sometimes you have to take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your children and/or subordinates.  I won’t sit here and tell you that you will get a less severe punishment or that people from around the world will admire your moral character.  That would be a lie.  You are likely to be punished just as severely if not more so, than those who lie and claim their innocence (a deep flaw within our ‘Justice System’), the majority of the people around the planet will think you a fool.  Even those of us, who think that accepting responsibility for your actions is the correct course of action, are unlikely to rush to your defense,

but realize that accepting responsibility for your bad actions, are the first step in reshaping our society to one where people are brave.

Brave enough to accept responsibility for their actions,

Brave enough NOT to do actions that they need to accept responsibility for (shocker I know)

Brave enough to stand up for what is right.


Being brave is not the absence of fear, rather it is the being afraid, terrified even, and still doing what needs to be done.


While I realize that few people will read this, and fewer still will pass it on, my dearest hope is that just one person will read this and take it to heart.


Remember the Golden Rule….


Friday Freakout (6 Sep 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout

For Today’s Friday Freakout…


I understand that certain people are using a moral argument to support US intervention in the Syrian Civil War.

While I have no doubt that atrocities have been committed by the Assad Regime and the Free Syrian Army.

I question why, our involvement in Syria is a moral imperative but intervening to stop the genocide in Rwanda, or the ethnic cleansing in Sudan, or the stoning of raped women in Saudi Arabia and Iran, is not?  Those aren’t moral imperatives?

Should we not care about the atrocities committed by Mugabe and his thugs in Zimbabwe?

The church burnings in Nigeria?

The complete and total collapse of anything even resembling government in Somalia?

Governments spying on their citizens?  (I’m looking at you, NSA)

A full 10% of a country’s population fleeing a country is a good indicator of something wrong, yet…we don’t look at our southern neighbor, Mexico with any type of moral imperative.


SO, where exactly is this ‘Red Line’ that humanity has supposedly set forth (I am pretty sure it was President Obama though)?


On top of that…

I apply to the Roman Theory of war…


Best of Friends and Worst of Enemies


I really don’t understand all this BS about being sensitive to their culture.  Sometimes their culture NEEDS some changing.

Cultural changes are good we are told.

So what is wrong with a bit more western view of things on such topics as Religious tolerance, women’s rights, and a favorite of mine, Stopping Corruption (everyone claims to want it, but few do anything to help stop it).


So when we fly off to these variety of shit holes throughout the world shouldn’t there be a moral imperative to improve these places for the people who live there?

Or will these be festering wounds like Haiti, were our ‘moral imperative’ has sent our troops there four times in the last hundred years, and yet things there are just as bad if not worse than ever.


Anyway after what seems to me to be a long rant of dubious value, I end it on this thought….

If war is justifiable because of some moral imperative,

then what exactly are those moral imperatives,

and if we are to use moral imperatives to justify war,

should we also not use those same moral imperatives to make cultural changes in the enemy nations’ moral code,

so we don’t have to go back to war again?


Friday Freakout (30 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


For today’s Friday Freakout, I want to talk about…..


The state of our country.


So we are clear, I’m not delusional I don’t think that one it is possible to go back in time, nor do I think there was some mythical time in American history were everything was all wine and roses.  I do think that we have the ability to achieve what many people believe America can become.  Make no mistake, America is already the best country to live in, hence why so many people so desperately want to come here.  Although let’s be honest, we are not what we used to be.

I could discuss our government spying on us, the corrupt idiots we elect, the heartless judges who care more about criminals than victims, the jackasses who have a badge who think they are fighting a war rather than protecting and serving, the morons who think others owe them this or that, the Jay Carney’s of the world who have never seen a lie they haven’t told, the Eric Holder’s who don’t care a lick about the law unless it can be twisted up to support what they want to do, the politicians who take and do their best to destroy everything good about America.  I could go on for pages and pages, but I won’t.

Now I don’t mean to pick on anyone in particular but I do have to point out the base problem with our modern American society, Allison Benedikt, wrote a short little piece over at Slate, about Private School vs. Public School education, you should read it, if for no other reason then to understand what idiots think.  Now I am holding out that Ms. Benedikt was being sarcastic and maybe I missed it, but…probably not.

If you are too busy or just can’t stomach more liberal drivel I will summarize, if you don’t send your children to public schools even if they are substandard, you are a bad person, not murderer bad, but still pretty bad.  To Ms. Benedikt’s credit, she doesn’t want to ban private schools (at least not yet), she does feel that we should all just suck it up, and send our children to substandard schools for no other reason then to hold out hope that by some sort of miracle that one day in the future those schools will just magically improve.  (I do wonder if Ms. Benedikt is a religious person, because that really stretches my whole belief system beyond the breaking point).

Ms. Benedikt feels “Your children and grandchildren might get mediocre educations in the meantime, but it will be worth it, for the eventual common good.”  WOW, OK, so magically, someone will come along and teach our great-grandchildren better than mediocre.


Well golly gee whiz, we have been screwing things up since….well…forever…there was no need to Declare our Independence from Britain, or banning the slave trade, or freeing the slaves, no need for the civil rights movement, no need if we just could have held out for a few generations, some magic shit would occur and everything would be peaches and cream.  (and yes that was sarcasm).

Ms. Benedikt claims to have gone to public schools, and that by itself should be grounds enough for everyone to do everything in their power to send their children to private school.  Seriously.  Her complete and total lack of any type of critical thinking is totally mind-boggling, assuming she is sincere in her words.  Call me cynical but I suspect that Ms. Benedikt is nothing more than a statist mouth piece, spouting more statist bullshit propaganda.


That being said…one good point Ms. Benedikt did make is for parents to be involved in their children’s education.



Friday Freakout (16 Aug 13)


Good Friday, Fellow Seekers of Knowledge,

For today’s edition of Friday Freakout, I want to talk about the old tale of the boy who cried wolf.  In case you haven’t heard it, I shall not bore you with my version, but guide you to an animated version on youtube…


Now no doubt you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with today’s Friday freakout?


Well here is what it has to do with it…

In the past few weeks (months and years) we have seen numerous examples of people crying ‘Wolf’ over various things, but what I particularly am referring to is the whole Global Climate Change Issue (formerly known as Global Warming, I wonder if they will eventually just make up a symbol and call it The Issue Formally Known as Global Warming, I mean if it is cool enough for Prince, who can really argue).


Now while I consider my self a strong proponent of taking care of the environment, I do not feel that the entire Climate Change Conundrum is in any way beneficial to taking care of the environment.  I mean let’s look at this for a second, no doubt you have heard politicians from President Obama to Secretary of State Kerry to Climate King Al “Internet Inventor, NOT” Gore, that 2010 was the Hottest Year on Record.  Well it was, kind of, well, not really, unless you squint really hard, and ignore any semblance of accuracy or actual meaning. Logic dictates that that statement is way too ambiguous to have any real meaning, even if it had real meaning, which even according to the scientists who use, it really doesn’t, since the differences in temperatures between years is less then a degree (Fahrenheit).


With all of that said, what is going to happen when [more] people realize some of the biggest supporters of the whole Global Warming claim are the very same people who have the most to gain from any legislation and efforts to ‘help’ fight global warming?

e.g. (exempli gratia):  A certain very large corporation who has been dumping money into spreading the warnings about global warming, just so happens to produce the light bulb (which oddly enough is filled with highly toxic mercury, which is proven to be very bad for the environment) that is touted to be a major help in fighting global warming, instead of LEDs which are actually better for the environment by the very same standards they use to compare the old bulbs with their bulbs, without the mercury.  Even Climate King Al Gore himself is raking in the big bucks flying around the world warning everyone who will listen about the dangers of using fossil fuels.


So what happens when this Climate change thing fully fails?  The average person will be that much more skeptical about actual environmental damage caused by corporations like the one I mentioned above.


Climate change is not the only Wolf yell, that the statists are screaming at the moment.

No, emotional appeals are the harbinger of statist repression.  Every time some statist government wanted to do some nasty deed or another, they screamed and yelled and had their courtesans in the media echo their emotional appeals to rally the people to their dubious causes.


Maybe I just have a semi-permanent headache, and I am tired of all the screaming, or maybe I just don’t have the emotions of a 13-year-old.

In any case, let us use a little logic in our analysis of some of these crazy screams about the sky falling, before we go in to full panic mode.


We can panic once we have the situation under control,

more time to drink then.  😀





Have a great weekend, take care of yourselves, and remember…

Don’t Drink and Drive.

Friday Freakout (9 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout











Greeting Distinguished Guests,


I was not going to write-up a post today, I have not been feeling well of late, but as I was laying on the bed, scanning the news feed, and I came across the story about how Oprah Winfrey was “a victim of racism” in Switzerland.


I, of course, was shocked having been to Switzerland several times, I am no expert, but I’ve always found the Swiss to be very friendly people, so I clicked into the story to find out what was going on.  In case you haven’t heard, Mrs. Winfrey was in Zürich, and had gone into a shop, where she asked to see a handbag, and alleged the sales person refused and told her, “You can’t afford that”, Mrs. Winfrey asked again, again the salesperson declined and attempted to show her another item, so Mrs. Winfrey left the store without a further word.  The $35,000 handbag in question was never sold.


Now I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened, I find it rather odd that a salesperson in a store that sells $35,000 purses (you know they don’t have the $10 blue-light special going on) would tell anyone that they didn’t have enough cash for something.  [shocked face].

I’m just saying maybe this is not a racist thing, just a bitch thing.

Let’s not confuse a nasty person with a racist person, because that is just too easy.  Too easy to shift all the blame on the other person,

to easy to throw your hands up in disgust and walk away,

to easy to tell all your friends how horrible you were treated,

to easy to avoid standing up and acting like you deserve respect,

to easy to be a victim.


If Oprah truly felt that this woman was being racist, why did she let it just stand,

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful people on the planet, had an opportunity to affect one person on a personal basis, for the better, by having a “teaching moment” instead walks out, and then whines to the media.  FOR REAL?

If arguably the world most powerful woman cannot stand up to HATRED, what chance do the rest of us stand?  Oprah could have had $35,000 in the roughly 200 hundred various currencies in use around the world, brought to her, or she could have just whipped out the black card she has, and purchased the store, and fired her.  If, she wanted to be nasty.

Or she could have just sat the salesperson down, and had a heart to heart, human to human talk.  Someone as rich, educated, and successful, with as much interpersonal relationships as Oprah, should be able to sit down with someone and explain the error of their ways, quite easily.

IF Oprah was unable or unwilling to do this simple task to improve the lives of the people of Zürich, then who will, I ask.

IF not the most powerful woman in the world?



*for the record, the owner of the shop in question, stated that the salesperson’s English skills were somewhat lacking and that she believes that the issue was a classic case of “a simple misunderstanding”.  Of course this is quite possible, I am inclined to think that the salesperson was just rude, plain and simple.


Some links for your reading pleasure and more information on this.  [Link], [Link], and [Link].


Friday Freakout (2 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout











For today’s Friday Freakout, I want to talk…


to women out there, who have 4 kids by 3 different men, none of which you are currently living with…

and the men who flit from one young lady to another, impregnate them, and move on….

Understand a couple of things,

children raised in a one parent household are far more likely to fail classes,

drop out of school,

try drugs,

become addicted to drugs,

commit crimes,

get arrested,

get imprisoned,

or get murdered.


Do you know why?

Because the children grow up with out a good male role model,

also known as a father,




those same children also grew up without a good female role model, aka a mother.


Simply hooking up with the wrong guy once…OK we all make mistakes

twice…Your squeezing the Benefit of the doubt thing pretty hard

3 times…OK,.. I..will..speak..slowly

4 times or more…you are in need of some serious help


so princess, pull your head out of your posterior and start thinking,

if a dude already has multiple kids with multiple women,


this is very simple,

You have babies, so take care of them properly,

propping the kids in front of the TV is not parenting, it is neglect,

dinner should not be ramen

texting/facebooking/im-ing/etc should not be more important than talking to your children,

beyond that, act appropriately for a mother, not a cool mom, not their friend,



For the boys I referenced above….

Before you twinkies think about putting your mini-mes in anyone, think about the possible consequences of your 4.6 seconds of pleasure.  Besides the financial obligations you have moral obligations to your offspring, in other words you made the ugly thing, now be proud of it, help raise it, help mold it in to a moral adult.  Doing anything less, means you are a dirt bag, and in desperate need of a good old-fashioned ass kicking.



your actions have consequences,

those consequences will have an effect on your children,

children learn by imitating their parents,

if you act like an idiot,

your children will act like idiots.


That is all I have for today, Be Safe, Don’t Drink and Drive