Idiots in the Tower (I2T2)

The Rotherham Rapes (7 Sep 14)



1400 is a huge number.  1400 is the number of people in some sports stadiums. 1400.  Fourteen hundred.  One thousand Four hundred.  1400.


1400 is a conservative estimate of the number of under-aged girls raped in the town of Rotherham.  Rotherham is a suburb (metropolitan borough) in South Yorkshire, UK.  1400 is NOT all of the rapes that occurred in the United Kingdom, or even England, nor is it the number of all rapes in South Yorkshire, just a conservative estimate from 1 tiny area, a suburb of Sheffield.


What happened there?  Where are the police?  Where is the Borough Council, where is the mp (member of parliament)?  Where is protective services?


It all seems to have started in 1997, further investigation will be needed to verify that time frame, as some reports indicate a start date of the early 1990s.  In 2010, eight men were tried in Shieffield Crown Court, of which 5 (Zafaran Ramzan, Razwan Razaq, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussain, and Mohsin Khan) were convicted and sentenced to minor prison sentences (9, 11, 4.5, 4 and 4 years respectively).  In 2012, The Times of London conducted an investigative report which found the abuse was much more wide-spread then previously reported.  Just last week, Professor Alexis Jay, who had led the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham for the borough council released a report.  


A quick overview shows a sampling of 15 girls [starting at section 5.21], the vast majority were not helped in any substantial way by police or protective services.  Many continue to be abused.  Few families had any recent follow-up interviews as some had to leave the area in order to protect the child.  Protection from not only the grooming, but brutal rapes, psychological abuse, assaults on them and their families (including at least one case where a brother of a victim had both legs severely broken in order to keep her silent), a campaign of intimidation including gang members conducting open surveillance on the victims in their homes, threatening messages on social media, and even physical assaults.  Over 100 young girls became pregnant, with many being forced by their rapists to get abortions.  These are only a few of the incidents that occurred, where this abuse went on for almost two decades.


While the report only lightly touched on the exploitation of young boys by these so-called “grooming gangs”, the grooming of young boys is thought to be widespread, and vastly under-reported, with many cases being refereed to LGBT organizations (being treated as cases of sexual confusion as opposed to rape).


For those of you who think that heads should roll, for the 1400 victims of the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal, well, that won’t happen.

A strong fear of being labeled a racist (all of the victims are white and all of the abusers are Asian aka Middle Eastern, no doubt victims of other ethnicities were also abused but have not yet come forward due to cultural taboos),

bureaucratic indifference (numerous previous reports were either suppressed or ignored),

political pandering (Rotherham is a Labour stronghold, the term rotten borough most often used to describe Rotherham, who has faithfully elected Labour since 1933),

a police service that at the most basic level is severely understaffed and overburdened with burgeoning population with many residents who have no understanding of British laws or even language,

lack of training and incompetence at all levels of the labyrinthine bureaucracy surrounding the agencies charged with the protection of children from rapists,

a media with the attention span of a goldfish,

and a generally indifferent population more interested in meaningless over-hyped events like the hacked naked pictures of Kate Upton then the lives of 1400 innocent children,

all these things combine to form a toxic blanket of hopelessness and helplessness for the victims and their families.

As far as the abusers, they will not be prosecuted, and they will continue to abuse, rape, and even murder our young girls and boys.


The most we can hope for is that PCC Shaun Wright, Joyce Thacker (Director of Children and Young People’s Services), and many others follow the example of Beauchamp Duff


More to follow, as there is much more information on these horrific events.

Tuesday Thoughts (6 May 14)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few thoughts I have going on…


— Clive Bundy (the rancher who was and continues to be the victim of Federal Government bullying) has shown an amazing level of ignorance with his comments about the “negro”, failing to realize and/or care that many of his supporters are/were Americans who are of African descent.  I pray that something will touch his heart, and he will not just not say hurtful untrue things but will actually become enlightened, and not paint an entire ethnic group with such a broad brush of ignorance and hate.


—  The entire Donald Sterling debacle, besides being stomach turning that a person who holds such disgusting views has no problems exploiting (albeit well paid exploitation) the talents of his black players.  As a side note, while Sterling was a recently registered Republican, as they say money talks and BS walks, his political contributions have been decidedly left-wing.


— In keeping with the Donald Sterling thought, Vanessa Stivano, if a guy buys you 2 Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a $1.8 million condo, and you call yourself his silly rabbit, you are NOT his assistant, you are his mistress.


— Jay Carney has become the President’s very own ‘Baghdad Bob’, first it was “bending the truth”, then “twisting the truth”, then flat-out lying, and now…reality has left the building.  I hope they are throwing piles of cash at you, Jay, because you would have more credibility if you sold your ass for crack on the street corner then you do now.


— In Nigeria, Boko Haram (led by Abubakar Shekau) kidnapped 276 girls from a school, and is now threatening to sell them as slave wives to other Islamic extremists.  I’ll pray for the safe return of all these girls to their families, and hope that Abubakar’s last thought is “Oh shit, that Predator just launched a Hellfire“.


I apologize for my recent absence, I have been feeling under the weather of late.  More fun stuff to come, so come back soon.

Friday Freakout (25 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said earlier this week “I don’t work for the people calling for me to resign…”

It seems poor Ms. Sebelius who has not had a real job in literally in decades (by real job I mean not working for the government) has forgotten who it is she works for, she works for….


I know the idiots in the tower think they are above us mere mortals,

who struggle to make a living,

worry about our families and our country,

and try to live our life as kindly, courteously, and honestly as possible.

It is far past time to make a point to the idiots in the tower,

that the should NOT loot the treasury,

hook up their buddies,

and generally make a mess of things.


Now I am not some political pundit or history expert who is going to quote things said by one person or another, tbh I don’t give a flying falcon’s feathered butt about what some dead dude said about something, I care about what is here and now, and what is right and wrong.

Sebelius works for the president,

and the President works for US.

Sebelius screwed up, EPICALLY

she needs to retire,

she is 65,

and no doubt far richer than the average American,

I would love to see her brought up on charges of corruption and incompetence,

a mountain of money went into building the ACA website,

and for it to fail so badly is rather pathetic.

This is the exact reason why so many people are not wanting the government to take over health care, the amazing level of incompetence.  Anyone who wants government-run health care, needs some serious (mental) health care.


Mordant Monday Morning (14 Oct 13)

Mordant Monday

Mordant Monday


Congratulations to the Nobel Peace Prize selection committee on selecting a bureaucratic organization associated with the United Nations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I mean really, why would you select a young girl whose completely unreasonable stand on female education got her shot in the face at close range by Islamic extremist terrorists and recovered to become a symbol around the world for bravery.  That is just silly.


Kudos to President Obama for his attempts at making the US Government shut down as painful as possible for those picayune veterans who wanted to see the Memorial paid for by private funds dedicated to their brothers and sisters in arms who died protecting this country.  Open air memorials are not to be enjoyed by the public unless the government says so.  If the shutdown continues the President has already said he will refuse to pay the veterans (even the disabled veterans) that will show them for trying to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  And how humiliating to the President to see all of those barricades piled up in front of the White House.  For Shame, naughty people displaying your displeasure with Barry.


The US Congress has issued a press release attempting to clear up some common misconceptions,

1.)  Boehner is NOT a french name.

2.)  Tomahawks are not Cruz missiles, they are close though.

3.)  Harry Reid did not play the Emperor in Star Wars.

4.)  Neither did Nancy Pelosi.

5.)  There is NO IQ test for membership in Congress.




I hope I put a smile on your face and in your heart for your week at work (unless you are a furloughed government worker in which case for your week at home, Do your Honey Do List, people).









Friday Freakout (11 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


I will be honest, this is less a freakout then a stone cold assessment of the ‘benefits’ of the big ass government that recently had 15% of it (give or take) closed down. Admittedly it has been many, many years since I worked at a certain famous fast food burger joint, but if I recall correctly there was at times, 12 people on shift, and other times 4, by my math, that would be a ‘shutdown’ of 66.7%, and yet we were still able to get burgers and fries to the paying customers, and do it quite quickly.  Even at those times when we would get a bus full of hungry football players.

I have been reading reports, no doubt you have as well, of the federal government closing open air memorials, evicting people from federal land on Lake Mead, closing privately owned hotels, and privately funded parks, due to the government shut down.  All things that actually cost more money to do, then to NOT do.


That is not the act of a government of the people,

by the people, and

for the people,

quite the contrary that is a government of the elites,

by the elites,

for the elites,

and by elite, I mean douche-bag, statist, incompetent idiots in the tower.


Now call me an anarchist, but….it sure does seem that the federal government has gone above and beyond to ‘show’ how bad a government shutdown is, by shutting down the few services that the government does do.


Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

Defense:                3,000,000

Veteran’s Affairs:      235,000

Homeland Security:  208,000

Treasury:                 115,897

Justice:                     112,557

Agriculture:               109,832

Energy:                     109,094

now this list does not include the half a dozen or so, other federal agencies that have less than 100k employees or any of the independent government agencies (like the CIA, EPA, FCC, GSA, NASA, the federal archives, SEC, SSA, or the post office.)


Now that is a whole lot of people doing….stuff?  I think they need a big time audit, not just the [OUR] money that falls into the black hole that is the federal government, but what exactly all those people do.  I get how they feel, who would not want a cushy government job, until you realize that you are paying literally thousands of people to sit on their ass and do little to nothing.


Another real quick thing, here, WHY is Congress, The President, hell any of the higher ups in government, getting a paycheck?  I think if you are a federal employee making over $42,979.61, [which is what the SSA seems to feel is the average annual salary of the average American], gets their salary reduced to that level, unless it is more than twice that, then they abdicate the entire salary, until the government shutdown is over, and no expense accounts, and no back pay.


OK so it was more a friday freakout then I originally intended, but seriously….WTF is up with our dysfunctional government.

BTW check out the Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard.

If you are able,

join the fight,

make your voice heard,


remember only dead fish go with the flow.

Sunday Contemplation (22 Sep 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation


Now I am not an economist or one of them smart people who advise the idiots in the tower (aka the politicos) but I think I understand a few things about economics, like the price of a good or service is directly related to availability and desirability, you know Supply and Demand.

Now I am of the mind-set that the less the government has to do with the economy the better, I think that their job is to act as a gentle overseer ensuring the freest trade system possible.  Now I realize that sometimes the government acting at the behest of the people, want to influence things, like the sale of tobacco and  alcohol, by adding what is known as ‘sin tax’.  Thereby raising the price, and lowering the demand this has seemed to work with tobacco and alcohol, at least to some degree.

So with that rather simple thought in mind, why is the approach that the government the diametric opposite of that, more regulation means less availability which means increased cost.  Wouldn’t logic dictate that we make medical as available as say Starbucks?  An aid station on every other corner, and one at your local Wal-Mart?  Heck maybe a nurse at your local Starbucks.  I could see it now, “I’d like a double mocha espresso, and I’ve been feeling a little run down, I think I need to see the nurse, oh and I’d also like one of those blueberry scones.”

Now, of course, I jest, but seriously we have pharmacists at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and numerous other outlets, what if we staffed them with a doctor and a couple of nurses?  Obviously serious ailments and injuries would be referred to a hospital, but if you could get your basic treatment at the same place you pick up your meds…How could that be a bad thing?  More supply, means less expensive services.

The other thing, that seems to have completely slipped through the cracks of the great minds who wrote up the Affordable Health Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is with 50 odd million new customers, and no new doctors, nurses, techs, and things like CT scanners, X-ray machines etc, will mean…..Higher Prices (unless you put a price cap then you will have longer waits for services)  not a nice thing to happen if you are in need of some medical care.


I understand the Senator Ted “The Cruz Missile” Cruz is attempting to stop the funding of ObamaCare, now few think that he will be successful (we can dream tho, right?), perhaps a compromise would be a rewritten ObamaCare law, but I’m not holding my breath, and I suggest that you don’t either.

Thursday Thoughts (5 Sep 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


This is a few of my thoughts for today…


— While I sympathize with the Syrian people, I am not sure why dying by chemical weapons is some how worse then dying by bullet or bomb.  No one cared last year, but now suddenly OMG we MUST do something.  Maybe it is the offer of paying for this military misadventure that is luring in the politicos?


— I am also not sure what lobbing a few dozen Tomahawk missiles at Assad regime targets are going to do, historically speaking….


tomahawks fired – incident

—- 288 – First Gulf War

—- 75 – in response to the Tanzania and Kenya (1998)

—- 218 – NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Kosovo War)

—- 50 – War in Afghanistan (Oct 2001)

—- 725 – War in Iraq (Mar 2003)

—- 124 – War in Libya (Mar 2011)

Currently the US has 3,500 tomahawk missiles.  I would expect no less then 100 and no more than 250 missiles, with the total number depending on how big of a statement, President Obama wants to make to the Assad regime.  I’m guessing in the low end, of those numbers.  The actual BDA (Battle Damage Assessment, [the number of things like tanks actually destroyed] numbers vary widely…for another view of the ‘success’ of the Kosovo Air Campaign, go here…[Link]).  [Having done actual ground view BDA, I can unequivocally state that the Air Force’s BDA is always exaggerated.]

Tomahawk in flight

Tomahawk in flight


— Does anybody else think of John Kerry’s past when he was testifying about Syria?

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war


John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?

John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?


…What a change a few decades can make, and several million of his wife’s dollars.

Tuesday Thoughts (20 Aug 13)


Here is today’s actual post, as opposed to a late post from yesterday…


I was going to let this one slide by, but this one got stuck in my paw like a thorn, so…


Don’t you just hate it when a celebrity starts losing their popularity so they decide to make some asinine statement about one current event or another, well last week, former Queen of the World, Oprah Winfrey made a statement about her experience with racism (poke me in the eye, I surely wish I could get upset because someone allegedly thought I could not afford a $35k purse, hell I can’t even afford a $35k car), she later stated that she did not want to make it a big deal….

So going to the media, and whining about an incident wasn’t going to make it a big deal?  NOOO never.  (cough BULLSHIT cough)

Oprah and entourage

Oprah and entourage

Well her latest desperate attempt to get some media coverage (btw her movie came out yesterday, I know SHOCKED FACE, right?) was comparing the Martin/Zimmerman incident with the Emmett Till atrocity.


If you don’t know what happened to young Emmett, go Zeekly it, read what happened, and you tell me, how on earth, any sane person would compare the two?


Emmett Till’s heart breaking torture and murder have far more in common with the rape, murder, and torture of Channon Christian.  Yet I have not seen Oprah come out and talk about young Channon or her boyfriend Christopher Newsom.


Well Oprah, good job in showing your ignorance and hate, and congratulations on joining the idiots who are officially boycotted here on Daks Bays.

Belated Monday Morning Quarterbacking (20 Aug 13)

Monday Morning QBing

Monday Morning QBing


Yes I know this is Tuesday, but better late than never right?

I was over-thinking the whole NSA eavesdropping thing, and I am just wondering why, if the NSA is reading our e-mails, following our blogs, monitoring our web searches, how is it exactly that they missed, the Boston Bombers, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and the other lesser known Islamic extremist attacks here in America?


Now using my extremely sub-par to fair analytical skills, I came up with a couple of possibilities:


1.  [Conspiracy Theorists this one is for you] They knew ahead of time and let it happen, for the purpose of putting US troops in Palestine and Chechnya.  I find this highly unlikely simply because, well even the Palestinians and the Chechnians (sp?) don’t want those shit holes, so why would we?  BTW there is no credible evidence to oil being in Chechnya.


2.  [Most Dangerous]  The NSA was obeying their idiot politico masters and dipping in on those evil Patriot types (you know those people who think the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and is NOT a living document), as opposed to the dangerous wack jobs who want to kill innocents to further their backwards-ass, misogynist, hate-filled view of the world posing as a religion.


3.  [Quite Possible, and in my limited Experience Most Likely]  The intelligence analysts at the NSA were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of raw data coming in and were unable to sift through the pile of crap [ie all those googles for naked pictures of Mila Kunis] for the kernels of vital intelligence [like the Tsarnaev brothers googling how to build a pressure cooker bomb] in time to disseminate such intelligence to the people who do the killing (and less preferably the arresting).


Obviously I don’t put a whole lot of faith in the first one, and while we all hope and pray it isn’t the second one, we need to overhaul the entire system even if it is the third possibility.

Raw intelligence is of NO VALUE if it is not analyzed and disseminated correctly.


On a side note:

The entire world of intelligence has changed, no longer are intelligence analysts desperately seeking any and every scrap of raw data available to see if it fits into the big picture and where, rather the analyst is confronted with massive volumes of data, a convoluted big picture, and a shortened amount of time to do the analysis.

This is not to say that they should not be held accountable for their failures, merely the should be focused on achieving the achievable rather than attempting to do it all, and failing miserably.


Start a Petition

If you have ever wanted start a petition?  Want to make a change?  Wanted to change a particular thing that the government does in a stupid way? 


Here is your chance…




Start a petition,

Gather Support,

Change the World…


ok well it is not that easy, but the point is there, if you want to make the idiots in the tower listen to us, the people in the street, this is the start, if they don’t listen here, we can expand our horizons.

I will post a link to some of the ones I find interesting.  If you see one that catches your interest, be sure to post it up, here or on your sight, or even better, Both.