Sark Saturday (28 Feb 15) The End of February 2015 Edition

The following is sarcasm, while our intent is not to irritate, aggravate, humiliate, or any other …ate, we can not deny that we don’t have a problem with those things.  So if you are irritated, aggravated, humiliated, or any other …ated, please leave a quick note, that way we can cachinnate.




Dateline:  Washington D.C., USA

Soon to be retiring Attorney General Eric “The Duck” Holder has blamed Fox news for Americans (and I am assuming Britons, Australians, French, Israelis, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Afghans, Indians, Pakistanis, Canadians, Belgians, Danes, Russians etc) for thinking that terrorism is a threat.  I am not sure if that factored into his flat-out refusal to give an “exit” interview to Fox news or could it possibly be that Ducky played this game…[Link]


Dateline:  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

President/King/Self-Proclaimed Semi-Divine Being Bob celebrated his 91st birthday at the colonial-era town near the famed waterfall.  While giving no indications of stepping down anytime soon, Bob and his guests (members of the ruling junta) gorged themselves on the meat of a pair of elephants that oh so willingly gave up their lives to sate Bob’s prodigious hunger.  [Where is PETA when you need them?]  After blaming the UK for all the ills of Zimbabwe’s current condition, he stated that he planned to “liberate” more white “safari owners” land.  Translating Bob-ese into English that means more land stolen from anyone who opposes his autocratic inept rule to be redistributed to his loyalists.  So anyone thinking of taking safari to Zimbabwe…Don’t.  It could be a fatal error.


Dateline:  Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt

In a shocking turn of events, Judge Mohamed el-Sayed of the Court For Urgent Matters ruled that Hamas (the totally NOT corrupt and incompetent rulers of the Gaza strip) is a terrorist group, citing recent attacks on civilians and security forces in the Sinai and beyond, because they intended to harm the country (Egypt).    Although one wonders if this has anything to do with the rumors floating around that ISIS has established a presence in Gaza and Hamas fighters were flocking to the new wannabes, and that Hamas leadership were in communication and possibly negotiations with ISIS for some sort of partnership.  Egypt has already bombed ISIS targets in Libya after the mass murder of Egyptian Coptic Christian workers there.


Dateline:  London, England, Great Britain

In news that spits in the face of Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson for the US State Department, who stated that we need to give terrorists jobs to prevent terrorism.  Jihad Johnny/Jihad John (aka Mohammed Emwazi) was college educated (with a degree in computer science) and was not in need of job, he is in need of a bullet to the brain, a tomahawk to the torso, or a hellfire to the head.  Marie Harf who is shockingly an intelligence analyst by trade, defended her statement by claiming that her argument was too nuanced for some, or it could possibly be that her argument was just plain IDIOTIC.  Nearly all wars end when one side gets tired of dying, meaning you CAN kill your way out of a war.  Lack of jobs do not create terrorists, power-hungry assholes create terrorists.  Less I remind everyone that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan had nearly 100% employment, and both continued to fight until we (The US, UK, USSR, and our allies) killed enough of them that they begged for peace.  Gee, you think that would work here?  Absolutely.  Germany and Japan both had a major cultural changes after the war, both of those countries are now some of the most peaceful countries on the planet.  That sounds like a good plan to me.  I would love to see, a Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Pagoda or Vihara, and a Pagan Sacred Grove in Mecca along with the Mosque there.


Dateline:  New York City, New York, USA

If you were wondering what the United Nations has been up to for the past couple of months while ISIS (Daesh) has been chopping heads off, burning people alive, and generally committing genocide, well so were we hence we looked into it.   The UN Security council has…as of late last evening, strongly condemned the “ongoing barbaric terrorist acts” committed by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) aka ISIS or Daesh or a bunch of asshats running around killing, raping, destroying, you know crimes against humanity type things that the UN was allegedly formed to stop, and reaffirmed its determination in defeating the extremist group.  Wow!!  Can you feel the determination?  Rumors abound about ISIS contemplating surrendering to the UN.  Not really.  Good thing we pay millions of dollars for the UN to deplore ISIS’s genocide.  Bravo UN, keep up the great work.  In other news, UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited a dam in Chile.  While I generally don’t criticize the UN, mainly because I don’t pick low hanging fruit, seriously I couldn’t let this one slide by.


on a lighter note:


Dateline:  Outside a Pub, Ireland

An intellectually challenged thief met his match when he tried repeatedly to break the window on a Mercedes, until the brick he threw at the defenseless vehicle bounced off, hit him in the face, and knocked him unconscious.  If I were Mercedes marketing, I would make a commercial out of the video.



Chase Bank Update

Update on:  Chase Bank


It appears that the report about Chase bank was partially correct, it seems Chase was changing their services to certain types of accounts to get those account holders to upgrade to ‘premium’ accounts.  Chase still allows transactions in excess of $50,000 and international wire transfers (and will after 17 November 2013), but will charge a fee unless you have one of their ‘premium’ accounts.


So Chase Bank does not appear to have any inside information about a coming financial crisis, so whatever money you have in a bank is as safe today as it was last week, barring President Obama trying to crown himself King, or Nancy Pelosi attempting a coup, or Ted Cruz leading a Second American Revolution.


All that being said, this rumor blew up quit large (it was front page news on the Drudge Report), because of the level of nervousness within the American public.  This does not bode well for a financial system largely based upon consumer/public confidence.

My advice is to continue to be very conservative with your spending, ensure a good stock of non-perishable food stuffs, and keep your ears pricked up for news, and expect this situation to last until after the holidays, probably into late January, early February.  It goes with out saying, but I will say it anyway, Double check your Emergency Action plans.


Unless their is some more revealing information forthcoming this will be the last update on the Chase Bank Incident of 16 Nov 13.

Thursday Thoughts (19 Sep 13)

A few thoughts for today….


— If you are a criminal, please kindly post images (you know photos) of you doing your criminal activities on your favorite social media.


— For those of you who are confused, military bases are ‘Gun Free Zones’ I know that seems to be unbelievable, but it is true.  So those out there who tweeted, Facebook’d, etc about how a gun nut went bonkers on a base and no one shot him dead, that is not the case.


— On the same note….a couple of RumInt notes:  1)a Capital Police SWAT team (the one who arrived first on scene) was told to stand down.  2) That the gunman was a recent Muslim convert (this one I’m rather suspect of, but…same source and it is a good source), I know it has been reported that he was a Buddhist.


— The drumbeat to war with Syria has died down, never a bad thing, next election, I think we should NOT elect some guy who has no military experience, some business experience would probably be a good idea too.  I’m not sure why we elect so many lawyers in the first place, we would be better off, just electing some inmate from San Quentin.


— If anyone knows anything about Valley Fever aka Coccidioidomycosis, please contact me, I have some questions, I’d like to ask.

Thursday Thoughts (5 Sep 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


This is a few of my thoughts for today…


— While I sympathize with the Syrian people, I am not sure why dying by chemical weapons is some how worse then dying by bullet or bomb.  No one cared last year, but now suddenly OMG we MUST do something.  Maybe it is the offer of paying for this military misadventure that is luring in the politicos?


— I am also not sure what lobbing a few dozen Tomahawk missiles at Assad regime targets are going to do, historically speaking….


tomahawks fired – incident

—- 288 – First Gulf War

—- 75 – in response to the Tanzania and Kenya (1998)

—- 218 – NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Kosovo War)

—- 50 – War in Afghanistan (Oct 2001)

—- 725 – War in Iraq (Mar 2003)

—- 124 – War in Libya (Mar 2011)

Currently the US has 3,500 tomahawk missiles.  I would expect no less then 100 and no more than 250 missiles, with the total number depending on how big of a statement, President Obama wants to make to the Assad regime.  I’m guessing in the low end, of those numbers.  The actual BDA (Battle Damage Assessment, [the number of things like tanks actually destroyed] numbers vary widely…for another view of the ‘success’ of the Kosovo Air Campaign, go here…[Link]).  [Having done actual ground view BDA, I can unequivocally state that the Air Force’s BDA is always exaggerated.]

Tomahawk in flight

Tomahawk in flight


— Does anybody else think of John Kerry’s past when he was testifying about Syria?

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war

John Kerry, then against US Troops and war


John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?

John Kerry, Now, For US Troops and war?


…What a change a few decades can make, and several million of his wife’s dollars.

Belated Monday Morning Quarterbacking (20 Aug 13)

Monday Morning QBing

Monday Morning QBing


Yes I know this is Tuesday, but better late than never right?

I was over-thinking the whole NSA eavesdropping thing, and I am just wondering why, if the NSA is reading our e-mails, following our blogs, monitoring our web searches, how is it exactly that they missed, the Boston Bombers, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and the other lesser known Islamic extremist attacks here in America?


Now using my extremely sub-par to fair analytical skills, I came up with a couple of possibilities:


1.  [Conspiracy Theorists this one is for you] They knew ahead of time and let it happen, for the purpose of putting US troops in Palestine and Chechnya.  I find this highly unlikely simply because, well even the Palestinians and the Chechnians (sp?) don’t want those shit holes, so why would we?  BTW there is no credible evidence to oil being in Chechnya.


2.  [Most Dangerous]  The NSA was obeying their idiot politico masters and dipping in on those evil Patriot types (you know those people who think the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and is NOT a living document), as opposed to the dangerous wack jobs who want to kill innocents to further their backwards-ass, misogynist, hate-filled view of the world posing as a religion.


3.  [Quite Possible, and in my limited Experience Most Likely]  The intelligence analysts at the NSA were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of raw data coming in and were unable to sift through the pile of crap [ie all those googles for naked pictures of Mila Kunis] for the kernels of vital intelligence [like the Tsarnaev brothers googling how to build a pressure cooker bomb] in time to disseminate such intelligence to the people who do the killing (and less preferably the arresting).


Obviously I don’t put a whole lot of faith in the first one, and while we all hope and pray it isn’t the second one, we need to overhaul the entire system even if it is the third possibility.

Raw intelligence is of NO VALUE if it is not analyzed and disseminated correctly.


On a side note:

The entire world of intelligence has changed, no longer are intelligence analysts desperately seeking any and every scrap of raw data available to see if it fits into the big picture and where, rather the analyst is confronted with massive volumes of data, a convoluted big picture, and a shortened amount of time to do the analysis.

This is not to say that they should not be held accountable for their failures, merely the should be focused on achieving the achievable rather than attempting to do it all, and failing miserably.


Start a Petition

If you have ever wanted start a petition?  Want to make a change?  Wanted to change a particular thing that the government does in a stupid way? 


Here is your chance…




Start a petition,

Gather Support,

Change the World…


ok well it is not that easy, but the point is there, if you want to make the idiots in the tower listen to us, the people in the street, this is the start, if they don’t listen here, we can expand our horizons.

I will post a link to some of the ones I find interesting.  If you see one that catches your interest, be sure to post it up, here or on your sight, or even better, Both.


Thursday Thoughts (15 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


A few thoughts for today, Thursday the 15th of August 2013.


Have you heard about the witch hunt persecution of the Missourian rodeo clown (seriously how dumb does that sentence sound?  I mean people are upset because of what a clown said?  Seriously?  He’s a CLOWN.  You know a CLOWN?).

a rodeo CLOWN

a rodeo CLOWN

Was this clown disrespectful of the president?

Yes.  Yes he was.

Should he have been fired, and banned for life from the Missouri State Fair?

NO he is a CLOWN!!  Seriously a clown.

I’m not going to sit here and remind everyone of all the disrespectful thing that other people have said about other presidents over the years, I don’t have to, this is America.  We disrespect our presidents, our senators, our governors, basically anyone in power.

It’s what we do, it is as American as apple pie and football.

If you don’t like it, don’t elect a president, elect a ‘Dear Leader’, General Secretary, or whatever.

I for one will continue to make moderately amusing jokes about the president and anyone else in power who decides to act like an asshat.

It is my constitutional right, and I LOVE IT!



On a separate chain of thought, What is up with the police?

Is the cool thing to have an armored vehicle for your department even if you are the Mayberry PD?

A police vehicle??

A police vehicle??

Seriously, a couple of things here…

while I hate to tell anyone how to do their jobs…

here it goes…

if you are really worried about the safety of your officers,

then get your officers out of the office,

and out of their vehicles

and in the streets,


and schools,

get to know the people in your neighborhoods,

let them get to know you,

break down that wall that separates the police from the citizen.

As it stands now,

you are just a person in a uniform that is not with them.

You are the ENEMY.

All the armor in the world won’t protect you from the unknown.

Nothing is as valuable as local knowledge,

knowing that old man Jones is disabled,

that the Johnson dog can’t see well at night,

Grandma Phillips is a heavy sleeper,

Mrs. Williams is the local busy body and knows everything about everyone,

the Wilson kid has light fingers,

the Addams boy likes to fight but is a good kid,

if you know the people the people will share their knowledge with you,

pre-informed is prepared

and preparation beats a lightly armored vehicle any day of the week.

This is a face you can trust.

This is a face you can trust.


Do these guys look like the good guys?

Do these guys look like the good guys?




Intelligence, A Primer

It seems that most people assume that our intelligence organizations (CIA, NSA, etc) are these massive super efficient entities, the reality is that they are not.

I really should start with explaining how intelligence collection/collection management works, for most of the intelligence agencies, the commander (theoretically the president then the Head of that particular agency but in reality the politicos have little sway in the actual intelligence process) decides on who/what they want intelligence collected on, say…Al Qaeda.  The particular alphabet agency then comes up with a plan (collection management) to gather the desired intelligence.

In the American intelligence community, HumInt (Human Intelligence) is looked down upon as dirty and unreliable, and it is, can you really trust a person who is betraying their country and/or cause?  American intelligence loves their toys (satellites, UAVs, and other ‘clean’ systems).  What I mean by dirty and clean, is the New York Times will never run a story about how some UAV is a dirty rotten scoundrel, but an intelligence operative, that would be gold for them.  Now the down side to all the high-tech toys is…people are people, and there is only so much one can learn from how many times you googled naked pictures of Mila Kunis, and to be honest, it is not as revealing as one would assume.  Especially since a lot of the dirty tricks the CIA used to engage in, are now illegal (surprisingly for the most part the CIA et al actually obeys the law).

Now the best way to understand how intelligence works is taking a 15,000 piece puzzle, dump the pieces on the table, throw away the box, pull out all the straight-edged pieces, and then throw away 3/4 of the pieces left, so now you have 4,000 pieces, work on putting the puzzle together for 15 minutes.  Now you have to answer questions, not what the picture is, no that is easy, no the questions that need to be answered are more like this:

How many branches are on the third tree from the left?

Does the 8th branch on the 2nd tree from the right have 4 leaves on it?

How many clouds are visible between the 4th and 5th trees?

The massive intelligence dumps that one can receive from the phone taps and computer taps just add more puzzle pieces to an already over taxed system, but the desire to having just ‘one more piece of intel’ is indescribable to anyone but an addict.

So while I don’t blame the intelligence community, they have an incredibley hard thankless job, our privacy is more important.  As such oversight and rules/laws are vital to keep the good guys watching the bad guys from watching us to much, we are more interesting and maybe a bit sexier too.  😀

Monday Morning Musings (22 Apr 13)

A couple of thoughts having been banging around my head since Thursday, hence why I haven’t posted my normal Friday Freakout or Sunday Contemplation, I am sure you are contemplating similar things.


1)  What did the FBI know about the 2 Boston Bombers?  Rumors abound about how the Feds knew of the older brother, some are saying a request from the Russian Intelligence Service (FSB) to look into him.  Idk, but there is a whole lot of smoke there.


2)  What did the FSB know?  Do they have more intel on Tamerlan Tsarnaev (the older brother)?


3)  What went on between Monday and Friday?  What did the FBI know and when?  Lots of questions here, that remain unanswered.


4)  Has anyone else heard rumors of injured by-standers, who were shot by police?  How many shots were fired and how many hit?  Word is hundreds of rounds were fired and very few connected to their intended targets.  Perhaps more training would be a good idea for the police.


5)  What was the FBI doing, if they had ID’d the brothers Tsarnaev before Friday?


Lots of questions float over this recent terrorist incident.  If you are wondering a quick intellectual exercise about who benefits, it seems Russia doesn’t (why invite undue American interest in what Russia perceives is sovereign Russian territory, certain Chechens no doubt disagree), Chechen/Dagestani Islamic extremists and or separatists could perceive an attack against the US as advantageous, and one could make a good argument for statists taken advantage of this recent attack for their own purposes, whether they were complicit in the attack is another matter altogether.

Perhaps it is just that this entire incident made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, something seems off, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, and there are many questions lingering in my mind.  This just rings wrong like the entire Benghazi affair.

Perhaps more on this later….