Maintaining One’s Honor

Sunday Contmeplation (8 Sep 13)

For today’s Sunday Contemplation…Please watch this video, and remember your actions have consequences. 


this young man’s actions have deprived a family of a loved one, while his confession is laudable it does NOT change the fact of his previous crime. 


Please say a prayer for this young man (Matthew Cordle),

the gentleman (Vincent Canzani) he killed,

and their respective families. 

and please contemplate your actions, remember they have consequences, perhaps you won’t see them as visibly as the young man in the video, but they still have consequences. 



Don’t Drink (or use drugs) and Drive, EVER.


More information @:  [Because I Said I Would]

Thursday Thoughts (29 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few of my thoughts for today, Thursday, the 29th of August 2013….


— Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it is pathetic how the organizers turned what should have been a wondrous event celebrating the greatness of America, the turning point in a very nasty part of our history, and the inspirational words of one of the greatest Americans into a petty political whine fest.

This dishonors the millions who supported the civil rights movement, the thousands who were beaten and jailed and the hundreds who were murdered, including but not at all limited to Dr. King.

Where was the only serving American of African descent on the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas (only the 2nd in the entire history of the Supreme Court)?

Where was the only serving American of African descent in the US Senate, Tim Scott (one of only eight, ever)?

Where was Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell the only two Secetary of State, who were of African descent?

I failed to see Dr. King’s own niece, Reverend Alveda King, I wonder why.

How many times was the name Travyon Martin mentioned as if he was some martyr who died for a greater cause instead of his lack of discipline, lack of proper role models as parents, and because he bought into a tragic victim-hood/thug mentality that Dr. King would have been horrified to see.

It truly breaks my heart to see what has become of the legacy of this great man, especially by so many who claim to have known him, they may have been around him, been related to him, even been his friends, but they did not know Dr. King’s heart.


— Where are the anti-war protesters?  Where is Code Pink?  President Obama is about to launch an attack against Syria (seemingly at the command of the Saudi King).  If he does that then he has started the same number of wars as that ‘warmonger’ George W. Bush.  Just saying.

Stacey Dash

— If you have a twitter account, you should check out Stacey Dash’s feed.  She isn’t just another pretty face, but she has some serious thoughts and she has provoked more then her fair share of idiot haters.  Yesterday she was tweeting MLK quotes, and, well the idiots came out of the woodwork or should I say out from under their rocks.  So give her your support.




Humpday History (28 Aug 13)

Today in History,


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, this was and is the most important speech about Freedom in modern history.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching or listening to it, please do.


Tuesday Thoughts (13 Aug 13)

Greetings Fellow Thinkers,


So many things to talk about, it is always hard to find one or two to write about, but I was reading a fascinating blog post and/or article [I’m not sure what is what, so…] over on The Resistance United, about 11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America, now I am sure that these rules pretty much apply for any country in the West.


It has always been my humble opinion that the same douchebags that persecuted ‘witches’ in times past, are the same (if not exactly at least in spirit) as the douchebags that are trying to persecute gun owners, conservatives, religious people (mostly Christians), and anti-statists today.  [coming from a guy who doesn’t own a firearm, is not overly conservative, is not a Christian or particularly religious, and thinks the average person is so dumb that someone, anyone needs to take care of them, that is saying something].


So where was I, oh yes, Racism and America, a topic I have touched on many times.  Is there racism in America, ABSOLUTELY!!

Why?  I figure racism is all about insecurity, nothing more nothing less, if people are afraid someone else is inherently, better then them, of course they are going to hate that someone.  DUH!

I don’t think that way, I don’t think that Asians are better at math, I don’t think that black guys are faster then me.  I don’t think that academics are more enlightened then me.  Go figure I’m conceited.  😀

Am I the best mathematician, fastest running dude, most enlightened chap…NOPE, not even close.




I also don’t think that one race has a monopoly on it.


My best NCO 1SG Hall, meanest NCO on the planet, EVER.  But I’d follow her to hell and back, cuz I knew she’d never hang me out to dry


Best Leader, SFC Holmes, everything I did as a NCO, I’d ask myself what would SFC Holmes do?  An American of African descent who grew up in the projects of Atlanta, who used to be a Black Panther, who showed a young man, the meaning of being an a Gentleman and a Soldier.  The only man in the army who’d talk racism with me.

MSG Whittington, the epitome of a US Army NCO.  Literally down to his salt and pepper hair.  Kind of scary.  Seriously.


There are many, many others that I learned from both Officers and NCOs, even lower enlisted.  Freak I’m looking at you.


Seriously though, if your thought process is….I hate….

Just assume you are wrong.

hate is never the correct thing to do.  I don’t even hate the ass-hates who hate me, I just feel sorry for them.  I pray that they one day see the light, but I prepare myself for the possibility that they will try to come and cause me issues.  Am I prepared?


You betcha.





Sunday Contemplation (28 Jul 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation



In light of Anthony Weiner’s latest ‘newsworthy’ achievements, I wanted to articulate why he is an unacceptable candidate for public office.

NY Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner

NY Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner

In case you haven’t been watching the news or should I say the latest in political soap opera, Mr. Weiner had sent explicit pictures of himself to 6 women back in 2011, and after initially denying sending any pictures, he finally came clean, and when said pictures came out on twitter, he resigned his congressional seat.

Earlier this month, Mr. Weiner again got caught sexting young ladies, so he gave a press conference with his wife, and again apologized for his crude behavior.  While his wife, gave Mr. Weiner her full support (as all political wives do), how sincere is Mr. Weiner considering he continued trolling the internet for young ladies to hit on, in the immediate aftermath of his resignation.

Now you have to ask yourself, How much can the public trust a person, who has cheated on their spouse.  On the assumption that if he can cheat on the person he allegedly loves (and the person who he should be most faithful too), how hard would it be for him to cheat someone he has never met, and has no emotional attachments to?  Add to this that he obviously had ZERO intention of changing, and was/is more than willing to lie about his abhorrent behavior.

Cheating and lying are both pretty good indicators that this individual can not be trusted, and seeing as he started up his ‘pattern of misbehavior’ within hours of getting caught the first time, you really have to wonder if this apology is any more sincere than the last one.  Which, logically speaking, is high unlikely.


If you noticed I used the term ‘pattern of misbehavior’ this is a term we used in the military when a soldier had committed several low-level offenses, none of them serious enough in themselves to warrant further action, but together it speaks to the character of the person, and obviously not a character that should have access to classified material.

Bear in mind, that losing your security clearance is a career killer for NCOs and officers in the military, so why on earth do we hold our soldiers to a higher standard than the people who send them into harm’s way?


Without this becoming to much of a political rant, how many politicians do you know could be found having a ‘pattern of misbehavior’?


As I have told my children and my soldiers, It does not matter if everyone else is doing something immoral, that does not make it right, nor does it make it acceptable.

If we want a better society, we have to live up to the universally accepted moral standards, which includes but is not limited to…No lying.

These standards should be the same for the people we chose to represent us…like former Representative Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner, amongst others.



Sunday Contemplation (20 Jul 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation


I kind of touched on these themes in yesterday’s Sark Saturday post, but I thought I would flesh them out a bit today.  If you didn’t read it, allow me to summarize that portion, I referred to ‘Maintaining One’s Honor‘ and ‘The Golden Rule‘.


Now I don’t know if you have heard of ‘The Golden Rule‘, I assume so, but for those who are a little fuzzy…One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.  There are many variations of this basic concept and it transcends many cultures.  When I was in school, I remember being taught this rule, is it no longer be taught?  It is a good rule, and should be.  Beyond that, this is a very easy thing to do.


Maintaining One’s Honor is a bit more complex, there is no quick and easy maxim to fulfill it.  It takes, one to have a standard of morals and behavior that one follows.  That in itself is not to terribly difficult to understand, but those morals and behavior is assumed to be of the exemplary sort.  Something to look up to and emulate.  That is where it gets a bit more difficult to do.  Integrity primarily makes up Maintaining One’s Honor, but it is far more than that, because you must maintain your integrity in both word and deed.  You must put others before yourself.  Our modern sensibilities tell us that all these things are silly, for a time gone by.  You get rich and famous by being deceitful and underhanded, and if being rich and or famous is your goal, there you go, that is how you go about doing it.


If on the other hand you think life has more meaning than a few extra dollars and some paparazzi stalking you for a picture of your junk, well then you do have to work at it.  Which on a slightly different path, maybe the old saying that having your picture taken steals your soul is true, but only a tiny piece of it, for normal people we need not worry, but for celebrities and politicians who have thousands of pictures taken….well can you really argue with results like that.  [Semi-Sark Alert] .


I will talk about Maintaining One’s Honor at length in a later blog for now, I’m getting tired so I’m going to log off, I will probably add more to this later, it is 0400 so I’m probably babbling more than contemplating.  Be safe.