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Sunday Contemplation (22 Sep 13)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation


Now I am not an economist or one of them smart people who advise the idiots in the tower (aka the politicos) but I think I understand a few things about economics, like the price of a good or service is directly related to availability and desirability, you know Supply and Demand.

Now I am of the mind-set that the less the government has to do with the economy the better, I think that their job is to act as a gentle overseer ensuring the freest trade system possible.  Now I realize that sometimes the government acting at the behest of the people, want to influence things, like the sale of tobacco and  alcohol, by adding what is known as ‘sin tax’.  Thereby raising the price, and lowering the demand this has seemed to work with tobacco and alcohol, at least to some degree.

So with that rather simple thought in mind, why is the approach that the government the diametric opposite of that, more regulation means less availability which means increased cost.  Wouldn’t logic dictate that we make medical as available as say Starbucks?  An aid station on every other corner, and one at your local Wal-Mart?  Heck maybe a nurse at your local Starbucks.  I could see it now, “I’d like a double mocha espresso, and I’ve been feeling a little run down, I think I need to see the nurse, oh and I’d also like one of those blueberry scones.”

Now, of course, I jest, but seriously we have pharmacists at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and numerous other outlets, what if we staffed them with a doctor and a couple of nurses?  Obviously serious ailments and injuries would be referred to a hospital, but if you could get your basic treatment at the same place you pick up your meds…How could that be a bad thing?  More supply, means less expensive services.

The other thing, that seems to have completely slipped through the cracks of the great minds who wrote up the Affordable Health Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is with 50 odd million new customers, and no new doctors, nurses, techs, and things like CT scanners, X-ray machines etc, will mean…..Higher Prices (unless you put a price cap then you will have longer waits for services)  not a nice thing to happen if you are in need of some medical care.


I understand the Senator Ted “The Cruz Missile” Cruz is attempting to stop the funding of ObamaCare, now few think that he will be successful (we can dream tho, right?), perhaps a compromise would be a rewritten ObamaCare law, but I’m not holding my breath, and I suggest that you don’t either.

Humpday History (28 Aug 13)

Today in History,


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, this was and is the most important speech about Freedom in modern history.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching or listening to it, please do.


Start a Petition

If you have ever wanted start a petition?  Want to make a change?  Wanted to change a particular thing that the government does in a stupid way? 


Here is your chance…




Start a petition,

Gather Support,

Change the World…


ok well it is not that easy, but the point is there, if you want to make the idiots in the tower listen to us, the people in the street, this is the start, if they don’t listen here, we can expand our horizons.

I will post a link to some of the ones I find interesting.  If you see one that catches your interest, be sure to post it up, here or on your sight, or even better, Both.


Tuesday Thoughts (13 Aug 13)

Greetings Fellow Thinkers,


So many things to talk about, it is always hard to find one or two to write about, but I was reading a fascinating blog post and/or article [I’m not sure what is what, so…] over on The Resistance United, about 11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America, now I am sure that these rules pretty much apply for any country in the West.


It has always been my humble opinion that the same douchebags that persecuted ‘witches’ in times past, are the same (if not exactly at least in spirit) as the douchebags that are trying to persecute gun owners, conservatives, religious people (mostly Christians), and anti-statists today.  [coming from a guy who doesn’t own a firearm, is not overly conservative, is not a Christian or particularly religious, and thinks the average person is so dumb that someone, anyone needs to take care of them, that is saying something].


So where was I, oh yes, Racism and America, a topic I have touched on many times.  Is there racism in America, ABSOLUTELY!!

Why?  I figure racism is all about insecurity, nothing more nothing less, if people are afraid someone else is inherently, better then them, of course they are going to hate that someone.  DUH!

I don’t think that way, I don’t think that Asians are better at math, I don’t think that black guys are faster then me.  I don’t think that academics are more enlightened then me.  Go figure I’m conceited.  😀

Am I the best mathematician, fastest running dude, most enlightened chap…NOPE, not even close.




I also don’t think that one race has a monopoly on it.


My best NCO 1SG Hall, meanest NCO on the planet, EVER.  But I’d follow her to hell and back, cuz I knew she’d never hang me out to dry


Best Leader, SFC Holmes, everything I did as a NCO, I’d ask myself what would SFC Holmes do?  An American of African descent who grew up in the projects of Atlanta, who used to be a Black Panther, who showed a young man, the meaning of being an a Gentleman and a Soldier.  The only man in the army who’d talk racism with me.

MSG Whittington, the epitome of a US Army NCO.  Literally down to his salt and pepper hair.  Kind of scary.  Seriously.


There are many, many others that I learned from both Officers and NCOs, even lower enlisted.  Freak I’m looking at you.


Seriously though, if your thought process is….I hate….

Just assume you are wrong.

hate is never the correct thing to do.  I don’t even hate the ass-hates who hate me, I just feel sorry for them.  I pray that they one day see the light, but I prepare myself for the possibility that they will try to come and cause me issues.  Am I prepared?


You betcha.





Zetas Leader Captured

Last year, former Los Zetas leader, Heriberto ‘El Lazca’ Lazcano, was killed fighting against the Mexican military.  This week his replacement,  Miguel Angel Trevino (aka Z40), surrendered to Mexican Marines instead of following to closely in El Lazca’s footsteps.  [RumorInt has it that Trevino cut a sweet deal, with Mexican authorities].

Miguel Angel Trevino

Miguel Angel Trevino

So expect more violence as the remnants of the Los Zetas fight it out to see who becomes the leader, Trevino’s brother Omar will likely be in the mix but expect some major nastiness, and the other cartels (especially the Knights Templar) to move in quick.

Omar "Z42" Trevino

Omar “Z42” Trevino

Tuesday Randomness



If you enjoy the occasional video game, here is a couple to check out….

The Last of Us, if you like zombie apocalypse games, this one is for you, while I don’t particularly like the interface, the acting and storyline are superb, believe it or not, it is actually fun to watch someone else to play.  Be advised, it is graphic and has lots of swearing.


Civilization V, I know an older game but a new DLC [Brave New World] just came out in March, and this game is highly addictive, and quite enjoyable.


State of Decay, an open world zombie apocalypse game, what more need be said?  Hours of time to waste exploring, building, whatever, so if you have time to kill…





Sunday Contemplation (12 May 13)



In today’s Sunday Contemplation I want to contemplate…Mums, moms, mutters, mommies, and any other name one uses to talk to their mothers.  We especially in today’s fast paced world, forget the importance of what our mums did for us.  For most of us, mum was the first person who taught us anything, for most of us, mom was our first word, mum was the first person we walked to, mum was the one who kissed our owies, amongst the many many other things mums did for us, clean our rooms, wash our laundry, cook our meals, dress us, change us, give us sound advice, complain to us, scold us, and be disappointed in us.


So to all the mums out there everywhere, I humbly offer my sincerest thank you, you have the hardest job, most thankless job in the world, and you excel at it.  To my mum in particular, I know have been an awful son at times, but everything I have achieved, every good thing I accomplished is a direct result of you, and the bad things and failures are a direct result of not listening to your sage words.  Thank you, mum.

To the mother of my children, and the love of my life, no man could ever ask for a better wife or mother for his children, thank you.  I love you, forever and a day.  Everyone else Happy Mother’s Day, if you are a mother,

if you are not…




Humpday History (8 May 2013)

Humpday History

Humpday History

For this week’s Humpday History, I would like to present…..

Victory in Europe Day…or the day the European portion of World War II ended.

Victory Celebration at Piccadilly Circus for VE-Day

Victory Celebration at Piccadilly Circus for VE-Day

Prime Minister Winston Churchill waving to the crowds in London.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill waving to the crowds in London.


As we all know, Nationalist Socialist leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 with his new bride Eva Braun.  Admiral Karl Donitz, became head (President of the Reich, as Hitler had abolished the office of Fuhrer in his will) of the Flensburg Government.  The first surrender document was signed in Rheims, France, on 7 May 1945, but the Soviet representative General Ivan Susloparov had not been authorized to sign it, another Surrender ceremony and document was signed in Berlin on the 8th, to officially end the war.

Soviet General Susloparov (far left) with General Eisenhower at Rheims surrender ceremony

Soviet General Susloparov (far left) with General Eisenhower at Rheims surrender ceremony

German Surrender Document

German Surrender Document

While the war did continue against the Empire of Japan, the war in Europe was officially over, although sadly that did not mean the suffering was over.  Millions of people were shuffled about Europe, forced across borders, some jailed, many abused, the fighting in some parts of Europe continued until the 1980s, the last fighter not coming out of hiding until 1995.

Victory Day, Moscow 2005

Victory Day, Moscow 2005

This entire meager post is dedicated to all the brave men and women who fought so courageously for democracy and freedom in those dark days.

Soviet Commander Zhukov reading the surrender document.

Soviet Commander Zhukov reading the surrender document.


Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signing surrender document

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signing surrender document



Why are most blogs happy to point out the issues of the day, but few, if any are willing to suggest a solution to said issue or even more importantly how to implement a solution.

Now I will be honest I haven’t completely, worked out this idea, but the gist of it is, or at least appears sound, so I will lay it out, and if you feel like adding your thoughts, ideas or what have you, please do.

Here is my thought…A website, with proposed solutions, categorized by issue.  Anyone can log on, and suggest a solution, add more “meat to the bone” (if you will) of an already proposed solution, and of course, to support a solution, at such time when  a solution is fully fleshed out, it could be sent to our representative.  If that representative fails to act on the solution, they can be held accountable at the polls.

I’m a firm believer that more democracy can be a very good thing.




Sunday Contemplation (24 Mar 13)

A couple of thoughts rolling around my head this morning….


— Are statists rational?  We all realize the benefits of government, that is not even in question, the question is and has always been (and no doubt will always remain) how much government.  More is not better, the minimum amount of government is best, we know this through the study of history, the rulers who rule lightest generally rule best.  Freedom breeds innovation and innovation breeds progress.


— Is atheism a religion?  A federal court has decided that it is a religion. [Link]


— Does morality stem from the government or from religion and culture?  While we all can recognize that we have a moral obligation to obey a law, does a law otherwise imply a moral obligation?  Or do moral obligations imply that we should pass laws to enforce them?  (More on this in a later post).


— Are all statists hypocrites?  [Link] or do these people just think they are better than the average person?


— As we enter into the last week of March, if you have any recommendations for the Monthly Wolf Print Award, please let me know.


I leave you with this picture…of one of the most beautiful places in the world…Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park