Friday Freakout (11 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


I will be honest, this is less a freakout then a stone cold assessment of the ‘benefits’ of the big ass government that recently had 15% of it (give or take) closed down. Admittedly it has been many, many years since I worked at a certain famous fast food burger joint, but if I recall correctly there was at times, 12 people on shift, and other times 4, by my math, that would be a ‘shutdown’ of 66.7%, and yet we were still able to get burgers and fries to the paying customers, and do it quite quickly.  Even at those times when we would get a bus full of hungry football players.

I have been reading reports, no doubt you have as well, of the federal government closing open air memorials, evicting people from federal land on Lake Mead, closing privately owned hotels, and privately funded parks, due to the government shut down.  All things that actually cost more money to do, then to NOT do.


That is not the act of a government of the people,

by the people, and

for the people,

quite the contrary that is a government of the elites,

by the elites,

for the elites,

and by elite, I mean douche-bag, statist, incompetent idiots in the tower.


Now call me an anarchist, but….it sure does seem that the federal government has gone above and beyond to ‘show’ how bad a government shutdown is, by shutting down the few services that the government does do.


Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

Defense:                3,000,000

Veteran’s Affairs:      235,000

Homeland Security:  208,000

Treasury:                 115,897

Justice:                     112,557

Agriculture:               109,832

Energy:                     109,094

now this list does not include the half a dozen or so, other federal agencies that have less than 100k employees or any of the independent government agencies (like the CIA, EPA, FCC, GSA, NASA, the federal archives, SEC, SSA, or the post office.)


Now that is a whole lot of people doing….stuff?  I think they need a big time audit, not just the [OUR] money that falls into the black hole that is the federal government, but what exactly all those people do.  I get how they feel, who would not want a cushy government job, until you realize that you are paying literally thousands of people to sit on their ass and do little to nothing.


Another real quick thing, here, WHY is Congress, The President, hell any of the higher ups in government, getting a paycheck?  I think if you are a federal employee making over $42,979.61, [which is what the SSA seems to feel is the average annual salary of the average American], gets their salary reduced to that level, unless it is more than twice that, then they abdicate the entire salary, until the government shutdown is over, and no expense accounts, and no back pay.


OK so it was more a friday freakout then I originally intended, but seriously….WTF is up with our dysfunctional government.

BTW check out the Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard.

If you are able,

join the fight,

make your voice heard,


remember only dead fish go with the flow.

Thursday Thoughts (19 Sep 13)

A few thoughts for today….


— If you are a criminal, please kindly post images (you know photos) of you doing your criminal activities on your favorite social media.


— For those of you who are confused, military bases are ‘Gun Free Zones’ I know that seems to be unbelievable, but it is true.  So those out there who tweeted, Facebook’d, etc about how a gun nut went bonkers on a base and no one shot him dead, that is not the case.


— On the same note….a couple of RumInt notes:  1)a Capital Police SWAT team (the one who arrived first on scene) was told to stand down.  2) That the gunman was a recent Muslim convert (this one I’m rather suspect of, but…same source and it is a good source), I know it has been reported that he was a Buddhist.


— The drumbeat to war with Syria has died down, never a bad thing, next election, I think we should NOT elect some guy who has no military experience, some business experience would probably be a good idea too.  I’m not sure why we elect so many lawyers in the first place, we would be better off, just electing some inmate from San Quentin.


— If anyone knows anything about Valley Fever aka Coccidioidomycosis, please contact me, I have some questions, I’d like to ask.

Thursday Thoughts (22 Aug 13)

Just a few thoughts running about the old noggin today.

I was playing Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III, the predecessor to Oblivion and Skyrim), now I’ve played this game several times, and actually played it on and off since it came out, and boy did I miss a ton of things.  I’m right now, trying to play it fully though, including the 2 DLCs.  Pretty enjoyable so far.

I probably won’t write a Friday Freakout tomorrow, since I’m just not feeling overly irritated about anything new, today, but who knows.  Maybe a new Friday theme would be a nice change of pace, something like Friday (Animal) Friends, or just some music, idk.

On a more upsetting note, Did you hear that the Assad Regime possibly used chemical weapons (likely sarin, a nerve agent) in Syria.  Pretty nasty stuff.  Didn’t the President say something about a red line?  It will get worse there before it gets better, and I don’t think US or UK troops need to be there at all.  Let the UN (minus US/UK troops) take care of it, they like telling everyone how to run shit.

Here is some further reading:  [Link] [Link] [Link]


I apologize for ending this post on a bitter note, but sometimes it is good to remember that bad things are happening.

Tuesday Topics of Conversation (23 Jul 13)

Some random topics of conversation for you….

– In Japan, dozens of commuters helped push a train enough so a woman trapped between the train and the platform could free herself.  Bravo, people, that is how we should all act in times of crises, Help each other out.


The Rescue in Progress

The Rescue in Progress


– The Pope is currently visiting Brazil, even though there is severe public disturbances, mostly people upset with the socialist government policies that are damaging the economy, the environment, and the freedom they wish to enjoy.


– Cleveland, Ohio is in the news again, you remember Cleveland, the once great city where life was good, well sadly now Cleveland is a nasty, dangerous place to be, if you recall Cleveland was home to Ariel Castro, the man who held the young ladies hostage for years, to say little of their rape, forced abortions, and torture.  Well this week another man was arrested for the murder of 3 more young ladies.

Any minute now the President will have a news conference on these incidents, after all he has daughters, who could have been victims.  I imagine there will be demands for justice in these cases, led by Al Sharpton et al.  [Sark Alert]


– Speaking of our illustrious leader, I understand that he is just about to stop stirring the pot of racial hatred that Revered Sharpton is attempting to serve the American people, and turn his attention to something else he can screw up.  With his efforts in Libya (Benghazi), with the IRS, with the NSA, Obama Care, our National reputation, the National debt and deficit, the soon to come Syrian issue, Iran, North Korea, Gun Control, his birth certificate clusterfuck, his no-nothing appointments, his own ‘I found out on the news’ ignorance (am I missing anything?), I’m not sure where his gaze will turn next, [RumInt: the Middle Class, so be advised], but rest assured, that it will no doubt turn out peaches and cream, at least according to Chris “Leg Thrill” Matthews, Hillary “It takes a Village (fool)” Clinton, and/or Melissa “Detroit Failed because Government could drown in your bathtub” Harris-Perry.


In any case, I’m grouchy and in pain today, so have a nice day, and be safe.

Zetas Leader Captured

Last year, former Los Zetas leader, Heriberto ‘El Lazca’ Lazcano, was killed fighting against the Mexican military.  This week his replacement,  Miguel Angel Trevino (aka Z40), surrendered to Mexican Marines instead of following to closely in El Lazca’s footsteps.  [RumorInt has it that Trevino cut a sweet deal, with Mexican authorities].

Miguel Angel Trevino

Miguel Angel Trevino

So expect more violence as the remnants of the Los Zetas fight it out to see who becomes the leader, Trevino’s brother Omar will likely be in the mix but expect some major nastiness, and the other cartels (especially the Knights Templar) to move in quick.

Omar "Z42" Trevino

Omar “Z42” Trevino

Thursday Thoughts (11 Jul 13)

A couple of random thoughts for today…..


If you have ever wondered about something you have seen on the internet (who hasn’t) this is the place to check it out…Hoax or Fact.  If you can’t find an answer to your queries there, kick it to me, I’ll check it out.


I don’t know if you have heard, the DoD is thinking about cutting the danger pay ($225 per month) of approximately 56,000 troops serving in the middle east, saving the pentagon and the taxpayer $120 million.  I’m thinking if Homeland Security sold some of those 1700 MRAPs (each costing $200,000+ each, not including upkeep, which is expensive, at a savings of $340 million).  I don’t see much of a reason for DHS to have MRAPs anyway, being there is no threat of IEDs or mines here in America.  Or we could just cut Congressional staff.  Or even better cut both.  😀


Why is the press silent on China’s colonization of Africa?  750,000 Chinese already reside in Africa, with more arriving each day, there are Chinese only cafes, restaurants, resorts, and walled enclaves, much like…..colonial era Africa.  Billions of dollars from China have already poured into the coffers of such cruel dictators like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, keeping them in power (and keeping their boys in weapons), much to the chagrin of the oppressed people suffering in silence there.  So while here in the West ‘enlightened intellectuals’ bemoan the horrid effects of colonialism half a century after its end, they while remain deadly silent on the ongoing Chinese colonialism and the whole sale selling of Africa by corrupt politicians.



So that is all for today, have a good day, Be Safe, and take care of each other.


War Over!!!

I don’t know if you heard, but President Obama announced that the ‘War on Terror’ is over…yep you read that correctly…the ‘War on Terror’ is done, complete, finished.

Now before you go celebrating (I totally have a Victory Party on indefinite hold but that is another post) he did not say if we won.  Since the last terrorist attack against us occurred just last week, and there was no unconditional surrender on the part of our enemies…you can understand how I might be a little confused.

First a little history, usually wars came in one of two types, ‘total war’ or ‘limited war’, now a ‘total war’ (think World War II, were we refused all offers of surrender except an unconditional one, and they tend to be brutal, nasty, and long) requires the countries involved to go all out, things like instituting a draft, rationing food and other high-demand consumables, and basically putting the entire country on a ‘war-footing’ to motivate the population behind the war.  Limited wars, are significantly different, they tend to be shorter, if not any less brutal and nasty.  The primary difference occurs during the war, where the war only moderately or insignificantly affects one or more countries (no draft, no rationing etc).

In essence to have a total war, both sides have to be going all out, and will settle for nothing less than an unconditional surrender.  The ‘war on terror’ has never been that.  Like all the wars that the US and the UK have engaged in since World War II, the ‘War on Terror’ has been a limited war, with limited objectives, limited resources expended (massive as those resources are), and of course limited success.

Obviously none of the historical facts have much bearing on the fact, that while we may call an end to the ‘War on Terror’ that does not mean that our enemies will pack up and go home, quite the contrary, ending the ‘war on terror’ without even giving a recent and memorable ‘black eye’ will only embolden them.  We had a couple of opportunities to end the war on better terms, after the initial ousting of Al Qaeda and the Taliban from Afghanistan in 01-02, and the surrender of Saddam Hussein’s forces in 03, the smashing success of the surge, all would have been better times to call a victory and end the war, but no we let those success be fleeting, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, allowing the war to drag on and on, for no good purpose, we did not hunt down our enemies like we should have, hounding them to the ends of the earth.

So were does that leave us?  No safer now then we were on…

26 Feb 1993 (1st attack on WTC)

7 Aug 1998 (Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya)

12 Oct 2000 (USS Cole)

11 Sep 2001 (WTC)

12 Oct 2002 (Bali bombings)

7 Jul 2005 (London)

21 Jul 2005 (London)

29 Jun 2007 (London)

30 Jun 2007 (Glasgow)

22 May 2013 (London)


I guess President Obama is busy CYA-ing after illegally harassing his political opponents, journalists, and any one else who bugs him…I guess he is getting advise from Uncle Joe, Stalin, not Biden.


What are your thoughts?

Monday Morning Musings (22 Apr 13)

A couple of thoughts having been banging around my head since Thursday, hence why I haven’t posted my normal Friday Freakout or Sunday Contemplation, I am sure you are contemplating similar things.


1)  What did the FBI know about the 2 Boston Bombers?  Rumors abound about how the Feds knew of the older brother, some are saying a request from the Russian Intelligence Service (FSB) to look into him.  Idk, but there is a whole lot of smoke there.


2)  What did the FSB know?  Do they have more intel on Tamerlan Tsarnaev (the older brother)?


3)  What went on between Monday and Friday?  What did the FBI know and when?  Lots of questions here, that remain unanswered.


4)  Has anyone else heard rumors of injured by-standers, who were shot by police?  How many shots were fired and how many hit?  Word is hundreds of rounds were fired and very few connected to their intended targets.  Perhaps more training would be a good idea for the police.


5)  What was the FBI doing, if they had ID’d the brothers Tsarnaev before Friday?


Lots of questions float over this recent terrorist incident.  If you are wondering a quick intellectual exercise about who benefits, it seems Russia doesn’t (why invite undue American interest in what Russia perceives is sovereign Russian territory, certain Chechens no doubt disagree), Chechen/Dagestani Islamic extremists and or separatists could perceive an attack against the US as advantageous, and one could make a good argument for statists taken advantage of this recent attack for their own purposes, whether they were complicit in the attack is another matter altogether.

Perhaps it is just that this entire incident made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, something seems off, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, and there are many questions lingering in my mind.  This just rings wrong like the entire Benghazi affair.

Perhaps more on this later….


Thursday Thoughts

Well we are edging into Friday, but this has been a hard week, first the terror attack on Monday at the Boston Marathon, the funeral of Lady Thatcher, and then the explosion in West, Texas.  Hopefully things will be quiet this weekend, but who knows.

Say a little prayer for all those whose lives have been touched in such horrific ways this week.


In some of the news of the day,

the FBI have released photos of ‘suspects’ in the Boston Bombings.  Hopefully, they will be apprehended soon.

Unidentified Subject  #1

Unidentified Subject #1

Unidentified Subject  #1

Unidentified Subject #1

Unidentified Subject  #1

Unidentified Subject #1

Unidentified Subject  #2

Unidentified Subject #2

Unidentified Subject  #2

Unidentified Subject #2



More images available at

Gunshots have been fired at M.I.T. (Boston, Massachusetts), police are on the scene.  (Is this related to Monday’s bombing?  We will have to wait and see, but this could explain the FBI’s approach to the bombing and the suspects, they were holding their cards tightly to their chest.  Keep an eye on this, this could be a lot bigger than what anyone thinks.  -Dak)