In Memoriam

Donald ‘Don’ Hemme

1 November 1940 – 21 August 2014

Father, Husband, Brother, Cold War Warrior, Liberator of Kuwait, Cavalry Scout

SFC, USA (ret.)


Your wise guidance will be missed, and you will forever be in our hearts and prayers.

In Memoriam DH

In Memoriam DH



Don has passed beyond, after a brave battle against throat cancer, he was surrounded by friends and family.  He is survived by a wife, three lovely daughters, 8 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, and innumerable friends and people whose lives he touched in a positive way.

Tuesday Theory (15 Oct 13)

In today’s vitriolic political climate, where certain politicos accuse their fellow Americans of being traitors, terrorists, and racists.  One should take a step back and take a moment to analyze the situation without the inflamed passions that so often accompanies the vile rhetoric flowing from the Capital.


It appears that the Congressional democrats have a very strong addiction, if one watches Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) comparing conservatives to domestic abusers, is understandable in that context.

Addicts blame everyone else for their issues.

They claim (and believe) those that are trying to help them are being cruel and abusive, but as with any addict the first step is for them to admit they are addicted for Congressional democrats it would be for them to admit they are addicted to spending frivolously.

Congressional Republicans MUST cut up their credit cards.

An addict cannot help themselves.

For Senator Boxer and the rest of democrats, they need to take that first step…

My name is Barbara Boxer and I am an addict.

My name is Barrack Obama and I am an addict.

My name is Harry Reid and I am an addict.

My name is Nancy Pelosi and I am an addict.

My name is…..the US Government and I am an addict.



[on a more personal note:  I am not making light of addictions, as a former alcohol and drug counselor who has also struggled for years with managing my chronic pain, I understand addiction all too well, but the fear and anger Ms. Boxer shows is one of the most common traits of addicts before they accept the fact that they are an addict and their addiction is controlling them and decide to fight it.]


Humpday History (28 Aug 13)

Today in History,


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, this was and is the most important speech about Freedom in modern history.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching or listening to it, please do.


Thursday Thoughts (22 Aug 13)

Just a few thoughts running about the old noggin today.

I was playing Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III, the predecessor to Oblivion and Skyrim), now I’ve played this game several times, and actually played it on and off since it came out, and boy did I miss a ton of things.  I’m right now, trying to play it fully though, including the 2 DLCs.  Pretty enjoyable so far.

I probably won’t write a Friday Freakout tomorrow, since I’m just not feeling overly irritated about anything new, today, but who knows.  Maybe a new Friday theme would be a nice change of pace, something like Friday (Animal) Friends, or just some music, idk.

On a more upsetting note, Did you hear that the Assad Regime possibly used chemical weapons (likely sarin, a nerve agent) in Syria.  Pretty nasty stuff.  Didn’t the President say something about a red line?  It will get worse there before it gets better, and I don’t think US or UK troops need to be there at all.  Let the UN (minus US/UK troops) take care of it, they like telling everyone how to run shit.

Here is some further reading:  [Link] [Link] [Link]


I apologize for ending this post on a bitter note, but sometimes it is good to remember that bad things are happening.

Sunday Contemplation (18 Aug 13)


In place of today’s Sunday Contemplation, I would like to tell you about a dream I had last night.  Now I don’t normally talk about my dreams, as I feel my dreams are a very private and personal part of me, but this dream was an exception, I don’t know why, perhaps it was the horror and anguish I felt, perhaps it was the hopelessness I felt, I am not sure.  I just feel I must share it.  So even though it goes against my better judgement to do so, I will share it with you.


In my dream, I dreamt I was Drummer Lee Rigby,

I was walking away from my barracks, in the middle of the capital of my beautiful country.  I was happy, heading home to see my lovely bride and my wonderful child, then suddenly, out of nowhere, I was hit in the back with a car, I went down, my mind thinking that I had been a victim of some horrible accident.  Oddly fear did not overcome me, I ‘knew’ that people would be coming soon to help me, I was going to be OK.

I see a man approaching,

a member of the religion of peace,

I am saved,


he will aid me,

he will stop the bleeding,

he will bind my wounds,

he will sooth my fears.


He grabs me,

he slices my throat,

he tries to cut off my head,

I feel my life slipping away…

my last thoughts are of my

beautiful wife and child,

my wonderful country.

My last words…

God Save the Queen.
As My spirit leaves this mortal coil,

I wonder who will remember me,

who will ensure no one has to suffer as I did,

I beg, Please Don’t Let Anyone Else Die in Fear and Agony,





If my dream makes your heart hurt, I am sorry, but sometimes things do that, while my heart hurts for the atrocities committed against this young man,

I have no doubt that the hurt I feel pales in comparison to the pain that his wife feels,

knowing that her soul-mate will never come home again,

pales in comparison to his child who will never see his father,

pales in comparison to his parents who will never see their son again,

pale in comparison to his mates who will never lift a beer with their comrade.


I wonder what has Her Majesties Government done to ensure that this never happens again.

I wonder what the Government here in America has done to ensure that it won’t happen here in America.

I wonder what every Government, everywhere has done?


My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of veteran of Afghanistan, Drummer Lee Rigby.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of veteran of Afghanistan, Drummer Lee Rigby.



Tuesday Thoughts (13 Aug 13)

Greetings Fellow Thinkers,


So many things to talk about, it is always hard to find one or two to write about, but I was reading a fascinating blog post and/or article [I’m not sure what is what, so…] over on The Resistance United, about 11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America, now I am sure that these rules pretty much apply for any country in the West.


It has always been my humble opinion that the same douchebags that persecuted ‘witches’ in times past, are the same (if not exactly at least in spirit) as the douchebags that are trying to persecute gun owners, conservatives, religious people (mostly Christians), and anti-statists today.  [coming from a guy who doesn’t own a firearm, is not overly conservative, is not a Christian or particularly religious, and thinks the average person is so dumb that someone, anyone needs to take care of them, that is saying something].


So where was I, oh yes, Racism and America, a topic I have touched on many times.  Is there racism in America, ABSOLUTELY!!

Why?  I figure racism is all about insecurity, nothing more nothing less, if people are afraid someone else is inherently, better then them, of course they are going to hate that someone.  DUH!

I don’t think that way, I don’t think that Asians are better at math, I don’t think that black guys are faster then me.  I don’t think that academics are more enlightened then me.  Go figure I’m conceited.  😀

Am I the best mathematician, fastest running dude, most enlightened chap…NOPE, not even close.




I also don’t think that one race has a monopoly on it.


My best NCO 1SG Hall, meanest NCO on the planet, EVER.  But I’d follow her to hell and back, cuz I knew she’d never hang me out to dry


Best Leader, SFC Holmes, everything I did as a NCO, I’d ask myself what would SFC Holmes do?  An American of African descent who grew up in the projects of Atlanta, who used to be a Black Panther, who showed a young man, the meaning of being an a Gentleman and a Soldier.  The only man in the army who’d talk racism with me.

MSG Whittington, the epitome of a US Army NCO.  Literally down to his salt and pepper hair.  Kind of scary.  Seriously.


There are many, many others that I learned from both Officers and NCOs, even lower enlisted.  Freak I’m looking at you.


Seriously though, if your thought process is….I hate….

Just assume you are wrong.

hate is never the correct thing to do.  I don’t even hate the ass-hates who hate me, I just feel sorry for them.  I pray that they one day see the light, but I prepare myself for the possibility that they will try to come and cause me issues.  Am I prepared?


You betcha.





Friday Freakout (19 Jul 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout

For this week’s edition of Friday Freakout, I was undecided on what to write about, some many things going on, such as…

the ongoing clusterfuck that is the Benghazi incident,

the IRS intimidation scandal,

the NSA spying scandal (RumInt: 2 top Obama admin officials have fled US)(Be Advised:  this information has not been able to be confirmed, as such it should be treated as of dubious value),

the Martin/Zimmerman thing,

and who can forget the wonderful new law fixing to take effect…Obama Care.

Can someone explain to me how this whole race thing works…because I am confused,

how is it that George Zimmerman is a white Hispanic, but President Obama is black?  both have one white parent and one black/Hispanic parent.

Wouldn’t President Obama be a white black, or a white African-American?

Black trumps Hispanic?

Is there a list of where each race falls in order of importance?

Have we reverted back to the old “One-drop Rule” of times past?

I hope not, I think that a man or a woman should be judged on the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin, Dare I dream the same dream, as Dr. King?  Or is that not allowed because he is black, and I am not?

I have been followed in stores, stopped by the police (for no reason), stared down at, had nasty comments made to me, I view these things as an expression of our freedoms, albeit by ignorant douche bags, but still.  Many times when I have engaged these people, I notice that their reasoning was bore of fear and ignorance, rather than hate.  Once engaged these people usually came around to a new and more enlightened view, not because I am particularly gifted in speaking, but because truth speaks for itself.

It is a sad state of affairs that has led our country, a country where a core fundamental belief is that “All men are created equal…” to be arguing over race, almost 150 years after the abolition of slavery, a half a century after the civil rights movement led to lingering inequalities to be outlawed, so our country can become the country that we all dream of, where color, ethnicity, sex, religion, or any other superficial attributes are unimportant when we interact with our fellow citizens.

Do we still have work to do?  ABSOLUTELY

but how the media and the politicos are going about it, is making racism worse, not better.  We don’t need that, we don’t want that, hate is unacceptable in all of its forms, especially in legally sanctioned forms.

Thursday Thoughts (17 Jul 13)

Here are some of my thoughts for today, Thursday 17 July 2013….

After some reflection, and make no mistake I am as just as tired of listening to statists and racists attempt to start issues with the Zimmerman/Martin incident as you are, but I feel it would be remiss to not state the obvious…

While I am not a lawyer, and while I do not think that Mr. Zimmerman broke the law, I firmly believe that he was perfectly within his rights to defend himself.  Trayvon Martin was sitting astride him, pummeling his face (remember he had a broken nose and the back of his head was bloody and torn), Mr. Martin had no injuries except the bullet wound.  Logic dictates that whether we like it or not, Mr. Zimmerman’s version was and is closer to ‘ground truth’ then any fantasy version fostered upon the public by people with an agenda.

Now think about you being in that position,

it is dark,

it is raining,

and a stranger is on top of you,

he is bigger than you,

stronger than you,

younger than you,

your pinned to the ground,

no escape possible,

he is

beating your face in,

your nose, already broken,

your eyes, swollen and black,

the back of your head, already hurt and bleeding,

you don’t know what to do,

you are screaming for help,

no one has come,

maybe no one is coming,

you are not sure if you will live to see the morning…

what would you do?

No sane person, (not Eric Holder, not Revered Sharpton, not Stevie Wonder, not You, not me) would have allowed Trayvon to continue beating on him, that is illogical.  No one will ever convince me, that they if they were in that position would do anything different.  NO ONE.  EVER.

If this is the first time that Attorney General Eric Holder has talked to his son about interacting with police and others, Child Protective Services should be investigating him, because that is straight child neglect.  What kind of parent has not talked to their child about being respectful and courteous, aka polite?

I do want to congratulate Rolling Stone magazine, for becoming the latest subject for a boycott.  Rolling Stone in their infinite wisdom, decided to do a cover with terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in the classic bad boy-heart throb pose.  At best that is a poorly thought out marketing scheme, at worst, some pathetic appeal to being ‘cutting edge’ either way…FAIL.

If you are of the same mind, take a few minutes, say a prayer, for everyone else out there, then arm yourself with knowledge, and educate others.  Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is Power.

Sunday Contemplation (14 Jul 13)



Today’s Sunday Contemplation:

In case you haven’t heard, George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty last night.  No incidents of violence although some broken glass and small fires in Oakland (not sure if that even rises to the level of unusual in Oakland) were reported.


First off anyone comparing this incident to the Emmett Till murder is either a liar, delusional, or both.


I have looked over the case as much as one can without access to all the evidence, and it looks to me like this was a tragic accident that had escalated by a series of poor decisions by both Zimmerman and Martin.  [SidenoteRumors have stated that the Department of Justice is gong to file federal charges against Zimmerman for violating Martin’s civil rights]


Are General Practitioners obsolete?  We all realize the benefits of a well-trained physician when it comes to things like pharmaceuticals and surgery, but with the exception of diseases more likely seen on House, then in real life the preliminary diagnosis could be handled by an intelligent user on Web MD or some other similar site.  (I’m not advocating not going to the doctor btw)


Why is there so long between seasons on TV shows now a days?  I meant to mention this earlier, after watching the season finale of Defiance, I get the whole cliff hanger thing, but season starts in June of 2014, so a year away.  In that time I won’t even remember the show.


On a more personal note, I started Sunday Contemplation, to write down my unfiltered or at least less filtered thoughts on Saturday evening/Sunday morning, as time passed I have gotten away from that, I hope to get back to more contemplative Sunday Posts, focusing more on ethical dilemmas rather than worldly events.

To Whom It May Concern, (22 Jun 13)

To Whom It May Concern,


So we are completely clear the owner/primary writer/editor of this blog lives in the United States of America, as such any and all writings herein are protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  All posts herein comply with the Imminent lawless action standard.


Reading this blog in areas, countries, or jurisdictions that ban freedom of speech and or freedom of the press, means you are assuming all liability in such manners (as a side note it also means the place you live sucks, and you really need to change it).


If by chance you are a power-hungry, freedom hating, statist, please feel free to peruse the meager offerings of an advocate of divinely given freedoms, then leave, and either change your ways, or jump off a very tall building.  Thank you and have a nice day.


For all others, please read, enjoy, and feel free to add your comments, questions, or whatever.


Freedom’s Humble Servant,