Tart Tuesday (16 Sep 14)

Be Advised the following is SARCASM.  Mostly True, but…Sarcastic.

Proceed with Caution and Intelligence.


— Hillary Clinton has set up her very own Ministry of Propaganda…Correct the Record.  A waste of money IF she isn’t running for President in 2016.


— President Obama recently advised ISIS, Kindergarten teachers around the country collectively face-palmed.


— Senator Kirsten Gillibrand alleged in her recent book, that she was sexually harassed by fellow politicians, but then refused to name names.  Bill Clinton and Uncle Joe (Biden not Stalin) breathed a sigh of relief picked up by the Mars lander.


— Josh Earnest recently stated “Well, when we are in a position to be more specific about the commitments that we’ve received from our allies and other interested regional governments, then we will do that.”  Josh continued and I did actually have a girlfriend in high school, she lived in Canada.  I’m just saying.  Mrs. Earnest declined to comment, but did laugh hysterically.


— Secretary of State John Kerry was stunned to find out that after his Dance of the Seven Veils, that wanna be Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan still declined to help fight his BFF, ISIS.  Secretary Kerry was heard saying I showed him my best moves.


Tuesday Thoughts (6 May 14)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few thoughts I have going on…


— Clive Bundy (the rancher who was and continues to be the victim of Federal Government bullying) has shown an amazing level of ignorance with his comments about the “negro”, failing to realize and/or care that many of his supporters are/were Americans who are of African descent.  I pray that something will touch his heart, and he will not just not say hurtful untrue things but will actually become enlightened, and not paint an entire ethnic group with such a broad brush of ignorance and hate.


—  The entire Donald Sterling debacle, besides being stomach turning that a person who holds such disgusting views has no problems exploiting (albeit well paid exploitation) the talents of his black players.  As a side note, while Sterling was a recently registered Republican, as they say money talks and BS walks, his political contributions have been decidedly left-wing.


— In keeping with the Donald Sterling thought, Vanessa Stivano, if a guy buys you 2 Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a $1.8 million condo, and you call yourself his silly rabbit, you are NOT his assistant, you are his mistress.


— Jay Carney has become the President’s very own ‘Baghdad Bob’, first it was “bending the truth”, then “twisting the truth”, then flat-out lying, and now…reality has left the building.  I hope they are throwing piles of cash at you, Jay, because you would have more credibility if you sold your ass for crack on the street corner then you do now.


— In Nigeria, Boko Haram (led by Abubakar Shekau) kidnapped 276 girls from a school, and is now threatening to sell them as slave wives to other Islamic extremists.  I’ll pray for the safe return of all these girls to their families, and hope that Abubakar’s last thought is “Oh shit, that Predator just launched a Hellfire“.


I apologize for my recent absence, I have been feeling under the weather of late.  More fun stuff to come, so come back soon.

Humpday History (4 Sep 13)




Here is some of the history of the nerve agent known as Sarin.

Sarin gas molecule

Sarin gas molecule

Sarin was developed in Wuppertal (Germany) by IG Farben as an improved pesticide in the late 1930s.

Allegedly, Sarin was named in honor of IG Farben’s scientists who discovered it:  Gerhard Schrader, Otto Ambros, Rudiger, and Van der Linde.  (I’m not sure how Van der Linde fits)

Nazi Germany produced somewhere between 500 kg and 10 tons of Sarin in World War 2.  Although Sarin and other nerve agents were incorporated into artillery shells, none were used against Allied forces.


Starting in the early 1950s both the NATO alliance and the Warsaw Pact started producing sarin to be used against the other in case of war.


In 1956 all sarin production in the US was ceased, although distilling existing stocks continued until 1970.


In March and April of 1988, Sarin was used by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against both Kurdish civilians (in the city of Halabja, causing an estimated 5,000 causalities) and against Iranian troops (in the Second Battle of al Faw causing an estimated few thousand causalities)

In June 1994, the Aum Shinrikyo cult/terrorist group released sarin gas in what has become known as the Matsumoto incident (8 dead, 200 injured)

In March 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo group again released an attack with sarin, this time in the enclosed space of Tokyo’s subway system.  (13 dead, 6252 injured)


On 17 May 2004, sarin gas was used in a roadside bomb attack against US troops in Iraq.  (2 injured)


While sarin has been around roughly 80 years, its first confirmed use came only a quarter of a century ago, and although only used rarely since, it does seem that sarin’s primary capability lies in its ability to cause massive casualties, very quickly, and overwhelming most local emergency services.  Make no mistake while sarin has not been extremely fatal in the historical uses, it can be and is highly toxic.  Long-term effects from sarin exposure has not been properly studied.  While sarin does have a short shelf life, and an even shorter exposure life (time on the ground after it has been released), there are derivatives of sarin that are considered to be persistent agents, although none have been found in use in Syria to date.


For more information:  CDC — Facts About Sarin [Link]

Thursday Thoughts (29 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few of my thoughts for today, Thursday, the 29th of August 2013….


— Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it is pathetic how the organizers turned what should have been a wondrous event celebrating the greatness of America, the turning point in a very nasty part of our history, and the inspirational words of one of the greatest Americans into a petty political whine fest.

This dishonors the millions who supported the civil rights movement, the thousands who were beaten and jailed and the hundreds who were murdered, including but not at all limited to Dr. King.

Where was the only serving American of African descent on the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas (only the 2nd in the entire history of the Supreme Court)?

Where was the only serving American of African descent in the US Senate, Tim Scott (one of only eight, ever)?

Where was Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell the only two Secetary of State, who were of African descent?

I failed to see Dr. King’s own niece, Reverend Alveda King, I wonder why.

How many times was the name Travyon Martin mentioned as if he was some martyr who died for a greater cause instead of his lack of discipline, lack of proper role models as parents, and because he bought into a tragic victim-hood/thug mentality that Dr. King would have been horrified to see.

It truly breaks my heart to see what has become of the legacy of this great man, especially by so many who claim to have known him, they may have been around him, been related to him, even been his friends, but they did not know Dr. King’s heart.


— Where are the anti-war protesters?  Where is Code Pink?  President Obama is about to launch an attack against Syria (seemingly at the command of the Saudi King).  If he does that then he has started the same number of wars as that ‘warmonger’ George W. Bush.  Just saying.

Stacey Dash

— If you have a twitter account, you should check out Stacey Dash’s feed.  She isn’t just another pretty face, but she has some serious thoughts and she has provoked more then her fair share of idiot haters.  Yesterday she was tweeting MLK quotes, and, well the idiots came out of the woodwork or should I say out from under their rocks.  So give her your support.




Thursday Thoughts (15 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


A few thoughts for today, Thursday the 15th of August 2013.


Have you heard about the witch hunt persecution of the Missourian rodeo clown (seriously how dumb does that sentence sound?  I mean people are upset because of what a clown said?  Seriously?  He’s a CLOWN.  You know a CLOWN?).

a rodeo CLOWN

a rodeo CLOWN

Was this clown disrespectful of the president?

Yes.  Yes he was.

Should he have been fired, and banned for life from the Missouri State Fair?

NO he is a CLOWN!!  Seriously a clown.

I’m not going to sit here and remind everyone of all the disrespectful thing that other people have said about other presidents over the years, I don’t have to, this is America.  We disrespect our presidents, our senators, our governors, basically anyone in power.

It’s what we do, it is as American as apple pie and football.

If you don’t like it, don’t elect a president, elect a ‘Dear Leader’, General Secretary, or whatever.

I for one will continue to make moderately amusing jokes about the president and anyone else in power who decides to act like an asshat.

It is my constitutional right, and I LOVE IT!



On a separate chain of thought, What is up with the police?

Is the cool thing to have an armored vehicle for your department even if you are the Mayberry PD?

A police vehicle??

A police vehicle??

Seriously, a couple of things here…

while I hate to tell anyone how to do their jobs…

here it goes…

if you are really worried about the safety of your officers,

then get your officers out of the office,

and out of their vehicles

and in the streets,


and schools,

get to know the people in your neighborhoods,

let them get to know you,

break down that wall that separates the police from the citizen.

As it stands now,

you are just a person in a uniform that is not with them.

You are the ENEMY.

All the armor in the world won’t protect you from the unknown.

Nothing is as valuable as local knowledge,

knowing that old man Jones is disabled,

that the Johnson dog can’t see well at night,

Grandma Phillips is a heavy sleeper,

Mrs. Williams is the local busy body and knows everything about everyone,

the Wilson kid has light fingers,

the Addams boy likes to fight but is a good kid,

if you know the people the people will share their knowledge with you,

pre-informed is prepared

and preparation beats a lightly armored vehicle any day of the week.

This is a face you can trust.

This is a face you can trust.


Do these guys look like the good guys?

Do these guys look like the good guys?




Humpday History (14 Aug 13)




On this day in history…..


1040 — King Duncan I is killed in battle against his cousin and rival Macbeth, who becomes King of Scotland


1848 — Oregon Territory is organized by an act of congress


1880 — Construction of the Koln Cathedral is complete, 632 years after construction began.  (It is nice, tho.)


1947 — Pakistan gains independence from Great Britain.  (chaos ensues)


1980 — Lech Walesa leads strike in Gdasnk shipyard, leading to the eventual downfall of communism in Poland.  (A brave man and inspirational leader)


A small sampling of some historical events that occurred on this day in history.

While not quite as important, but nevertheless an amusing factoid…

Today is Mila Kunis’ birthday.

So Happy Birthday Mrs. Kunis.


Zetas Leader Captured

Last year, former Los Zetas leader, Heriberto ‘El Lazca’ Lazcano, was killed fighting against the Mexican military.  This week his replacement,  Miguel Angel Trevino (aka Z40), surrendered to Mexican Marines instead of following to closely in El Lazca’s footsteps.  [RumorInt has it that Trevino cut a sweet deal, with Mexican authorities].

Miguel Angel Trevino

Miguel Angel Trevino

So expect more violence as the remnants of the Los Zetas fight it out to see who becomes the leader, Trevino’s brother Omar will likely be in the mix but expect some major nastiness, and the other cartels (especially the Knights Templar) to move in quick.

Omar "Z42" Trevino

Omar “Z42” Trevino

Thursday Thoughts (27 Jun 13)

Here are a couple of thoughts for today….


– President Obama announced the other day (Tuesday) that the Keystone XL pipeline should not be built if it will increase greenhouse gas emissions.  Great, assuming the big guy will pay for my gas (out of his pocket not mine or yours), seeing as he is worth upwards of $12 million, he can afford to pay $5/gallon or $10/gallon, I however cannot.  What about climate change, you say.  Hey, I love the environment, but let’s be honest here, climate change proponents are the false prophets of the modern world, their followers break down into the flat-earthers (irrational believers) and Kim K (too dumb to know better) types.  Anyone who has done even the most cursory study of climate can easily see through the BS that climatologists banter about to get more government and/or business grants to fund their lifestyle and their ‘research’.


– Texas executed the 500th person since the 1976 Supreme Court decision to allow capital punishments again.  Kimberly LaGayle McCarthy killed and robbed Dorothy Booth (age 71) in 1997, and is the prime suspect in two other murders.  Ms McCarthy was formerly married to New Black Panthers co-founder Aaron Michaels.  Her last words, “God is great”.



– Rich, good-looking, young, famous, former star tight end for the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, was arrested yesterday and charged with murder.  Hernandez who was a problem child in college fell to the fourth round in the 2010 NFL draft, and signed a contract with a small ($200k) signing bonus (compared to 2006 New England 4th rounder Stephen Gostkowski’s $400k) but loaded with roster and workout bonuses that could have escalated his 4 year contract by $700k, if he had walked the straight and narrow.  Something that he was completely unable to do, even after the birth of his child in November.  The Patriots cut Hernandez hours after his arrest.  Don’t expect to see Hernandez playing in the NFL anytime soon, even if he is cleared of all charges (which is highly unlikely).