Saturday Sark (Thanksgiving Holiday edition 29 Nov 14)

The following is sarcasm, if the following offends you, you are completely free to leave this page…so go thank a veteran for that freedom.


3 Things Liberal Statists should be thankful for,

if they celebrated Thanksgiving.


Dateline:  Zimbabwe (aka The Kingdom of Bob):  King/President-for-life/Self Proclaimed Semi-divine being Bob (aka Robert Mugabe) had his former BFF and favorite concubine Jabulani Sibanda arrested recently, it seems that Jabulani was upset by Bob picking Bob’s wife, whether it was just to head the Woman’s League or if there was more, no one is saying but Bob is still happily clinging to power like a drowning man to a raft.


Dateline:  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:  The Pentagon is preparing to ‘transfer‘ some more ‘detainees’ (peace-loving, multiculturalism-believing, feminist, gun-control advocating, vegan, moderate men of an unspecified religion).  Where these chaps are being transferred has not being released.


Dateline:  Washington D.C.:  SecDef Chuck Hagel was not fired…Josh “Canadian Girlfriend” Earnest stated earnestly, after SecDef Hagel was fired.  So the President has purged all but one Republicans from his cabinet, that way the President can ‘hear’ all those who didn’t vote (because obviously if they had, they would have voted democrat) better.  Elections have consequences…except when they don’t


3 Things Lovers of Freedom should be thankful for this Thanksgiving


1.  The lame-duck senate has not declared President Obama President for life, King, or Czar.


2.  President Obama has not declared himself President for life, King, or Czar.


3.  Uncle Joe (Biden not Stalin) hasn’t had to replace President Obama.


and 3 thoughts…


1.  anyone else think that if Mike Brown’s parents had spent as much time teaching him to be a gentleman with honor as they have profiting from his death, he would still be alive.


2.  every year the similarities between Black Friday and the zombie apocalypse are becoming more scary.


3.  The IRS while completely NOT harassing tea party groups failed to catch the millions of dollars sent to prisoners who had filed fraudulent claims.  Not a smidgen of corruption, but a whole heaping pile of incompetence.


I hope you have had and will continue to have a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Thank all of you for reading my drivel.  Be safe and come back…and

DON’T Drink and Drive

Tuesday Thoughts (6 May 14)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few thoughts I have going on…


— Clive Bundy (the rancher who was and continues to be the victim of Federal Government bullying) has shown an amazing level of ignorance with his comments about the “negro”, failing to realize and/or care that many of his supporters are/were Americans who are of African descent.  I pray that something will touch his heart, and he will not just not say hurtful untrue things but will actually become enlightened, and not paint an entire ethnic group with such a broad brush of ignorance and hate.


—  The entire Donald Sterling debacle, besides being stomach turning that a person who holds such disgusting views has no problems exploiting (albeit well paid exploitation) the talents of his black players.  As a side note, while Sterling was a recently registered Republican, as they say money talks and BS walks, his political contributions have been decidedly left-wing.


— In keeping with the Donald Sterling thought, Vanessa Stivano, if a guy buys you 2 Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a $1.8 million condo, and you call yourself his silly rabbit, you are NOT his assistant, you are his mistress.


— Jay Carney has become the President’s very own ‘Baghdad Bob’, first it was “bending the truth”, then “twisting the truth”, then flat-out lying, and now…reality has left the building.  I hope they are throwing piles of cash at you, Jay, because you would have more credibility if you sold your ass for crack on the street corner then you do now.


— In Nigeria, Boko Haram (led by Abubakar Shekau) kidnapped 276 girls from a school, and is now threatening to sell them as slave wives to other Islamic extremists.  I’ll pray for the safe return of all these girls to their families, and hope that Abubakar’s last thought is “Oh shit, that Predator just launched a Hellfire“.


I apologize for my recent absence, I have been feeling under the weather of late.  More fun stuff to come, so come back soon.

Saturday Sark (20 Jul 13)

Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday



Yesterday our esteemed President, had an unannounced press conference where in his infinite wisdom, he decided to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman debacle.

Without much surprise the President spoke on being accountable to oneself, maintaining your honor, and the “Golden Rule”.  He also spoke on the importance of a nuclear family (aka a family with a mom, a dad, and children, shocking I know).  He went on to remind the audience that government was not the solution to their problems, they already had the solution:  Hard work, Honor, and Integrity.  He ripped democrats for keeping poor people on public assistance to pad their votes, instead of helping people become independent.  He than ripped republicans for putting business above helping their fellow citizens.


If you were shocked you should have seen, Senator Harry Reid (D, Nv) he literally broke down in tears, threw himself at the President’s feet, and begged to put out of his misery, unfortunately for us, the President took pity on him, and spared his life, but did force old Harry into retirement.  Telling the ancient dinosaur that his time had passed.  The last we saw of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was her running from the press conference, in a full on panic attack, (and no, it was not us who tripped her, we are pretty sure it was Representative Ted Cruz [we love you, Ted]).


News out of Statist Central (Detroit)….They are broke.  Well not the politicians, who are obscenely wealthy from your tax dollars, no the city is broke.  Luckily we have the highly educated and logical Melissa Harris-Perry, who clearly stated that the Detroit’s problem was the fact that all that money was spent by a tiny city government instead of a great big ass city government, because as we all know bigger governments spend money sooo much slower than tiny governments.  BTW a small government in Ms Harris-Perry’s mind is….wait for it…13,000 plus, yes that would be for a city of 700,000.  I guess with an official unemployment rate of 40%, you need all those city jobs, sucking up the taxes…What could go wrong?  Good Call, Melissa, you are the bees knees.


Have a great weekend, Be Safe, and if you hear something that sounds stupid or too good, it probably is.


Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday

Some Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Well the initial results are in and it appears that President Obama has been re-elected, the Democrats retain the Senate and the Republicans retain the House of Representatives.  So let’s look at what could have been done better.


We will start with the Republicans as they lost.

The Republicans lost the message war, propaganda we called it in the army, but the Democrats were able to successfully label both Governor Romney and the Republicans in general as anti-middle class, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, and anti-‘the little guy’.  This more than anything cost the Republicans the election.  For the future the Republicans need to get their message out, since they are facing an obviously liberal media bias, the Republicans need to spread their message through the media that does favour them, such as talk radio and some of the blogs, not to mention and by far most importantly, completely revamping the word-of-mouth ground game.


The Democrats have their own issues, first of all by playing the ends against the middle they have divided the country more deeply than any time in history since the civil war.  They (and by they I mean President Obama) need to make a huge effort to unite the country as it stands now, the right and even the center have little reason to cooperate with the democrats.  The Second thing they need to do is to address the serious issues effecting our country, that alone will be a huge mission, one I am not confident they are able to address successfully.  This administration has proven far better at campaigning then at actual dealing with real world issues.  If I were President Obama, I would get rid of some of his advisers, and bring in problem-solvers.  People who are not partisan, and who are skilled in the areas of expertise.


I am going to group all of the other parties together to address what they need to do.  First and foremost they need to get out and move their message, educate the voters about the issues, enlist the aid of anyone who is willing to help, the benefit of being a third-party is much like an insurgent, you have no “base” to attack, but that is also your weakness.  Now this is where most people would say to read Mao tse-Tung’s little red book, but he wasn’t the best, von Lettow-Vorbeck was, so read about his campaigns, First.  The third parties if they want to contend need to concentrate at the state and local levels first, before going big-time.


Overall, remember at the end of the day, message is what sells, if you can’t get your message out, or your message doesn’t sell, you won’t win.  I firmly believe that the issue for the Republicans was failure to sell their message to the mass of the voters.  The Democrats were able to sell their message which was basically “Bush did the bad stuff, and we are going to make things better, and by the way, Mitt Romney and the Republicans are evil and bad.”  I am being sarcastic, but the gist of it was there, and it worked.  Sadly I still really don’t know what the Republican message was, nor do most people, obviously.


We are in for rough water ahead, Ladies and Gentlemen, so get your life vests ready.

My Endorsement for President & Why

While I do write about politics, I don’t consider this a political blog, although lately politics seem to have dominated, I do feel the need to Endorse a President for the United States.  After looking at all the candidates it came down to:  T.J. O’Hara, of the Modern Whig Party, and Mitt Romney of the Republican Party, or not voting.


After careful consideration I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President in 2012.


After diligent review of the candidates’ positions, history, and every other tiny bit of information I could gather, I feel Mitt Romney is the person most likely to do the most good for our country.  Some of the other candidates I viewed quite favorably, some would only win my vote for village fool.