The Week in Review (1 Mar 14)

The Week in Review

The Week in Review


Greetings Seekers of Knowledge,


Welcome to the first “The Week in Review”, please enjoy…


1.  Russia undercover invades Ukraine.  For those of you who are surprised, you should not be, Russia has spent a fortune in treasure and blood securing the Crimea (and most especially Sevastopol), the previous lease was set to expire in 2017, but was renewed for an additional 25 years, but prevailing public opinion in Ukraine is very much against that.

[For Ukrainians:  don’t expect any help from the US or the Eunuch Western Europeans.]


2.  Walter Williams is a very lucky man today, earlier this week, Mr. Williams was declared dead, zipped up in a body bag, and transported to the funeral home.  Luckily he awoke, and is now alive and well and back with his friends and family.  We hope you have a long and happy life, Mr. Williams.  Enjoy it.

[side note:  Don’t die in Mississippi, unless you are really dead]


3.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that students at Live Oak High School have no right to wear shirts showing the American flag during a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the school.

[when did the US Flag become racist?]


Well another week of “the war on freedom” has ended, realpolitik is alive and well in Eastern Europe, and statists here in America continue to strip your freedoms away.



Sunday Contemplation (23 Feb 14)

Sunday Contemplation

Sunday Contemplation

Greetings Fellow Seekers of Knowledge,


My original concept of operations for my Sunday Contemplation was an article/post on some aspect of life, unfortunately it never really was that, it was more of a weekend roundup.  As this is the last Sunday of February, I will wrap up the weekend, on today’s Sunday Contemplation I will end with a few words of thought, but starting 1 March 1914, Saturday I will do a week in review article.  I hope you enjoy the new format.


— It looks like the violence in Ukraine is about to die down, new elections are supposed to be held in May, an interim President has been appointed, and political prisoners have been released.  At least, we hope this harkens to a return to the “Rule of Law”.


—  FCC tries to do their best Soviet Union impression, but fails, at least for now.  Bravo to the FCC for so blatantly trying to supply “monitors” in news rooms around the country.  These “monitors” are/were akin to the political commissars in the Soviets military units, factories, and any other “authorized” gathering.


—  Poor dumb Scotland, a new law passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament will do what no one thought possible, usurp parental rights.  Make no mistake this is not “for the children” this is for the state.  Not like you were not warned, you were told, give up your guns (you remember those things right?  The things that your ancestors paid in blood to keep) for “safety” you will be giving up your children and your money next.  You shouldn’t worry though, not every child in the highlands will be taken back to Edinburgh only the prettiest, smartest, fastest, you know, the ones that will benefit the state.  As long as you keep your mouth shut, make sure your daughter is ugly, and your son doesn’t play any sports, and of course they aren’t too smart, you should be fine.  You don’t think that is their intention?  Your naivety is sweet, but do you really think spending 25 pounds sterling per child will prevent abuse?  Seriously?  That is enough money to find the most desirable children to indoctrinate, not the children most at risk for abuse.  The rest of the United Kingdom, should be in the streets, like Kiev, make no mistake your children will be next, you too willingly gave up your guns.  You march happily into the tyranny that your grandfathers fought so hard against, you let parliament take away rights that were acknowledged by the sovereign as god-given, unalienable rights.  Soon the piper will want his pay.  but maybe you never liked Junior much anyway, besides Doctor Who is about to start.


For today’s contemplation,

I want to talk about the beauty of nature, the other day, I was taking a stroll in the copse of woods behind my home, it is not very big, but full of life.  Walking through the forest, makes me feel like a bit like a stranger, perhaps I should spend more time in this tiny grove.  It is one of the few quiet places.  There are squirrels, cardinals, and a fox that lives out there, no doubt many more aspects of nature reside there.  While I am out walking, I often wonder why a forest is so comforting, the trees seem to give off a warmth that is unavailable in our hi-tech world, there is a quiet that cannot be found with noise canceling headphones, a peace that can not be found in a park.  Perhaps today when twilight comes I will walk again amongst the trees, and find some solace in the peace that is there.



Is it just me….or do you also notice…..

that some people don’t understand the the First Amendment (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..) did you notice it doesn’t say…AHHH don’t mix religion and government?  Yea, oddly it totally did NOT.  Crazy right?  For those of you, who don’t understand those words, they mean…..Congress won’t designate an official religion, and they won’t ban a religion (at least theoretically).  That is it, nothing more, nothing less.


Our prayers and thoughts go out to Ukraine, sadly people have died, to ensure that the government of Ukraine listens to their people.  Something about that weird ass term, democracy, go figure, maybe it will catch on.  Who knows.  No government can stand against the will of the people.  Get informed.


Have you heard what is going on in Scotland?  Sir William Wallace, himself, has risen from the grave, and killed every single member of the Scottish Parliament with his Claymore.  It was insane, blood and guts everywhere.  Oh wait, no that totally did not happen, but the Scottish parliament (may each and every member die the same way Sir William did) voted (105 to 0) for “the Children and Young People Bill” (oddly wikipedia doesn’t have any information on it passing), assigns a “named person” to oversee each and every child in Scotland.  [Longshanks is loving this.]  Allegedly, for the child’s own good.  [Of course, if you believe that, I have some premium ocean front property for sale in Arizona.  Best available, going quick.  Seriously, don’t miss this chance to make me obscenely wealthy].

Anyway, if you think this is a nice and caring way to take care of children, I have to say,

You, Sir or Madam, are a DUMBASS!  If you are a realists, and realize that this is most definitely on the slippery slope of statism, I welcome you to the planet earth, most of you have been here long before me.

Let us take a quick walk on the path of possibilities…

let us assume, that the next David Beckham (please use Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, or Peyton Manning if it pleases you) is born in Scotland.  Do you really think that the “named person” would not in some way shape and or form, want a piece of that action, money-wise?  PUH-LEZE.  That child would be out of your custody so quickly, you’d think he/she was the neighbors kid.  All for the good of the child (read:  Government).  You object?  Yea, your rights as a parent are inferior to this “named person”.  Check out the link:  [@:]


That is it for this wonderful Friday…Be Responsible for your actions, and be Safe.