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Sark Saturday (27 Jul 13)



Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference with his favorite media courtesans, this is a brief summary of what he discussed.


Earlier this week I was castigated by certain ‘right wing’ personalities, when I compared Ho Chi Minh to Thomas Jefferson, but I have you know, that everything I said was the absolute truth-ish.

Not only was Uncle Ho, much like Tommy J, but my personal hero, Nero was a lot like George Washington, “The Original W”.

What do I mean, well W cut down a cherry tree, right?  Nero, burned down Rome.

Yea, you are feeling that, huh?  Them 2 are like peas in a pod.

W did it, and Nero knew he would, so my boy beat him to the punch by 1700 years.  Take that liberty-lovers.

Not only did Nero burn down Rome, he played a fiddle while doing it.  Beat that (Ted) Cruz.

So, while you have all been chasing the ‘Phony’ [or not so phony] scandals with Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, you have missed the forest for all the trees.  I’ve been burning down America, yea, not so easy, but I am well on my way.

Check it out:

Economy:  Burned down

International Respect:  Toasted

Fair and Free Elections:  Gone

Debt:  Blown the F… Up

Detroit:  Trashed

Chicago:  Demolished

Health Care:  It’s burning

the Military:  devastated

The Constitution:  Ashes

Your Savings:  Dust

and I have 3 more years left…so expect more of the same,

I have the Middle Class in my sights,

Texas I have to crush,

Oil burns sweet so you know I have to,

Coal you know I am going to,

Nuclear don’t make me laugh

anything left, Hillary will get when we steal the 2016 elections.


Anyway back to something far more interesting….ME.

I want you all to know that all these ‘fake’, umm ahhh ‘false’, no that’s not it, mmm, oh yea, ‘Phony’ Scandals you really should not follow, nothing to see there or here, giggle, just go back to talking about Kanye and Kimmy, and who can forget, North.

Who needs freedom anyway?  Especially when you can talk about how great I am.  Right?

Matthews, where you at?  Tell them about your tingling leg.

Jay C, hit it….[music] Remember if you impeach me…..I have 2 words for you:


Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Yea, Beeeyatches

You think I choose the dumbest man in the history of the world for no reason??

Chew on that, Boner er Boehner.




How was that Ms. Valerie, Count Soros?  I mentioned everything you told me to, even the ‘phony’ scandal stuff.  The mic is still on?  Oh sorry.


Sark Saturday

Sark Saturday

Tuesday Topics of Conversation (23 Jul 13)

Some random topics of conversation for you….

– In Japan, dozens of commuters helped push a train enough so a woman trapped between the train and the platform could free herself.  Bravo, people, that is how we should all act in times of crises, Help each other out.


The Rescue in Progress

The Rescue in Progress


– The Pope is currently visiting Brazil, even though there is severe public disturbances, mostly people upset with the socialist government policies that are damaging the economy, the environment, and the freedom they wish to enjoy.


– Cleveland, Ohio is in the news again, you remember Cleveland, the once great city where life was good, well sadly now Cleveland is a nasty, dangerous place to be, if you recall Cleveland was home to Ariel Castro, the man who held the young ladies hostage for years, to say little of their rape, forced abortions, and torture.  Well this week another man was arrested for the murder of 3 more young ladies.

Any minute now the President will have a news conference on these incidents, after all he has daughters, who could have been victims.  I imagine there will be demands for justice in these cases, led by Al Sharpton et al.  [Sark Alert]


– Speaking of our illustrious leader, I understand that he is just about to stop stirring the pot of racial hatred that Revered Sharpton is attempting to serve the American people, and turn his attention to something else he can screw up.  With his efforts in Libya (Benghazi), with the IRS, with the NSA, Obama Care, our National reputation, the National debt and deficit, the soon to come Syrian issue, Iran, North Korea, Gun Control, his birth certificate clusterfuck, his no-nothing appointments, his own ‘I found out on the news’ ignorance (am I missing anything?), I’m not sure where his gaze will turn next, [RumInt: the Middle Class, so be advised], but rest assured, that it will no doubt turn out peaches and cream, at least according to Chris “Leg Thrill” Matthews, Hillary “It takes a Village (fool)” Clinton, and/or Melissa “Detroit Failed because Government could drown in your bathtub” Harris-Perry.


In any case, I’m grouchy and in pain today, so have a nice day, and be safe.

Today’s Randomness

—Fear can motivate you or paralyze you.  Let it motivate you.

—Dogs are better friends than most people

—Cats are enjoyable, they are like your neurotic, narcissistic friend, except furry

—some questions are just better not asked (if you find a single sock on your son’s floor, DON’T ASK, trust me, you don’t want to know)

—Bob Costas, you are NOT a good football analyst, should you really open your mouth about things you aren’t an “expert” in?  [stick to baseball, I don’t watch baseball, I won’t miss you]

Turk PM Loses Mind

Still looking for his mind, poor man. (Tayyip Erdogan)

The  Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan lost his mind last week, and called Israel a “Terrorist State” for the ongoing Gaza issue.  [ ].  I wonder what the Turk PM thinks of Hamas run Gaza.  The Picture below is Gazans and their type of justice, what most people refer to as terrorism, below that is some Iraeli soldiers and Palestinian children.

Not Terrorism?

Israeli Terrorism?

It is very sad that the Turkish PM, has forgotten all the things that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stood for.

Atatürk (Father of Turks)

Can you imagine if a country launched several hundred rockets at Turkey? What would Turkey do?

Sometimes it seems as if the world has been turned upside down. Lies and Propaganda are the norm. The Truth is as rare and precious as gold. Creeping statism is everywhere. Islamic fascism is gaining strength. Freedom is in peril around the world.

British Democracy Dead?

In the latest blow to freedoms in the UK, a family had their children removed because the parents had joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a legitimate, legal party.  [read the full story here: ].  It is indeed a sad day in the history of the world, if the “Mother of Democracy” loses her way, and stumbles into totalitarianism.



The Death of British Democracy

Anonymous Attacks Israel and Gay Rights

The radical left-wing hacker group of notoriously low wisdom and high tech skills, Anonymous has attacked numerous Israeli websites, in their cleverly named OpIsraelThe Times of Israel reported the vast majority of these attacks have failed, although Anonymous was able to take down Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jerusalem Bank (both were back online shortly after the attacks).

Good to see Anonymous is consistent, having previously attacked Sudan for pending “homophobic” laws in August of 2012, now they are attacking “The Gay Capital of the Middle East” (that would be Tel Aviv according to OUT magazine), instead of Hamas (a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group).  Way to stick to your morals, Anonymous.  So Anonymous is more of those National Socialists (Nazi) as opposed to those Democratic Socialists (the US Democrat Party or the UK Labour Party), I guess.  You are allowed to be gay unless you are Muslim, then the thousands of Palestinian gay people who fled to Israel, (as not to suffer under the very unenlightened regime of Hamas in Gaza) are now under attack by not only Hamas, but by Anonymous.

Let’s not forget that significant funds for Hamas comes from their buddies in Iran.  You remember gay friendly Iran, the place where Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who stated that Iran has no homosexuals) [but] regularly executes them (could be why).

So in closing, Great Job Anonymous, if you were trying to act like a bunch of uniformed, bigoted, marxist morons.  If on the other hand, you were trying to look like a group of internet activists who actually cared about people and not politics, well,

You FAILED, epically.

Union Thugs Kill Dolly Madison and Twinkies

Mafia wanna be Union thugs (specifically the baker’s union) refusal to compromise has caused Hostess (you know the company that makes Twinkies, Hohos, Wonder bread, and other tasty but nutritiously suspect goodies) to close up shop.

So any rich entrepreneurs out there who want to reap in some serious cash, should buy up all these hostess assets and move them to a right to work state, say like Texas, and open up.  You know in a place where silly union rules won’t require you to deliver the bread and the ding dongs in separate trucks to the same place, or a myriad of completely mind-boggling, useless union rules.

Just remember what this means….NO Twinkies in case of a nuclear or zombie apocalypse.  For Zombieland fans….What would Tallahassee search for?  Growing up, Twinkies were the silver lining of a nuclear apocalypse, to say nothing of the gold standard for lunch time trading at schooldays gone by.

Stoners, I bet you didn’t think Obama would let this happen, you better break out the broccoli spears and carrot sticks.  Yum Yum

Expect more companies to go bankrupt, as our country swings in the direction of Greece.

FEMA Closed? WTF?

A sign at a FEMA office in New York

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is closed in New York, at least some of it’s offices, for bad weather.

Great Job, FEMA People, wouldn’t want you out in the bad weather or anything. You might catch cold, and have to take a paid sick day.

I hope everyone takes note, whenever you need the government immediately, they will be available in 7 to 10 business days, assuming good weather, of course.