Sark Saturday (28 Mar 15) The March Madness of King Barack Edition


The following is sarcasm.  Please enjoy at your own risk.


Dateline:  Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

Less than a year after President Obama touted “success” in Yemen and Somalia, Yemen has fallen into a state of civil war, where Sunni terrorists fight Shiite terrorists, and now the Saudi military has had to intervene to save innocents.  Thousands have already died, and this will continue before peace returns.  Meanwhile, in Somalia, al Qaeda affiliate, al Shaaba has terrorized thousands everywhere outside of the self-proclaimed Republic of Somaliland.


Dateline:  Tikrit, Republic of Iraq

The Iranian led Shiite Militia offense to push ISIS (Daesh) out of Tikrit has bogged down, President Obama has authorized US airstrikes to help out.



Dateline:  Tripoli, Libya

Chaos continues to reign supreme in Libya after President Obama led from behind the overthrow of longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  The President plans to announce Libya as another success of his foreign policy soon.



Dateline:  Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

In a desperate attempt to get the Iranians to agree to any “deal” President Obama has offered Uncle Joe as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s personal concubine.  The Ayatollah turned down the offer because “Uncle Joe drinks too much for a good concubine.”



Dateline:  Washington D.C., USA

New Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, personally thanked the US taxpayer for their hardwork and generous hearts in supporting Afghanistan.  President Obama looked slightly put off and curtly stated, “It’s my money.”



Dateline:  Tunis, Tunisia

President Obama stated recently that the Terrorists who attacked the Tunisian National Museum were not terrorists but hungry government workers, and that is why he was going to increase foreign aid to someone, at that point in his statement the president seem to lose his chain of thought and started mumbling about the benefits of basketball to world peace.



Dateline:  a cave in Chechnya

Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar briefly expressed their undying Beiber like love of ISIS (daesh) before quickly breaking up, once they found out that daesh was messing with Boko Haram.  President Obama posted on their timeline, how he didn’t think they were as cute of a couple as Kim K and Kanye.


The "Cuter" Couple

The “Cuter” Couple


Dateline:  hiding out in Nigeria

Boko Haram bigwig Abubakar Shekau sent his love to daesh via online posts, daesh sent some loving back, but Shekau let daesh know in no uncertain terms that Nigeria was his b!tch and would not tolerate daesh moving in, daesh was cool as long as Shekau sent all his man love to daesh.  Needless to say, the Nigerian army has continued to bitch slap Boko Haram around like a red-headed step child.  President Obama has vowed to find out a way to stop the Nigerian army.

Abubakar Shekau giving his sexy smile

Abubakar Shekau giving his sexy smile



Dateline:  A golf course near D.C., USA

President Obama finished his NCAA brackets and even gave an interview about it.  We can safely assume that his picks will be better than his foreign or domestic policy.  [Link]



9/11 and ISIS, A Few Thoughts

On this day, the 13th anniversary of the horrendous terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11, we take a quick look back at the circumstances that led to this horrific event and how it affects our future.


While the roots of religious terrorism dates back centuries, we will confine ourselves to recent events.  In 1991, the United States had watched in shock as the infamous “evil empire” (the old Soviet Union) had collapsed upon itself in cluster of socialist bureaucratic incompetence after a long and vicious rule that killed millions, the US had also destroyed the world’s 4th largest army in one hundred hours of ground fighting.

Some people were talking about a world-wide Pax Americana, unfortunately, an event occurred which would have long-lasting implications that few at the time could foresee.

Operation Gothic Serpent, in an attempt to stop the humanitarian crisis going on in Somalia, a ‘country’ with a long history of violence and chaos, the United Nations started operations to bring in food and medical care to ease the suffering of the Somali population especially in the capital of Mogadishu.  The US took the lead in providing military units to defend these ‘angels of mercy’ from the ravages of the warlords who ruled their own fiefdoms within the former country.  As bureaucratic ineptitude within the UN and a complete lack of desire on the part of member nations to say nothing of the UN to either enlist or confront and destroy or disperse the armed militias of these warlords who were stealing the majority of aid supplies coming in, led to resentment of the people against UN forces.

As the situation in Somalia spiraled down, the UN decided to beef up the member nations military contributions, which led to the US deploying Task Force Ranger to apprehend the worst of the warlords, Mohamed Farrah Aidid.  During an operation to apprehend two of Aidid’s top advisers, Mohamed Hassan Awale and Omar Salad Elmi, the already volatile situation erupted into a full-scale battle between US led UN forces and the forces of Aidid throughout the streets of Mogadishu, made famous by the movie “Blackhawk Down”.

That was not the event, though, the event, was an non-event, had this happened in the height of Pax Romana, or Pax Britannica, one knew the next event would be a large powerful army marching in to Mogadishu and ending the violence and suffering, and in no small part a reminder to the world what happened when you upset the world power.

Instead the US promptly packed up and went home.  Now while I am of the mind, that no vital interests were served in sending troops into Somalia in the first place, if one assumes that feeding starving people is NOT a vital concern, the full-scale abandonment of the people of Somali to the excesses of tribal militia (which led to the rise of Al Shabaab (an Al Qaeda affiliate) led not only to the misery of Somali, but led many nasty people (including Osama bin Laden) to view the US as a paper tiger, able to easily crush its enemies but unwilling to risk casualties to do it.

The attack on 9/11 can be traced directly back to this event or non-event. Make no mistake this was not the only thing that led to the tragedy, but rather the watershed event that pushed us dramatically in that direction.  Had we done a multitude of things, some very simple, some very complex, things could have been different, and dozens of books and articles are written about them.

What should concern you is…

what have we done to prevent it from happening again?  Did our domestic spying program catch Major Hassan?  Did gun control stop the Tsarnaev brothers from their attack on Boston.

We sit here, with a border that is all but wide open, a deep reluctance by the current administration to interrogate and prosecute illegal combatants.  One can only accept that this will lead to another 9/11 attack sooner rather than later.  The most aggressive Islamic extremist group is now ISIS, but make no mistake Al Qaeda has not gone away, in fact, they have recently announced a new affiliate in India.


Again we find ourselves with one foot in a war, and an overwhelming desire to damage an enemy without getting dirty.  This is not how war works, we must maintain the theory that should we go to war,

that we Go To War,

and we make the enemies’ children’s children not want to take revenge but

rather shudder in fear at the ferocity of American power,

and then to have a warm feeling wash over them when they realize that the peace and prosperity they enjoy are the direct result of an American intervention.

We should be America, Best of Friends, Worst of Enemies, rather than America, Worst of Friends, Best of Enemies.

In regards to securing the home front, we should secure the border, and either legalize the estimated 10 million illegals or deport them.  We should put significantly more emphasis on winning the message war, tie economic benefits (foreign aid) to freedom and human rights, and most of important not be afraid of insisting that certain cultures come into the modern world and give up some of the savage aspects that has held them back and caused so much misery.

Belated Monday Morning Quarterbacking (20 Aug 13)

Monday Morning QBing

Monday Morning QBing


Yes I know this is Tuesday, but better late than never right?

I was over-thinking the whole NSA eavesdropping thing, and I am just wondering why, if the NSA is reading our e-mails, following our blogs, monitoring our web searches, how is it exactly that they missed, the Boston Bombers, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, and the other lesser known Islamic extremist attacks here in America?


Now using my extremely sub-par to fair analytical skills, I came up with a couple of possibilities:


1.  [Conspiracy Theorists this one is for you] They knew ahead of time and let it happen, for the purpose of putting US troops in Palestine and Chechnya.  I find this highly unlikely simply because, well even the Palestinians and the Chechnians (sp?) don’t want those shit holes, so why would we?  BTW there is no credible evidence to oil being in Chechnya.


2.  [Most Dangerous]  The NSA was obeying their idiot politico masters and dipping in on those evil Patriot types (you know those people who think the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and is NOT a living document), as opposed to the dangerous wack jobs who want to kill innocents to further their backwards-ass, misogynist, hate-filled view of the world posing as a religion.


3.  [Quite Possible, and in my limited Experience Most Likely]  The intelligence analysts at the NSA were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of raw data coming in and were unable to sift through the pile of crap [ie all those googles for naked pictures of Mila Kunis] for the kernels of vital intelligence [like the Tsarnaev brothers googling how to build a pressure cooker bomb] in time to disseminate such intelligence to the people who do the killing (and less preferably the arresting).


Obviously I don’t put a whole lot of faith in the first one, and while we all hope and pray it isn’t the second one, we need to overhaul the entire system even if it is the third possibility.

Raw intelligence is of NO VALUE if it is not analyzed and disseminated correctly.


On a side note:

The entire world of intelligence has changed, no longer are intelligence analysts desperately seeking any and every scrap of raw data available to see if it fits into the big picture and where, rather the analyst is confronted with massive volumes of data, a convoluted big picture, and a shortened amount of time to do the analysis.

This is not to say that they should not be held accountable for their failures, merely the should be focused on achieving the achievable rather than attempting to do it all, and failing miserably.


Humpday History (8 May 2013)

Humpday History

Humpday History

For this week’s Humpday History, I would like to present…..

Victory in Europe Day…or the day the European portion of World War II ended.

Victory Celebration at Piccadilly Circus for VE-Day

Victory Celebration at Piccadilly Circus for VE-Day

Prime Minister Winston Churchill waving to the crowds in London.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill waving to the crowds in London.


As we all know, Nationalist Socialist leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 with his new bride Eva Braun.  Admiral Karl Donitz, became head (President of the Reich, as Hitler had abolished the office of Fuhrer in his will) of the Flensburg Government.  The first surrender document was signed in Rheims, France, on 7 May 1945, but the Soviet representative General Ivan Susloparov had not been authorized to sign it, another Surrender ceremony and document was signed in Berlin on the 8th, to officially end the war.

Soviet General Susloparov (far left) with General Eisenhower at Rheims surrender ceremony

Soviet General Susloparov (far left) with General Eisenhower at Rheims surrender ceremony

German Surrender Document

German Surrender Document

While the war did continue against the Empire of Japan, the war in Europe was officially over, although sadly that did not mean the suffering was over.  Millions of people were shuffled about Europe, forced across borders, some jailed, many abused, the fighting in some parts of Europe continued until the 1980s, the last fighter not coming out of hiding until 1995.

Victory Day, Moscow 2005

Victory Day, Moscow 2005

This entire meager post is dedicated to all the brave men and women who fought so courageously for democracy and freedom in those dark days.

Soviet Commander Zhukov reading the surrender document.

Soviet Commander Zhukov reading the surrender document.


Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signing surrender document

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signing surrender document


Tuesday Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for today….


– Have you ever seen what drugs do to people?  (If you haven’t you need to bing what does meth do to people under images)  Seriously they could be zombies, at least looks-wise.


– So much going in the world but nothing I want to comment on, right now, but several stories that are interesting…the young women held captive, the horrible stories coming out of the Kermit Gosner trial, the Syrian situation, the Boston attack and of course Benghazi.  Well maybe just a few…

— Wow, those 3 women after 10 years, that is crazy, glad they are safe.

— I am speechless about the stories around the Gosner trial, I will probably write a post on it, after some more contemplation (for words not the thoughts).

— Syria, looks to be getting nastier, with allegations of chemical use, but it looks like the world will sit this one out.

— More twists and turns in this terrorist attack, this case fascinates me, I think there is much more than what meets the eye, here.

— Benghazi seems to be getting more notice, 8 months late.  Again, another fascinating incident, with more information to find out.


– In the next few weeks I will be transitioning to an e-cigarette from real cigarettes so, FUN FUN FUN  😦

Sunday Contemplation

Our Flag, flying over the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC.

Our Flag, flying over the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC.


Last week a teacher (Scott Compton, formally an English teacher at Chapin High School, in Chapin, South Carolina) was fired for stomping on an American flag in 3 classes and stating this is just a symbol it means nothing.

Well, Mr. Compton, I have to disagree, that flag represents not only our country, the United States of America, but it represents the everything that is good about America, the people.

That was the flag that was flying over Valley Forge, when General Washington led a rag-tag group of rebels against the strongest army in the world,

that flag was at Yorktown, when General Washington accepted the surrender of British forces in America, ending the Revolutionary War, with our independence,

that flag was at General Washington’s inauguration, when instead of becoming King of America, he become President,

that flag was at the inauguration of John Adams, showing the world that America was a democracy,

that flag was flying at Fort Sumter when the civil war began,

and present at Appomattox Court House, when General Lee surrendered, ending that bloody war,

that flag was present when President Lincoln first signed the Emancipation Proclamation,

and later when the 13th Amendment was adopted, freeing all of the slaves in America,

that flag was present when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor,

and was there 4 years later when the Japanese surrendered on the American battleship Missouri.

That flag was present at Pusan, Korea, when things looked dark, on that peninsula so long ago,

that flag is still present today, helping to defend Freedom and Democracy, against the forces of tyranny.

That flag was flying over Dr. Martin Luther King when he gave us a dream, a dream of a country built on love, not hate.

That flag was flying over Khe Sahn, when our troops defended that piece of land far away from loved ones, in defiance of tyranny.

That flag was flying over our troops who liberated so many countries, not to annex territory, not to pillage, but to give the people of those lands freedom they so desperately yearned for, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous others.

That flag was flying over many momentous time in our history, so many, that some forget, that flag is a symbol, but a symbol of hope and freedom, not only for Americans but for all people in the world,

That flag represents America the shining city upon a hill.

While you are correct, Mr. Compton, it is just a piece of cloth, but it is also so much more, it is the representation of all of our hopes and dreams, not only for ourselves but for our children and our grandchildren, it has always been that, and many people have died for that piece of cloth, Mr. Compton, many more have sacrificed for that piece of cloth, all so you, Mr. Compton, can show your contempt of all the things that it represents, that is your right, a right guaranteed by that piece of cloth, but remember, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

News From the Middle East

News From the Middle East


—The Muslim Brotherhood has stated that they will hold peaceful counter demonstrations in Egypt in support of Pharaoh President Morsi.  This could get very ugly.


—Internet access to Syria is still down, as the civil war intensifies.  Still nothing from the United Nations.


—Demonstrations in Southern Yemen demand independent state.


—Iranians believe that the cruel theocracy that runs the country with an iron fist has erected “flag poles” that are actually electronic jammers, to limit internet, tv, and radio access.


—Slavery is, of course, alive and well in the middle east.  Check this out:  http://tundratabloids.com/2012/11/abdul-for-sale-saudi-on-facebook-selling-castrated-black-african-muslim-slave.html

Yes you read that correctly, a slave for sale on Facebook.  Where is the UN, Amnesty International, anyone to help this guy.

Anonymous Attacks Israel and Gay Rights

The radical left-wing hacker group of notoriously low wisdom and high tech skills, Anonymous has attacked numerous Israeli websites, in their cleverly named OpIsraelThe Times of Israel reported the vast majority of these attacks have failed, although Anonymous was able to take down Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jerusalem Bank (both were back online shortly after the attacks).

Good to see Anonymous is consistent, having previously attacked Sudan for pending “homophobic” laws in August of 2012, now they are attacking “The Gay Capital of the Middle East” (that would be Tel Aviv according to OUT magazine), instead of Hamas (a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group).  Way to stick to your morals, Anonymous.  So Anonymous is more of those National Socialists (Nazi) as opposed to those Democratic Socialists (the US Democrat Party or the UK Labour Party), I guess.  You are allowed to be gay unless you are Muslim, then the thousands of Palestinian gay people who fled to Israel, (as not to suffer under the very unenlightened regime of Hamas in Gaza) are now under attack by not only Hamas, but by Anonymous.

Let’s not forget that significant funds for Hamas comes from their buddies in Iran.  You remember gay friendly Iran, the place where Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who stated that Iran has no homosexuals) [but] regularly executes them (could be why).

So in closing, Great Job Anonymous, if you were trying to act like a bunch of uniformed, bigoted, marxist morons.  If on the other hand, you were trying to look like a group of internet activists who actually cared about people and not politics, well,

You FAILED, epically.

Hamas Lies Continue and Continue to Fail

The cowardly terrorist group Hamas has lied repeatedly in the past and it continues in the present time, with false allegations of children dying and then showing pictures of children killed in the Syrian violence.  This horrible example of Black Propaganda cheapens the lives of those poor children.  Even the death of Mohammed Sadallah appears to have been caused by an Hams rocket falling short and landing in Gaza.


So Hamas, let’s stop the violence.  STOP ROCKETING ISRAEL, STOP LYING, and STOP TEACHING CHILDREN HATE.  Kind of simple, huh.


Before anyone says IF Israel would stop bombing first….Allow me to slap some sense into you…..If Israel stopped bombing, Hamas would NOT stop rocketing; but if Hamas stopped rocketing, Israel WOULD stop bombing.

More Information Leaks About Benghazi

More and More information has slowly been trickling out about Benghazi and the cast of characters surrounding it (one that would rival a soap opera, Seriously).

Check out The Rio Norte Line ( http://therionorteline.com/ ).  Some great information there.

So here is my summary, first off, our President may have watched the unfolding attack on the consulate in Benghazi, knowing that Ambassador Stevens and numerous others were there, then “someone” ordered the people at the CIA annex NOT to aid the people in the consulate.  The military was either NOT ordered to intervene or told to STAND DOWN, and now claims they could not have intervened in time (Which is a crock of shit, as there were Air Force assets less than 2 hours away in Sicily, and guess who was in Sicily as well?  Army Compartmented Elements (ACE), aka Delta Force along with at least one company of Marines.  To say nothing of the entire 6th Fleet, based at….Naples, Italy or the 173 Airborne Brigade at Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy.  What is the point of having troops forward deployed if they can’t get to a fire fight in 7 hours?

I forgot to mention, why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi instead at his Embassy in Tripoli, yea, Ambassador goes with Embassy not consulate.  Word is Stevens was working a deal to get back some of the manpads (man portable, surface to air missiles, think Stinger or SA-7) we had given those Libyan boys to shoot down Quaddafi’s flyboys.  Oddly some or a lot ended up in the hands of some nasty characters, (wait for the shocker and show your best shocked face), the same nasty characters who….attacked our consulate.  It gets better, to give those manpads to…the Syrian resistance, who….again are some nasty characters.  (do I see a pattern here?)

But wait, there is more, (You see how this is starting to resemble a bad soap?), the UN Ambassador, Susan Rice gets on 5 Sunday News shows and blames a spontaneous demonstration…The CIA director, General Patraeus, (lovingly called by the left General Betray-Us) also calls the attack spontaneous.  So is that it?  NO

It seems the good General (Patraeus) had a zipper control issue, with his biographer, Paula Broadwell (a lieutenant colonel in the army reserves), who allegedly sent threatening letters to Jill Kelley (we will come back to her, later), the FBI investigated these letters and found nothing significant, but oddly decided to investigate General Patraeus, the head of the CIA, without informing the President.  General Patraeus has since resigned from his duties as head of the CIA.

Back to Jill Kelley, or should I say Gilberte Khawam, a Lebenese born socialite who has a penchant for US Military officers with duties tied to the Middle East.  Did I mention that Ms.Kelley or Ms. Khawam, or whatever is also $2 million in debt from throwing lavish parties to wine and dine those military officers?  She also rather oddly, had VIP access at CentCom.  Oh I almost forgot, she had a “flirtatious relationship” with General John R. Allen, the commander of ISAF and all US forces in Afghanistan.

WOW.  If this was a book or movie, no one would believe it, and yet it is true.  So…let’s see where that leaves us.

A president who knows nothing.

A former CIA head who is a security risk.  Who now says he knew it was terrorism within 24 hours.

A top military commander who is also a security risk.

An Attorney General, who has gone ‘rogue’.

A possible spy at CentCom.

A dead Ambassador.

A possible unsavory deal between the Administration and terrorists

Our brave men who were fighting (in Benghazi) were also using a laser designator to “light up” the enemy mortar team.  Odd thing to do, under fire, or anytime, unless you understood that some type of fire support was forthcoming, say like an ARMED DRONE OVERHEAD.  Just saying.

Sounds like a bad dream