Levels of Political Understanding

A first draft of my random thoughts on levels of political understanding.


Level:   Understands & Accepts

0:   Politics is complete obscured.  Generally uninterested or follows popular trends.

1:   Politics is generally understood.  Usually on the right/left scale.

2:   Politics is understood to be partisan.  Usually identifies by Left [Democrat/Liberal (US)/Labour] or Right [Republican/Conservative/UKIP].

3.  Politics is understood to be less partisan and more ideological.  Same ID, but pushing ideological purity.  i.e. intersectionality

4.   Politics becomes an aspect of Religion.  i.e Evangelicals

5.   Politics is Religion.  i.e. fundamental Islam & AntiFa

6.   Politics are feuding rich people grabbing as much money for themselves and friends, all the while pretending to be politicking.

7.  Politics are rich people using multinational companies and factions in governments to promote (& control to some extent) wars, conflicts, discord, for profit.

8.   Politics are factions of rich people promoting and crushing ideas, thoughts, and freedoms in order to make money, push governments to do things, ultimately giving the factions of rich absolute control of the planet through various organizations/governments, while they answer to no one.

9.   All of the above are true.  With the addition of “agents of chaos”.