CHS: The Demise Of Dissent — Why The Web Is Becoming Homogenized — Western Rifle Shooters Association

A brief explainer on the last days of the old Web. Two action items: 1) Get yourself over to Gab. After the December 18th purge, Twitter will be nearly useless: Gab briefer 2) Think about what you can do to support independent media. More to come on that topic.

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Antifa Member Building ‘Chemical Weapon Of Mass Destruction’ Arrested

Nwo Report

Christopher Langer, a 31-year-old Antifa member from Orlando, Florida, has been arrested after police found explosive devices, human remains, and 200 containers filled with chemical and biological materials that police warn was “one step away from being a weapon of mass destruction“.

Mainstream media has twisted itself into knots trying to portray George Soros’s Antifa as a “violent yet peaceful” activist group, but conservatives know the truth—they’re a violent, far left extremist organization intent on the destruction of the United States.

While many knew they were capable of atrocities, nobody expected to find what police just found inside an Antifa member’s house.

Silence Is Consent reports: It all started when police received a domestic disturbance call at 124 Bradwick Circle. Someone had called in complaining of yelling, so the police assumed it would be just another routine noise complaint—after arriving and seeing what was on the scene…

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Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Wednesday (11/15/17)

The Daley Gator

Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe has been detained by the military in a ‘bloodless correction’ of power amid claims his wife has fled to Namibia.

Mugabe’s decades-long grip on power appeared to be over this morning after military vehicles blocked roads outside the parliament in Harare and senior soldiers delivered a late-night television address to the nation.

Deposed vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, a veteran of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation wars who was sacked by Mugabe earlier this month, has since returned from exile. His dismissal had left Mugabe’s wife Grace, 52, in prime position to succeed her husband as the next president – a succession strongly opposed by senior ranks in the military…


According to a recent estimate published by the Federal Association for Assistance for the Homeless, the number of homeless people living on Germany’s streets has risen by 33% in a matter of just a couple of years, to…

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Top Four Reasons Insurance Companies Price Gouge Americans

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

1.  ObamaCare.

ACA regulations drive costs up and mandates punish those who try to say “no.”

2.  Hospital hidden pricing.

Insurers are complicit with hospitals in blocking patients from price shopping. Insurance CEOs want you to believe you need their product to avoid price gouging but often the opposite is true. Middlemen profit when no one knows the price.

3. Pharma costs.

Ubiquitous third-party payment keeps Rx prices (and premiums) soaring. And the PBM crony capitalists are blocking the pharmacist from telling you that the cash price is often lower than your insurance co-pay.

4. They can.

It’s time for patients and doctors to say “no” to the cartels and demand real options

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