Sunday Contmeplation (8 Sep 13)

For today’s Sunday Contemplation…Please watch this video, and remember your actions have consequences. 


this young man’s actions have deprived a family of a loved one, while his confession is laudable it does NOT change the fact of his previous crime. 


Please say a prayer for this young man (Matthew Cordle),

the gentleman (Vincent Canzani) he killed,

and their respective families. 

and please contemplate your actions, remember they have consequences, perhaps you won’t see them as visibly as the young man in the video, but they still have consequences. 



Don’t Drink (or use drugs) and Drive, EVER.


More information @:  [Because I Said I Would]

Tuesday Thoughts (13 Aug 13)

Greetings Fellow Thinkers,


So many things to talk about, it is always hard to find one or two to write about, but I was reading a fascinating blog post and/or article [I’m not sure what is what, so…] over on The Resistance United, about 11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America, now I am sure that these rules pretty much apply for any country in the West.


It has always been my humble opinion that the same douchebags that persecuted ‘witches’ in times past, are the same (if not exactly at least in spirit) as the douchebags that are trying to persecute gun owners, conservatives, religious people (mostly Christians), and anti-statists today.  [coming from a guy who doesn’t own a firearm, is not overly conservative, is not a Christian or particularly religious, and thinks the average person is so dumb that someone, anyone needs to take care of them, that is saying something].


So where was I, oh yes, Racism and America, a topic I have touched on many times.  Is there racism in America, ABSOLUTELY!!

Why?  I figure racism is all about insecurity, nothing more nothing less, if people are afraid someone else is inherently, better then them, of course they are going to hate that someone.  DUH!

I don’t think that way, I don’t think that Asians are better at math, I don’t think that black guys are faster then me.  I don’t think that academics are more enlightened then me.  Go figure I’m conceited.  😀

Am I the best mathematician, fastest running dude, most enlightened chap…NOPE, not even close.




I also don’t think that one race has a monopoly on it.


My best NCO 1SG Hall, meanest NCO on the planet, EVER.  But I’d follow her to hell and back, cuz I knew she’d never hang me out to dry


Best Leader, SFC Holmes, everything I did as a NCO, I’d ask myself what would SFC Holmes do?  An American of African descent who grew up in the projects of Atlanta, who used to be a Black Panther, who showed a young man, the meaning of being an a Gentleman and a Soldier.  The only man in the army who’d talk racism with me.

MSG Whittington, the epitome of a US Army NCO.  Literally down to his salt and pepper hair.  Kind of scary.  Seriously.


There are many, many others that I learned from both Officers and NCOs, even lower enlisted.  Freak I’m looking at you.


Seriously though, if your thought process is….I hate….

Just assume you are wrong.

hate is never the correct thing to do.  I don’t even hate the ass-hates who hate me, I just feel sorry for them.  I pray that they one day see the light, but I prepare myself for the possibility that they will try to come and cause me issues.  Am I prepared?


You betcha.





Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment

Courtesy of:  Fellowship of the Minds.  (Great website, BTW, check it out)

Army Ranger rescues woman trapped in burning apartment.

Yesterday, we awarded this month’s Wolfprint Award, we stand by that, but we add, Marcus Taylor is without a doubt, a hero.  Here at Dak’s Bays we are nothing if not adaptable, so with that thought, we have decided to make the Wolfprint Award an “as needed” award versus a monthly award, as incidents of heroism should be praised and rewarded (if one considers a Blogger’s Award a reward, nevertheless it is given with genuine admiration) whenever they occur, without any constraints.

The Wolf Print Award

The Wolf Print Award

Congratulations Mr. Marcus Taylor, you are an inspiration to us all, you bring great credit on yourself, the US Army, and the entire country with your brave, selfless actions, Keep up the Great Work.

Wolfprint Award for July 2013

The Wolf Print Award

The Wolf Print Award


The Wolfprint award for July of 2013 goes to Temar Boggs.  Yes I know it is only the middle of July but it is unlikely that Temar’s exploits will be surpassed this month, so without further ado…15 year old, Temar Boggs of Lancaster, Pennsylvania did more than aid law enforcement in locating kidnapped 5-year-old, Jocelyn Rojas, he rescued the little girl.  After he was informed that a young child was missing Temar, his friend, Chris Garcia and some other friends formed their own search party and went out looking for the young child.  Temar and his friends searched a creek bed area, and then returned to the police command center before setting out again this time with a tip from an elder gentleman about an unusual activities of a maroon automobile.  Temar and Chris spotted the maroon car and followed it, even though they did not need to, getting close enough for Temar to see the young girl in the car, and causing the suspect to stop and push her out, where she immediately ran to Temar and said she needed her mommy.  Temar immediately took her back to the police, and while she was initially reluctant to leave Temar, she was reunited with her parents.

Hero Temar Boggs and the young girl he rescued Jocelyn Rojas

Hero Temar Boggs and the young girl he rescued Jocelyn Rojas

From us here at Dak’s Bays, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Temar and his friends, and congratulate him on winning this month’s Wolfprint Award.


More information @…Link

Great Job, keep up the awesome work.

Tuesday Thoughts (9 July 13)

OK check it out, Saturday, 6 July 2013 we had a family picnic, so now I am recovered.  OK if you have never had a family picnic….they suck…no seriously they are much worse in your mind’s eye than in reality, but….still…it was O.K.  Texas is hot in July, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing…I got a sunburn, I the dude who never burns (ok I burned twice in my life, previously, once in Hawaii at Bellows beach, and once in Iraq) got sunburned.  So….it sucked.  Needless to say, lots of good food, and better vodka…Rain vodka (very smooth) and Lukosowa Vodka (my favorite).


Anyways on to things of more importance,  fully expect George Zimmerman to be convicted of second degree murder or manslaughter….guilty or not….whiny bitches win that one.  If you don’t like it, get out and protest.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a total non-story (some think that it is an inter-agency battle between the NSA and the CIA) that seems plausible to me.  I trust Aurora’s instincts on certain things…soooo.  A waste of our time to bother with, considering…

The total lack of forward progress on the Benghazi incident/scandal, the IRS/KGB harassment scandal (truth be told, I myself have never had a shred of issue with the IRS, but…I never blogged before, now I don’t pay taxes, since Uncle Sam foots the bill for the Dak lifestyle, it being what it is, FYI…POOR, American Style).


In any case, I may not agree with everything that Aurora puts on her blog, but…she is one smart cookie, and one could do worse than following her blog…so here is my endorsement.  You should read AurorawatcherAk.  Seriously though, how can you not follow a gal, whose hubby fended of a bear with a chain saw and stood off a moose, if dude is that tough, can you imagine how tough she is????  Zombie apocalypse occurs she would eat you before the Spam.  Hell, she would probably eat you before a big mac…just saying.  Anyways….check out her blog because she is sharper than my blade.


For all of you reddit-ers out there, seriously do your homework…  do your homework.  I’m a pagan…if I know this, you should too.  Never believe what you don’t verify.l


Anyone who knows anything about Coccidioidomycosis (aka Valley Fever) hit me up at  I’m looking for info on it.


I actually had a really good Saturday sarcasm, in my mind, but….I didn’t write it down…since then I’ve got a lap top, so with my lappy, you are doomed to my writings even if they hit me while I’m in bed.  Anyways, I’m off, see you laterz, Be Safe!!!