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Dateline:  Central, South Carolina, USA: A landlord (we will call him Chuck) has followed in the footsteps of some of the most ‘illustrious’ KGB/NKVD agents throughout history with his complete and utter refusal to allow Sgt. William Bolt to stay with his wife and new-born child over the Christmas holidays.  Great job, Chuck, no need to look up the phrase “exception to policy”  Feel free to send you displeasure to…The Groves.


Dateline:  Nazca, Peru:  In some sort of ‘brilliant’ attempt to garner sympathy amidst the socialist haven that is the UN Lima Climate Change Conference, Greenpeace damaged the famed hummingbird Nazca line with an ignorant sign.  Great job Greenpeace, no sense in NOT imitating the Taliban.


Dateline:  South Carolina, USA:  Hundreds of children rioted today throughout the state after news that Ebony Wilkerson was found not guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder after attempting to drown her 3 children (assuming you don’t count the one in her belly) by driving in to the ocean.


Dateline:  Jerusalem, Israel:  In another example of Palestinian religion of Peace, a terrorist threw acid on 4 little girls, before attacking their father with a screwdriver and then ran away.  Luckily he was shot by an armed fellow driver and now is being treated for his superficial wounds.


Dateline:  Washington, D.C, USA:  alleged Indian princess, and Obama rebel Elizabeth Warren has cough started cough a rebellion against the status quo in congress by telling her congressional sympathizers to not vote for the $1.1 trillion dollar budget deal.  So far her calls have fallen flat as the bill passed the House and looks to pass the senate, perhaps it is because it is such a far cry from last years remarks from against Ted Cruz for doing…the exact same thing.  Hat tip to Mississippi Conservative Daily and of course the beautiful and brilliant Megyn Kelly.


Dateline:  Beijing, People’s Republic of China:  Seemingly forgetting the Great Leap Forward and all of the other millions of Chinese people killed by torture, neglect, and outright murder, or at least assuming no one remembers or has the gall to say something, the Chinese recently blasted the US for the so-called ‘torture report’ issued by congressional democrats.  While it is good to know that China opposes the US using enhanced interrogation methods against douche-bags who rape, murder, and torture people while at the same time raping, murdering, and torturing supporters of freedom from Hong Kong to Tibet.


If this offends you…well…you know what to do…

The Rotherham Rapes (7 Sep 14)



1400 is a huge number.  1400 is the number of people in some sports stadiums. 1400.  Fourteen hundred.  One thousand Four hundred.  1400.


1400 is a conservative estimate of the number of under-aged girls raped in the town of Rotherham.  Rotherham is a suburb (metropolitan borough) in South Yorkshire, UK.  1400 is NOT all of the rapes that occurred in the United Kingdom, or even England, nor is it the number of all rapes in South Yorkshire, just a conservative estimate from 1 tiny area, a suburb of Sheffield.


What happened there?  Where are the police?  Where is the Borough Council, where is the mp (member of parliament)?  Where is protective services?


It all seems to have started in 1997, further investigation will be needed to verify that time frame, as some reports indicate a start date of the early 1990s.  In 2010, eight men were tried in Shieffield Crown Court, of which 5 (Zafaran Ramzan, Razwan Razaq, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussain, and Mohsin Khan) were convicted and sentenced to minor prison sentences (9, 11, 4.5, 4 and 4 years respectively).  In 2012, The Times of London conducted an investigative report which found the abuse was much more wide-spread then previously reported.  Just last week, Professor Alexis Jay, who had led the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham for the borough council released a report.  


A quick overview shows a sampling of 15 girls [starting at section 5.21], the vast majority were not helped in any substantial way by police or protective services.  Many continue to be abused.  Few families had any recent follow-up interviews as some had to leave the area in order to protect the child.  Protection from not only the grooming, but brutal rapes, psychological abuse, assaults on them and their families (including at least one case where a brother of a victim had both legs severely broken in order to keep her silent), a campaign of intimidation including gang members conducting open surveillance on the victims in their homes, threatening messages on social media, and even physical assaults.  Over 100 young girls became pregnant, with many being forced by their rapists to get abortions.  These are only a few of the incidents that occurred, where this abuse went on for almost two decades.


While the report only lightly touched on the exploitation of young boys by these so-called “grooming gangs”, the grooming of young boys is thought to be widespread, and vastly under-reported, with many cases being refereed to LGBT organizations (being treated as cases of sexual confusion as opposed to rape).


For those of you who think that heads should roll, for the 1400 victims of the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal, well, that won’t happen.

A strong fear of being labeled a racist (all of the victims are white and all of the abusers are Asian aka Middle Eastern, no doubt victims of other ethnicities were also abused but have not yet come forward due to cultural taboos),

bureaucratic indifference (numerous previous reports were either suppressed or ignored),

political pandering (Rotherham is a Labour stronghold, the term rotten borough most often used to describe Rotherham, who has faithfully elected Labour since 1933),

a police service that at the most basic level is severely understaffed and overburdened with burgeoning population with many residents who have no understanding of British laws or even language,

lack of training and incompetence at all levels of the labyrinthine bureaucracy surrounding the agencies charged with the protection of children from rapists,

a media with the attention span of a goldfish,

and a generally indifferent population more interested in meaningless over-hyped events like the hacked naked pictures of Kate Upton then the lives of 1400 innocent children,

all these things combine to form a toxic blanket of hopelessness and helplessness for the victims and their families.

As far as the abusers, they will not be prosecuted, and they will continue to abuse, rape, and even murder our young girls and boys.


The most we can hope for is that PCC Shaun Wright, Joyce Thacker (Director of Children and Young People’s Services), and many others follow the example of Beauchamp Duff


More to follow, as there is much more information on these horrific events.

Thursday Thoughts (29 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


Here are a few of my thoughts for today, Thursday, the 29th of August 2013….


— Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, it is pathetic how the organizers turned what should have been a wondrous event celebrating the greatness of America, the turning point in a very nasty part of our history, and the inspirational words of one of the greatest Americans into a petty political whine fest.

This dishonors the millions who supported the civil rights movement, the thousands who were beaten and jailed and the hundreds who were murdered, including but not at all limited to Dr. King.

Where was the only serving American of African descent on the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas (only the 2nd in the entire history of the Supreme Court)?

Where was the only serving American of African descent in the US Senate, Tim Scott (one of only eight, ever)?

Where was Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell the only two Secetary of State, who were of African descent?

I failed to see Dr. King’s own niece, Reverend Alveda King, I wonder why.

How many times was the name Travyon Martin mentioned as if he was some martyr who died for a greater cause instead of his lack of discipline, lack of proper role models as parents, and because he bought into a tragic victim-hood/thug mentality that Dr. King would have been horrified to see.

It truly breaks my heart to see what has become of the legacy of this great man, especially by so many who claim to have known him, they may have been around him, been related to him, even been his friends, but they did not know Dr. King’s heart.


— Where are the anti-war protesters?  Where is Code Pink?  President Obama is about to launch an attack against Syria (seemingly at the command of the Saudi King).  If he does that then he has started the same number of wars as that ‘warmonger’ George W. Bush.  Just saying.

Stacey Dash

— If you have a twitter account, you should check out Stacey Dash’s feed.  She isn’t just another pretty face, but she has some serious thoughts and she has provoked more then her fair share of idiot haters.  Yesterday she was tweeting MLK quotes, and, well the idiots came out of the woodwork or should I say out from under their rocks.  So give her your support.




Humpday History (28 Aug 13)

Today in History,


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, this was and is the most important speech about Freedom in modern history.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching or listening to it, please do.


Thursday Thoughts (15 Aug 13)

Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf


A few thoughts for today, Thursday the 15th of August 2013.


Have you heard about the witch hunt persecution of the Missourian rodeo clown (seriously how dumb does that sentence sound?  I mean people are upset because of what a clown said?  Seriously?  He’s a CLOWN.  You know a CLOWN?).

a rodeo CLOWN

a rodeo CLOWN

Was this clown disrespectful of the president?

Yes.  Yes he was.

Should he have been fired, and banned for life from the Missouri State Fair?

NO he is a CLOWN!!  Seriously a clown.

I’m not going to sit here and remind everyone of all the disrespectful thing that other people have said about other presidents over the years, I don’t have to, this is America.  We disrespect our presidents, our senators, our governors, basically anyone in power.

It’s what we do, it is as American as apple pie and football.

If you don’t like it, don’t elect a president, elect a ‘Dear Leader’, General Secretary, or whatever.

I for one will continue to make moderately amusing jokes about the president and anyone else in power who decides to act like an asshat.

It is my constitutional right, and I LOVE IT!



On a separate chain of thought, What is up with the police?

Is the cool thing to have an armored vehicle for your department even if you are the Mayberry PD?

A police vehicle??

A police vehicle??

Seriously, a couple of things here…

while I hate to tell anyone how to do their jobs…

here it goes…

if you are really worried about the safety of your officers,

then get your officers out of the office,

and out of their vehicles

and in the streets,


and schools,

get to know the people in your neighborhoods,

let them get to know you,

break down that wall that separates the police from the citizen.

As it stands now,

you are just a person in a uniform that is not with them.

You are the ENEMY.

All the armor in the world won’t protect you from the unknown.

Nothing is as valuable as local knowledge,

knowing that old man Jones is disabled,

that the Johnson dog can’t see well at night,

Grandma Phillips is a heavy sleeper,

Mrs. Williams is the local busy body and knows everything about everyone,

the Wilson kid has light fingers,

the Addams boy likes to fight but is a good kid,

if you know the people the people will share their knowledge with you,

pre-informed is prepared

and preparation beats a lightly armored vehicle any day of the week.

This is a face you can trust.

This is a face you can trust.


Do these guys look like the good guys?

Do these guys look like the good guys?




Friday Freakout (9 Aug 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout











Greeting Distinguished Guests,


I was not going to write-up a post today, I have not been feeling well of late, but as I was laying on the bed, scanning the news feed, and I came across the story about how Oprah Winfrey was “a victim of racism” in Switzerland.


I, of course, was shocked having been to Switzerland several times, I am no expert, but I’ve always found the Swiss to be very friendly people, so I clicked into the story to find out what was going on.  In case you haven’t heard, Mrs. Winfrey was in Zürich, and had gone into a shop, where she asked to see a handbag, and alleged the sales person refused and told her, “You can’t afford that”, Mrs. Winfrey asked again, again the salesperson declined and attempted to show her another item, so Mrs. Winfrey left the store without a further word.  The $35,000 handbag in question was never sold.


Now I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened, I find it rather odd that a salesperson in a store that sells $35,000 purses (you know they don’t have the $10 blue-light special going on) would tell anyone that they didn’t have enough cash for something.  [shocked face].

I’m just saying maybe this is not a racist thing, just a bitch thing.

Let’s not confuse a nasty person with a racist person, because that is just too easy.  Too easy to shift all the blame on the other person,

to easy to throw your hands up in disgust and walk away,

to easy to tell all your friends how horrible you were treated,

to easy to avoid standing up and acting like you deserve respect,

to easy to be a victim.


If Oprah truly felt that this woman was being racist, why did she let it just stand,

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful people on the planet, had an opportunity to affect one person on a personal basis, for the better, by having a “teaching moment” instead walks out, and then whines to the media.  FOR REAL?

If arguably the world most powerful woman cannot stand up to HATRED, what chance do the rest of us stand?  Oprah could have had $35,000 in the roughly 200 hundred various currencies in use around the world, brought to her, or she could have just whipped out the black card she has, and purchased the store, and fired her.  If, she wanted to be nasty.

Or she could have just sat the salesperson down, and had a heart to heart, human to human talk.  Someone as rich, educated, and successful, with as much interpersonal relationships as Oprah, should be able to sit down with someone and explain the error of their ways, quite easily.

IF Oprah was unable or unwilling to do this simple task to improve the lives of the people of Zürich, then who will, I ask.

IF not the most powerful woman in the world?



*for the record, the owner of the shop in question, stated that the salesperson’s English skills were somewhat lacking and that she believes that the issue was a classic case of “a simple misunderstanding”.  Of course this is quite possible, I am inclined to think that the salesperson was just rude, plain and simple.


Some links for your reading pleasure and more information on this.  [Link], [Link], and [Link].


A Theory I’m Kicking Around (26 Jul 13)

I’ve been kicking around a theory for a bit…so it is a bit raw, but please bear with me.

Now while I am no historian, I do love history, especially the actions and thoughts of people both famous and not-so-famous.  [One of my favs:  About an Italian Forced Laborer in Nazi Germany].


So here is my theory, what if all the people who we have heard about in history that have committed atrocities all have a link, one thing that connects them?  I think that there might be more than one…what is one link, well obviously, they are filled with hatred, but what if there is more…what if they all are in their heart of hearts…statists?  What do I mean?  Well, let’s look at some history…

Heinrich Kramer (and allegedly Jakob Sprenger), author(s) of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum (aka Hammer of the Witches), a misogynist, statist, book filled with falsehoods, misinterpretations, and a good spattering of silliness, such as penis stealing.

Socialism/Communism, (yes I know Marxists like to say there is a difference but to the peasants/kulaks, and basically anyone is not a apparatchik or high government official, they are the same).  Do I really need to document the literally millions of people who were killed outright, by starvation or being worked to death, allowed to die due to lack of medical treatment and other methods, because they were deemed ‘undesirables‘?


I would even go so far as to postulate that there is not now and never has been any socialist/communist governments.  The governments that claim that are nothing more than statist dictatorships, irrelevant of their supposed left or right leanings.  The whole left/right thing is more of an academic debate, then a ‘ground truth’, as far as I am concerned, and no doubt if the millions who have died (due to government dictate) could speak, they would agree.


But I digress, if all of these people all hate freedom, i.e. freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Freedom of peaceful assembly, you know all those freedoms that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  Are they not more similar than different, when it comes to John Q. Public types, like us?  So perhaps instead of getting into a pointless academic debate over the differences between communism, socialism, Nazi’s, Islamic fundamentalists, racists, and any other Freedom hating groups of people, perhaps we could just group them all together and call it day, and then get on with marginalizing them and their lies and propaganda.


[I was going to add some pictures of the atrocities but I felt that was not only unnecessary but too graphic for some of our younger readers, if you wish to see evidence of these crimes, please bing/google Gulag or Concentration Camp]



Humpday History (17 Jul 13)



Humpday History for 17 July 2013,

on this day in history

-1762- Catherine the Great ascends to the throne as Czarina of Russia.

-1918- Czar Nicolas I of Russia, his wife and children were murdered by Russian      communists.

-1945- Potsdam Conference opens, attended by Churchill/Attlee (UK), Stalin (USSR), and Truman (USA).

-1955- Disneyland opens.

-1975- Apollo-Soyuz spacecraft dock somewhere over Metz, France.


So a quick recap, a strong monarch ascends the Russian throne, later a weak one is murdered, then the cold war starts, a huge amusement park opens, and the cold war continues (in space), so a busy day in history.


For more history (and better) check out History Kicks Ass!  A great website with tons of fascinating material.  The past couple of days have been on jewelry from history and the pictures are amazing, so if you have some time, you should head over there and learn that History does kick ass!



Zetas Leader Captured

Last year, former Los Zetas leader, Heriberto ‘El Lazca’ Lazcano, was killed fighting against the Mexican military.  This week his replacement,  Miguel Angel Trevino (aka Z40), surrendered to Mexican Marines instead of following to closely in El Lazca’s footsteps.  [RumorInt has it that Trevino cut a sweet deal, with Mexican authorities].

Miguel Angel Trevino

Miguel Angel Trevino

So expect more violence as the remnants of the Los Zetas fight it out to see who becomes the leader, Trevino’s brother Omar will likely be in the mix but expect some major nastiness, and the other cartels (especially the Knights Templar) to move in quick.

Omar "Z42" Trevino

Omar “Z42” Trevino

Wolfprint Award for July 2013

The Wolf Print Award

The Wolf Print Award


The Wolfprint award for July of 2013 goes to Temar Boggs.  Yes I know it is only the middle of July but it is unlikely that Temar’s exploits will be surpassed this month, so without further ado…15 year old, Temar Boggs of Lancaster, Pennsylvania did more than aid law enforcement in locating kidnapped 5-year-old, Jocelyn Rojas, he rescued the little girl.  After he was informed that a young child was missing Temar, his friend, Chris Garcia and some other friends formed their own search party and went out looking for the young child.  Temar and his friends searched a creek bed area, and then returned to the police command center before setting out again this time with a tip from an elder gentleman about an unusual activities of a maroon automobile.  Temar and Chris spotted the maroon car and followed it, even though they did not need to, getting close enough for Temar to see the young girl in the car, and causing the suspect to stop and push her out, where she immediately ran to Temar and said she needed her mommy.  Temar immediately took her back to the police, and while she was initially reluctant to leave Temar, she was reunited with her parents.

Hero Temar Boggs and the young girl he rescued Jocelyn Rojas

Hero Temar Boggs and the young girl he rescued Jocelyn Rojas

From us here at Dak’s Bays, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Temar and his friends, and congratulate him on winning this month’s Wolfprint Award.


More information @…Link

Great Job, keep up the awesome work.