About the crazy mutt who bays at the moon here

This is my blog to give form to the thoughts bouncing around my head.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You will notice I am not conservative, I am not liberal.  I deeply treasure my freedoms.  I am a fervent patriot, who is realistic enough to realize that some very bad things have been done in the name of my country.  I will NOT be bullied, bribed, or blackmailed into saying or doing things against my beliefs.

Do you want to contact me?

E-mail me at dakwolf@rocketmail.com

Skype at dakwolf5

Twitter at @dakwolf55

Dak Wolf on Facebook

**if one of your photos are on here, and you don’t want it to be, contact me, and I will remove it, all photos here were borrowed from the internet, because they are visually pleasing**


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