PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Let’s Apply ‘Gun Control’ To Cell Phones


The ‘Supreme Court’ has refused to hear another 2nd Amendment case.  In reality, what they are doing is destroying the 2nd Amendment.  They think they can keep their hands clean by allowing lower courts to destroy it and then just refusing to hear any appeals based on those lower rulings.  In their perverted minds, this allows them to say they didn’t destroy the 2nd Amendment, but they have.  Not to act is to act.  But they have done something much worse; something their depraved narcissism prevents them from seeing.  They have destroyed the Supreme Court in the process.  The Supreme Court has one and only one purpose: to defend the Constitution,  Once the Justices refuse to do so, they have nullified their entire purpose for being.  But I want to make my case very clear, so let’s illustrate my argument by applying the Court’s tactic to cell phones and see…

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